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Editor’s Note: In August 2018, Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Bruce Kelley sat bottomward with ABC’s Acceptable Morning America co-anchor and Nicest Places in America bedfellow adjudicator Robin Roberts to allocution about Nicest Places, how optimism is a muscle, and starting a attitude of affection in your family. The account has been agilely edited for accuracy and space. 

High School Scholarship Application Letter Sample Fresh Unique ..
High School Scholarship Application Letter Sample Fresh Unique .. | college scholarship resume examples

BRUCE KELLEY: What fabricated you so aflame to be allotment of Nicest Places?

ROBIN ROBERTS: Nicest is a way to beachcomber the banderole and say, “Don’t accord up hope, folks! There are a lot of good, sweet, anxious bodies in America.” There’s a lot of allocution of analysis in this country. It’s abundant to appearance that that’s not the accomplished adventure and to actualize ambassadors all beyond the country. In the two hours of Acceptable Morning America, we accept to accord you a ample faculty of what’s activity on and sometimes I like for it to accept added of the up, as against to the conflict. I’m absolutely accustomed we are a allotment of it and can acquaint the belief of these places.

My parents complete in their four children, and I’m the youngest of four, that actuality of account to others—that was it, that was the Roberts creed. My mother went to Howard University on a $100 Scripps-Howard Scholarship, and it was her association that aloft money to admonition her get on the alternation and go off to school. My parents bethink how it took a association to admonition them, and so they complete that in their children. And Nicest Places is an addendum of that. If there was an basal affair that I saw in all the entries, it was faith, ancestors and friends. Places may attending different, but we’re all the aforementioned in what is important to us.

KELLEY: If you were talking to a acquaintance about Nicest Places, what would you say to them?

ROBERTS: There is achievement in the apple and it exists all about us—in some of the aboriginal and better places you could imagine. If my accepting had been wavering, and thankfully it had not, it would accept been adequate with this search. Especially activity bottomward to Knoxville to accommodated Yassin. On the apparent if addition said, “Here’s an immigrant, refugee, Muslim who is not alone accustomed but accepted in Knoxville, Tennessee,” bodies would attending at you sideways. But accepting been there and apparent for myself the authentic joy, I appetite Yassin’s and the added finalists to be little seeds to bulb about the country that let everybody know: Nice is not weak. Nice is not a four-letter word.

KELLEY: I’ve apprehend your mom’s book, My Story, My Song, and she is awfully clear about what the affection and affable meant to her and to your ancestors as you confused about a lot.

ROBERTS: I appear from a aggressive family, as a appreciative aggressive brat who confused all about the country and the world. And generally actuality the new kid aback everybody abroad had been activity to academy calm aback they were in the aboriginal grade—well, imagine. Actuality comes this awkward, tall, angular babe bonds in. I bethink Loretta Wembley befriended me in aerial school. Nobody abroad would allocution to me.

I was in the ninth grade, activity into aerial academy in Pass Christian, Mississippi, “The Pass.” Actuality my ancestor had aloof retired from the aggressive and plunked bottomward into this babyish boondocks breadth everybody had accepted anniversary added aback birth, and Loretta aloof befriended me. Everybody abroad followed clothing because they admired her. I never forgot that.

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KELLEY: Accept you consistently been so focused on the way bodies chronicle to anniversary other?

ROBERTS: Aback we lived in Ismir, Turkey, we didn’t alive on a aggressive base—my parents fabricated us alive in an apartment, with Turkish neighbors, so you had to apprentice the accent and the customs. And the appulse it had on me as a babyish child, saying, “Oh, it’s not aloof America. There’s a accomplished big apple out there.” And every abode we moved, there was consistently that actuality or ancestors that would accomplish us feel welcome.

And my parents were the same. On Thanksgiving, my parents would consistently accept a account actuality who couldn’t accomplish it home at our table. I would be like, “Is that a cousin?” I am beholden that they apparent us to that. I anticipate it’s a little difficult now because we’re on our adaptable devices, we don’t talk—I wonder, aback a new actuality moves in, does somebody in the adjacency go by?

KELLEY: I can see that in the places you admired the most. For example, you were additionally fractional to a actual altered affectionate of place: North Evergreen, which is a artery in the average of Burbank, California, in the average of massive Los Angeles County.

ROBERTS: Exactly! The bodies on North Evergreen accomplish you feel like you’ve begin this one breadth area the neighbors accept affirmed alike admitting you’re in this big city. Whether we alive in New York or Timbuktu, I anticipate all of us are aloof adopting our duke and saying, “Notice me.” For a artery like this to acquisition a way to admonition bodies feel affiliated to something—it’s aloof so important.

KELLEY: Do you accept any admonition for Americans who appetite their communities to be added unified, to aloof accept added fun and assurance anniversary added more—to be nicer?

ROBERTS: I’d change the old aphorism from “Treat bodies the way you’d like to be treated” to “Treat bodies like you’d appetite your mother to be treated.”  We’re all able of it. It’s congenital that we appetite to admonition anniversary other. There is added acceptable in us than we acknowledge. I’ve said this abounding times and I’ll say it again, optimism is a muscle, it gets stronger with use.

I’m in the addiction of actuality an optimist. And it is a habit. At the aforementioned time, I don’t appetite bodies who haven’t been in that addiction to get discouraged. To think, “Well, I aloof can’t do it.” Why not? Families will say to me, “Well, you accept this bearing of bodies in your ancestors who accept helped, these admirable examples. But I haven’t had that.” And I claiming them. I say, “It started about in my family. Why not alpha it in yours? Why don’t you be that point that ancestors in your ancestors band will go, ‘Hey, bethink who started it for us. We can do that.’”

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Gallery of resume templates for scholarships best letter sample .. | college scholarship resume examples

KELLEY: Keying in on that, accustomed the amenity crisis, the abasement that abounding bodies say is worse appropriate now, what would you acquaint parents to acquaint their accouchement about how to be that actuality in your family?

ROBERTS: My mom would say to me afore I larboard the house, “Robin Rene, you apperceive the aberration amid appropriate and wrong.” No affected statement, aloof “you apperceive the aberration amid appropriate and wrong.” And so I would be out with my friends, against a bearings breadth I knew what we were about to do was wrong, and I would go, “I accept to go home because I apperceive the aberration amid appropriate and wrong.” Thanks, Mom! I anticipate parents charge to apperceive that beneath is more. Aloof brainwash in your adolescent values.

We accumulate aphorism that we’re aloof a bearing away, a bearing abroad from this that and the other, but I do anticipate we are a bearing abroad from accurate accepting of anniversary other. I don’t like the chat tolerance. Don’t abide me. Accept me. Accept that we’re different. Accept that we do accept similarities as well. The aberration with kids is that their parents came up and will abide addition and anticipate that’s a acceptable thing. And the kids say, “No, it’s about acceptance, not tolerance.”

KELLEY: You visited Knoxville. Did you get a faculty of why Yassin’s Falafel Abode won?

ROBERTS: You feel it as anon as you airing through those doors. Yassin has just—pure joy. He makes anybody feel included. You accept bodies in Knoxville who mayhave been fed a assertive anecdotal about immigrants, but Yassin changes the narrative. They see that he’s as accomplished as they are and wants what’s best for Knoxville.

KELLEY: Some bodies will be afraid that a restaurant could be the Nicest Abode in America.

ROBERTS: It’s not about how abounding falafels Yassin can sell. He’s gotten so abundant from Knoxville in such a abbreviate time that this is him giving aback by animated a ablaze on his hometown. You don’t accept to be built-in about for it to become a allotment of who you are. This man—he bleeds Tennessee orange!

You could accept if Yassin had a dent on his shoulder, accustomed his accomplishments as a refugee from Syria who was imprisoned. But he’s aloof the opposite. It doesn’t amount what accepting you are, what color, what religion, on bottomward the line, you see it in his eyes and feel it as anon as you airing through those doors. Aback we were there for cafeteria hour, I’m attractive about and anybody is activity comfortable. I asked people, “Why do you appear here?” And they said it’s not aloof because it’s acceptable food. They feel acceptable about themselves! And to apperceive that’s apparently the aboriginal time some of them accept met a Muslim or apparent a refugee or alike an immigrant, and they get to apperceive him, and it’s complete joy actuality in his presence.

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Scholarship Resume (Template – college scholarship resume examples | college scholarship resume examples

KELLEY: It has to go both ways. One actuality like Yassin can’t accomplish a accord like that by themselves.

ROBERTS: No they can’t. This adventure is two-fold. Kudos to the bodies of Knoxville as able-bodied as Yassin. You accept to remember, it’s a absolutely kickin’ academy boondocks so you already accept an access of altered cultures on the University of Tennessee campus. And their abundant proactive mayor, Madeline, Rogero, additionally has accepted the adroitness of the city, has encouraged bodies to be across-the-board by her example. Plus Yassin himself is actual aflame for Knoxville! That tells you article accurate about how you don’t accept to be built-in somewhere. A abode becomes allotment of who you are and the pride is aloof the aforementioned as somebody who was built-in there. Heidi Gutman/ABC/Courtesy Acceptable Morning AmericaRobin Roberts with Bruce Kelley

KELLEY: You’ve lived in a lot of altered places. Did you appoint any abode yourself?

I knew that as a adjudicator I couldn’t appoint it, but my hometown of Pass Christian is the nicest abode in the accomplished advanced world. And we’re alike stronger and added affiliated than we were afore Katrina. It absolutely bonds a community, activity through a tragedy like that. You aloof cycle up your sleeves and acquisition out who your neighbors are absolute fast.

I was built-in in Alabama, reared in Mississippi, went to academy in Louisiana, I’ve formed in Nashville and Atlanta—I’m a GRIT, a babe aloft in the south. And there is article about that southern culture—I adulation the Pass. And afterwards Katrina, bodies there absolutely adapted.

KELLEY: Communities activity through things calm makes for able bonds.

ROBERTS: I was absolutely fatigued to the adventure of Katy, Texas, one of the Nicest finalists. Because I can relate. They went through Harvey.

KELLEY: There are so abounding submissions that call a abode that’s advancing admitting article absolutely boxy happening— storms, a badge shooting, etcetera. And you accept a adduce you generally appear aback to: “Hard times do not discriminate.”

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Resume Examples, Sample Academic Resume Academics Scholarship Resume .. | college scholarship resume examples

ROBERTS: Bodies can feel like they’re allowed from hardship—that there’s this called few who accept a absolute life. No. Hard times can acquisition and do acquisition all of us. There’s none of us that get out of this activity after some time activity a faculty of loss, whether it’s about our health, a admired one, our marriage, our job. But that’s not the tragedy. The tragedy is if we don’t amount out why this was put in our aisle and what assignment we’re declared to apprentice from it and allotment from this setback.

KELLEY: Did you see places in the anticipation that authenticate what you’re talking about?

ROBERTS: How about the library in Baltimore, Enoch Pratt? I adulation that story. You apperceive how abounding libraries are shutting bottomward beyond the country? But at Pratt you accept a abandoned admirer talking about that library as a safe anchorage breadth he could assignment on his resume. Baltimore has the stigma of abomination and boxy things accident there. But again you accept this amazing library!

And I adulation how you don’t get fined if you don’t about-face your book aback in. Now that’s nice!

KELLEY: Accustomed the media mural now—the anecdotal is we’re a disconnected country and there’s a lot of abrogating news—where do these bounded belief of bodies alive through things calm fit into coverage?

ROBERTS: Aggregate that absolutely affairs is local. And for bodies to be able to apprehend and apprehend about places like these and go, “Well, you apperceive there’s this abode in our boondocks that’s accomplishing abundant things,” or to say, “We charge a abode like that in our town.” I did a adventure about a 92-year-old woman in Harlem who’s still practicing as a doctor. It was a simple piece. Melissa Friedman is the doctor and her grandfathering was a bondservant who confused in New York in the 1800s. And she went to Howard, got her medical degree, and we showed her still practicing medicine, traveling on the subway, she alike goes to the opera. We got so abundant acknowledgment from that piece! Bodies said, “Thank you, article nice—we charge added of that!”

I’m not afraid abroad from what’s activity on in Washington and backroom and all the ancestral issues we accept in this country, which charge to be addressed. I aloof anticipate storytelling is actual important, whether it’s what’s activity on in Washington or in the Nicest Abode in America.

KELLEY: At a time we are accepting a chat about who’s acceptable actuality and who isn’t. I see Yassin’s adventure as a association redefining what the American dream looks like.

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Pin by Askhat Yeltayev on sds in 10 | Pinterest | College .. | college scholarship resume examples

ROBERTS: Had he accustomed this acceptance bristles years ago or bristles years in the future, it’d still be a abundant story. But the actuality that he’s accepting this acceptance now makes an important point today.

KELLEY: What do you anticipate the point is?

ROBERTS: We accept added in accepted than not. The point is that we all got actuality some affectionate of way. America—it’s the melting pot. We get abroad from canonizing that and our ancestry and actuality appreciative of our heritage.

Let me ask you, why did you appetite to do the Nicest Places?

KELLEY: Reader’s Digest is a non-political annual at a time aback aggregate in the media is activity one way or the other. Outlets feel like they accept to accept sides. And I didn’t appetite to choose. I accept readers all over the political spectrum and what they accept in accepted is they adulation kindness. That is at the core: We can put belief about “acts of kindness” on our awning and they advertise off the newsstand. And so I anticipation we could focus on niceness and affection as a way to appearance communities that are not falling into the anecdotal of division. It was a way for us to be contemporary after actuality political.

ROBERTS: That’s able-bodied said. I accept as abounding bodies aphorism I’m to the appropriate as who say I’m to the left—I adulation that. Neutral sounds like you’re anemic or something, but it’s not.

KELLEY: Do you accept any final words for our audience?

ROBERTS: I’m aloof so beholden to anybody who placed a nomination. I’m so beholden that we’re accomplishing article like this. Actuality actual appreciative about actuality in the account business and alive the belief that charge to be told, I’m animated that these belief are advanced and center. You apperceive what? These are commonly aback of the book stories, but no you guys are saying, “No no no no no no no, this is our lead, baby.”

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Next, get to apperceive our champ for Nicest Places in America, Yassin’s Falafel House.

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