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Lennar Corporation (NYSE:LEN) Q3 2018 Antithesis Appointment Alarm October 3, 2018 11:00 AM ET

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Alexandra Lumpkin – IR

Stuart Miller – Executive Chairman

Rick Beckwitt – CEO

Jon Jaffe – President and COO

Diane Bessette – CFO


Stephen Kim – Evercore ISI

Michael Rehaut – JPMorgan

Scott Schrier – Citi

Paul Przybylski – Wells Fargo

Alan Ratner – Zelman and Associates


Welcome to Lennar’s Third Assay Antithesis Appointment Call. [Operator Instructions] Today’s appointment alarm is actuality recorded. If you accept any objections, you may abstract at this time.

I will now about-face the alarm over to Alexandra Lumpkin for the account of the advanced statement.

Alexandra Lumpkin

Thank you and acceptable morning. Today’s appointment alarm may lath advanced statements, including statements apropos Lennar’s business, banking conditions, after-effects of operations, banknote flows, strategies and prospects. Advanced statements represent alone Lennar’s estimates on the date of this appointment alarm and are not advised to accord any affirmation as to absolute approaching results. Because advanced statements chronicle to affairs that accept not yet occurred, these statements are inherently accountable to risks and uncertainties.

Many factors could affect approaching after-effects and may account Lennar’s absolute activities or after-effects to alter materially from the activities and after-effects advancing in advanced statements. These factors lath those declared in this morning’s columnist absolution and our SEC filings, including those beneath the explanation Accident Factors independent in Lennar’s anniversary address on Anatomy 10-K, best afresh filed with the SEC. Please agenda that Lennar assumes no obligation to amend any advanced statements.


Thank you. I would like to acquaint your host, Mr. Stuart Miller, Executive Chairman. Sir, you may begin.

Stuart Miller

Very acceptable and acknowledge you. Acceptable morning, everyone. This morning, I am actuality with Rick Beckwitt, Chief Executive Officer; and Jon Jaffe, our President and Chief Operating Officer; and Diane Bessette, our Chief Banking Officer and of advance David Collins is actuality and you aloof heard from Alex Lumpkin.

So, I’m action to alpha with a accepted cardinal overview. Rick and Jon will accord the acreage and operational overview, and Diane will bear added detail on our third assay numbers as able-bodied as some basal admonition for 2019. Aback we get to Q&A, as always, I’d like to ask that you absolute your questions to aloof one catechism and one follow-up, so we can lath as abounding participants.

So let me go advanced and activate by adage that our already afresh able annual after-effects acquired from a seasoned, well-coordinated operating aggregation that is hands-on and hitting on all cylinders. With pro forma new orders up about 11% year-over-year and pro forma deliveries up 11.4% year-over-year, we are tracking aloft our own centralized targets of 7% to 10% per year growth, alike through the affiliation of the CalAtlantic merger.

As the allocation of systems affiliation continues and synergies are run from operations, our administration aggregation and operating groups are absolutely affianced in authoritative the adjustments that accumulate our achievement industry arch and consistent.

Over the accomplished quarter, bazaar abstracts — apologetic about that, little technology issue.

So over the accomplished quarter, bazaar abstracts has beatific alloyed signals about the accepted accompaniment of the apartment bazaar in general. Sales, permits, starts and absolute home sales accept all apparent decelerating advance bulk and on their face assume to announce slowdown. A accustomed mortgage appliance slowdown, which is accustomed as assimilation ante accept trended college and refi business dissipates, has contributed to the discourse.

Generally speaking, the increases in new and display — the increases in new and absolute sales prices — home auction prices over the accomplished years calm with the accepted clearing of assimilation ante advancement accept acquired a abeyance in the progression of the apartment recovery. Additionally, action shortages, trade-driven absolute bulk increases and bound accustomed acreage availability accept both bound production, and accordingly bound accumulation and aerial affect about the apartment bazaar backbone and allowance sustainability.

This has led abounding to accept that the apartment accretion is over or stalled. We do not agree. Instead, we accept the bazaar has taken a accustomed pause, it will acclimatize and appeal apprenticed by axiological bread-and-er backbone will resume. Alike as bulk increases and assimilation bulk movements accept chastened appeal in the market, we accept that the apartment bazaar in the United States charcoal able and is primarily apprenticed by the arrears in assembly that has persisted over a decade.

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Customer Service Resume Summary | Musmus | best resume summary for customer service

This assembly arrears defines an all-embracing apartment curtailment in the country that cannot absolute bound with abbreviate action and bound accustomed land. Accumulation of dwellings, both for auction and for rent, is abbreviate and appeal charcoal strong, admitting conceivably slower and added normalized in the abbreviate term, as the bazaar adjusts to prices and assimilation rates. While we acutely saw sales apathetic and cartage abstinent during the third quarter, we feel that this is a accustomed pause, accustomed the about backbone that has been in the bazaar to date.

This abeyance we accept is a acting adjustment, as able unemployment, allowance growth, chump aplomb and bread-and-er advance drive the chump to t up. Now alike as bazaar altitude fluctuate, I am added agog about the evolving position of our business belvedere with admeasurement and bazaar allotment in the best civic bazaar and as the baton in the home architecture industry. We’re not alone able-bodied positioned to assassinate on our accepted operational strategies, but we accept become anytime added adjustable and able of bound adjusting to alteration landscapes about us.

As a administration team, we accept that we’re alluringly structured and positioned to abide to abound our business, while we advantage calibration in anniversary of our markets to drive efficiencies and we apparatus new technologies to enhance basal band and chargeless banknote flow. Accustomed the accepted conflict [Audio Gap].

Before I about-face over to Rick and Jon and Diane, let me accompany — let me accommodate a abrupt map of our operating and basal allocation action action forward. Afresh our administration aggregation will assay the assay in detail and accord added admonition on our alley ahead. So let me activate by acquainted that our debt to absolute cap is appropriate now at 40% at the end of the third assay adjoin 42.4% aftermost quarter. Our net debt to absolute cap is 39%.

Using a aggregate of able antithesis and absolute able and convalescent banknote flow, we’ve connected to advance our antithesis breadth and this affords us abundant adaptability in the action that we arrange action forward. We accept developed and will abide to abound our top band as the bazaar evolves. Through this year and aing year, we will abide to abound top line, constant with our acreage apprenticed home armpit advance action of 7% to 10% advance per year.

As we attending advanced to 2020, accustomed the acutely bound and big-ticket acreage market, we’ll activate to tap aback that home armpit advance target, alive our acreage accretion affairs afterpiece to the 5% to 7% range, while we abide to focus on our acreage bendable axis action and abatement the allotment of home sites we purchased absolute adjoin ascendancy beneath option, breeding college ante of acknowledgment and greater banknote flow.

While we abstinent approaching home armpit advance at the top line, we will abide to aggressively abound basal band by assimilation added acutely on operational arete and efficiency. We’ll abide to use our admeasurement and calibration in cardinal markets to apprehend on the synergies from the CalAtlantic merger, drive efficiencies and architecture costs and address and advantage SG&A. Our focus on operational adeptness will accredit us to advance consistently aerial gross margins, while we aggrandize our net operating allowance as well.

Various elements of our affairs such as the abridgement of debt and debt account and architect of best initiatives with our architecture accomplice abject will abide to account pressures on gross margins. Additionally, our technology initiatives with Opendoor, Blend, Hippo, States Title, Notarize and others accredit us to body a bigger mousetrap, abate SG&A, and drive a college net margin.

Strong margins calm with a arrangement advance bulk and focused assimilation on our bendable acreage axis accumulated to accomplish greater chargeless banknote flow. With banknote breeze architecture and our antithesis breadth already able and improving, we apprehend to admeasure basal strategically, aboriginal to abide to pay bottomward debt, but accompanying to actively accede the repurchase of our banal opportunistically.

If the bazaar discounts the bulk of our business, afresh our best allotment on invested basal will be accomplished by advance in the assets that we apperceive best and we are consistently apprenticed by what is best for creating actor value. Additionally, as we’ve discussed in above-mentioned calls, we are continuing to drive efficiencies by assimilation on our bulk homebuilding business. This agency repositioning or opportunistically monetizing non-core assets and business curve in acclimation to drive efficiencies or enhance banknote flow.

Lennar’s Rialto belvedere is a acceptable archetype that we’ve discussed in above-mentioned quarters. As we accept noted, we’ve affianced advance bankers and began a action to aerate bulk about two abode ago. To date, we’ve mapped a effective reconfiguration of that articulation with Rialto mortgage accounts — with the Rialto mortgage accounts component, bigger anchored with Lennar banking services, starting December 1 and breadth efficiencies and synergies can drive alike bigger operating results.

Additionally, the Rialto antithesis breadth assets are actuality absolute as able-bodied and monetized over time to aerate their value. This leaves a absolute acquiescent asset advance administration business, defining our absolute Rialto segment. As allotment of our process, we’ve accustomed offers to monetize this business, abounding of them adorable and we’re currently evaluating those offers. But as you apperceive with our company, we will act opportunistically and in the best assimilation of shareholders.

We will advertise if the bulk and the acceding adjourned are adorable and otherwise, we’ll abide — we’ll blot this articulation and drive antithesis forward. As always, over the aing quarters, we will accumulate you adapted as decisions are fabricated and we’ll not be fielding added questions during this alarm on this absolute alive process.

Each of our bulk asset and business segments is actuality positioned for best adeptness and performance. Our objective, as we’ve declared before, is to acknowledgment to operating as a simplified, authentic comedy home builder, while maximizing the bulk and accession of the amazing franchises we’ve created actuality at Lennar.

So with that said, in conclusion, with accession accomplished assay abaft us and a categorical action for the future, we feel absolute assured that fluctuations in the bazaar will appear and go and alike assignment to our abiding advantage as we assassinate our strategy.

And with that, let me about-face over to Rick and the aggregation to accord added detail on the assay and activate our appearance of 2019. Rick?

Rick Beckwitt

Thanks, Stuart. Let me alpha bound by summarizing our after-effects in the third assay and afresh Jon and I will amend you on some of our cardinal focuses. Net antithesis for the assay totaled 453 million, up 82% from 2017. Our bulk homebuilding operation absolutely produced. New orders for the assay totaled 12,319 homes, up 62% from the above-mentioned year with the dollar bulk of about 5.1 billion, apery a 73% admission from aftermost year.

On a pro forma basis, new home orders added 11% from the above-mentioned year. We delivered 12,613 homes, which was up 66% from 2017. Revenues in the assay totaled 5.7 billion, apery a 74% increase. We concluded the third assay with a sales excess of 19,220 homes with the dollar bulk of 8.4 billion, up 88% and 105% appropriately from 2017. Our gross margin, excluding the excess and architecture and advance exhausted totaled 21.9%, which exceeded the top ancillary of our admonition aftermost quarter.

Finally, our SG&A in the assay was 8.6%. This marks an best third assay low and a 60 base point advance from 2017. It additionally highlights the success of our CalAtlantic affiliation and the adeptness of our added bounded bazaar calibration and our operating leverage. With the CalAtlantic affiliation abaft us, we are laser focused on three cardinal areas. First, architecture costs and operating efficiencies; second, acreage accretion and development and third, technology that improves our business.

On the architecture front, we are leveraging our bounded bazaar and civic calibration to be the low bulk producer. Jon will assay our activities in this area, which additionally focused on adjustments to how we body and annex abstracts to lower our all-embracing installed cost. On the acreage front, we’ve connected to assassinate our bendable axis strategy, with an accent on authoritative added acreage adjoin a added banknote accelerated acreage accretion and development program.

Today, about 25% of our home sites are controlled via advantage affairs and agnate arrange and our apprehension is to admission this over the aing several years to about 40%. This about-face in acreage action will admission our allotment and accomplish added banknote flow. During the third quarter, we entered into cardinal agreements with three of our longstanding ample bounded developers to accommodate us admission to their accepted acreage portfolios and absolute admission to the approaching residential acreage acquired and developed by these developers.

Given our new arch bounded bazaar calibration and our adeptness to body through all of the acreage that these developers own and control, we were able to anatomy win-win programs with anniversary of these three companies. While anniversary accord is hardly different, they all acquiesce us to, one, absolute our acreage accompanying aerial costs, as these companies accept abounding operations that entitle, advance and access land; second, ascendancy the residential acreage entitled, acquired and developed by these bounded developers; and third and best importantly, accept the home sites developed by these companies on a aloof in time basis.

Our focus action advanced is to acclimatize ourselves with accurate bounded developers that accept the basement and adeptness to augment Lennar with a connected beck of accomplished home sites. While we’re at the aboriginal stages of about-face our acreage program, these antecedent three developers accommodate abundant befalling as they own and ascendancy about 55,000 home sites, with added accomplished home sites to appear as a aftereffect of the absolute relationships and agreements we accept with these companies.

In addition, we accept we can aggrandize and assassinate this action with these developers in added markets and that this affairs can serve as a arrangement with added accurate bounded developers beyond the country. On the technology ancillary and systems side, we are actively focused on advance in or developing new technology that improves the operational adeptness of our business.

On above-mentioned calls, Stuart has accent our advance in Opendoor and our acute focus on agenda marketing, which allows us to abate our chump accretion costs. These initiatives accept produced both incremental new sales and accustomed us to admission our operating margins. In the third quarter, our Rialto blot decreased accession 10 base credibility to 2.3% of acquirement from 2.4% in the added assay of 2017. On a year-over-year basis, our Rialto blot was bottomward 30 base points.

In addition, we are additionally focused on accretion the absolute time breeze of admonition to our operating teams. Jon has accent our activating appraisement archetypal in the accomplished and we are now rolling out absolute time dashboards that acquiesce our teams to seamlessly clue key operating metrics, which should admission our assimilation clip and lower our all-embracing SG&A expenses. We plan to abide these initiatives, as we’re aloof abrading the apparent to alleviate the abounding action improvements that will admission our basal band advantage action forward.

Now, I’d like to about-face it over to Jon.

Jon Jaffe

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Resume Summary for Customer Service Unique Resume Summary Statement .. | best resume summary for customer service

Thanks, Rick. Today, I’m action to accord an amend on integration, bulk synergies, the barge market, the US Mexico Canadian agreement’s appulse on barge as able-bodied as an overview of some of the markets in our western area. First, I appetite to let you apperceive what we beggarly aback we say we are essentially complete with the affiliation of CalAtlantic. In all of our capacity and all communities, we are either set for architecture out the absolute home sites beneath a adapted architecture flat affairs or accept adapted the absolute communities to Lennar’s Everything’s Included platform.

Going forward, in 2019, all communities will be beneath the Lennar’s Everything’s Included platform, with the barring of some accessory build-outs of absolute communities. With account to systems migrations, this ages in October, we will complete 100% of the about-face of our ERP and architecture administration systems as able-bodied as a complete rollout of sales force lightning as a new aggregation advanced CRM platform.

This is accession abundant archetype of Lennar’s beheading that we feel is best in class. It’s fair to say that best companies will booty about two years to aeon out aloof the Salesforce CRM, while in aloof 9 months from the closing date of the merger, we’ll accept completed the absolute clearing and rollout of all systems. As we complete 2018, we will do so as one aggregation with the alliance affiliation abaft us, focused on carrying our fourth assay and our goals for 2019.

Next, I appetite to affirm that we’re on clue to bear the synergies targets we gave you aftermost assay of $160 actor for 2018. This is breach analogously amid accumulated and SG&A accumulation and absolute architecture bulk savings. I additionally appetite to affirm that we’re assured with our above-mentioned admonition of accomplishing synergies of $380 actor in 2019. For 2019, the aerial accumulation will be about 115 actor of this total. Again, this is constant with the accumulation we appear to you aftermost quarter.

Under our architecture bulk savings, we’re on clue to bear about $265 actor of accumulation from synergies in 2019. We accept a lot of afterimage into these accumulation from the abundant assignment that comes from the assay by assay synergy workshops that I’ve declared on above-mentioned calls. We’ve apparent the action of accepting cogent calibration in bounded markets played out as planned. As I mentioned in our absolution this morning, this calibration fits appropriate into our focus on actuality architect of best for civic manufactures, suppliers and bounded trades.

The architect best focus began connected afore the CalAtlantic alliance and it’s confined as a abundant belvedere to aerate the allowances of added calibration provided by the merger. The key elements of this affairs are Lennar’s able Everything’s Included platform, alike breeze production, job armpit readiness, aeon time accurateness and activating pricing. These accumulated with the aggregate of assignment we accept in bounded markets accomplish us the architect of best for barter partners, in turn, accretion the cardinal of bids we accept for our work. The added bids leads to greater adeptness to administer both architecture bulk and aeon time.

Now, I appetite to accord some blush on what we see with the barge pricing, which is the bigger bulk basal of our absolute cost. Barge prices ailing in the added assay of this year, at about $600 per thousand lath feet. This represents about $7800 for a archetypal 2500 aboveboard bottom home. Today, barge prices accept alone to about $365 per thousand lath anxiety or $4750 per home, a aberration of about $3000 per home.

The added assay appraisement will breeze through our third and fourth assay deliveries and the appraisement that we see today will alpha to breeze through our aboriginal and added assay deliveries. With account to the new barter acceding with Canada, there will be no abatement from the absolute bendable barge tariffs from that agreement. Instead, the countries accept larboard this to be absitively by the WTO beneath an absolute complaint filed by the United States.

Now, I appetite to about-face to some blush on the markets in the West, as a lot of questions accept been asked about this. As Stuart noted, we’ve apparent cartage and sales patterns slow, as sales prices accept risen, forth with added assimilation rates. In California markets such as the Inland Empire and Sacramento, our boilerplate sales prices added about 11% year-over-year, while assimilation clip in the Inland Empire has chastened from 5.6 sales per association per ages aftermost year to 5 sales per association per ages this year.

In Sacramento, we’ve absolutely apparent this clip admission to absolute from a clip aftermost year of 3.2 sales per association per ages to 3.8 this year. In the littoral markets about Orange County, prices are up about 20% and assimilation has slowed from about 4.7 sales per association per ages to 3.1. Some of this is apprenticed by a affecting change in mix of artefact that we offer, for example, in our Altair association in Orange County, we’re now affairs homes priced about $2 actor in our collective adventure association with Toll Brothers.

In the Bay Area, prices are up about 10%, while absorptions accept adapted from 5.8 per association aftermost year per ages to 4.4 this year. In Seattle, prices abide to abatement at bifold chiffre rates, while absorptions accept cooled from a absolute hot clip to added accustomed paces of aloof beneath four sales per association per month.

In summary, we accept that the sales clip that we’re seeing continues to be advantaged by a favorable alterity of accumulation and demand, a coercion on acreage and action in the Western markets in accurate and that this sales clip will abutment our belvedere and all of our operating strategies. And we anticipate that as Stuart mentioned beforehand that this is aloof a abeyance because of affecting dispatch in the ante that we’ve apparent in the West, not aloof allotment wise, but in nominal dollars, absolute about apery assorted hundred thousand dollar admission year-over-year and we apprehend as the bazaar adjusts to this admission that we’ll see appeal acknowledgment to a absolute advantageous pace.

With that, I’d like to about-face it over to Diane.

Diane Bessette

Thank you, Jon and acceptable morning to everyone. So afore I accommodate the capacity of our third assay results, let me accord a simple assay of our numbers as compared to consensus, as I did aftermost quarter, to abetment in compassionate some of the babble that connected this quarter. Our appear EPS is $1.37 and the boilerplate of all analysts’ estimates is $1.17. The aberration is $0.20.

This aberration of $0.20 can be afar into two categories. First, non-operating items, apery $0.14 of the difference, and second, operating items, apery $0.06 of the difference. The $0.06 is our operating exhausted or our outperformance, as you analyze our absolute after-effects to expectations. So let me accord you the capacity of these two categories, starting with the non-operating items.

There are two audible apparatus to this category. The aboriginal account is the CalAtlantic acquirement accounting exhausted of excess and architecture in progress. The apprehension for Q3 was to almanac about $100 actor of write-up. The absolute bulk recorded was about $84 million. The aberration amid these two amounts is aloof timing and will breeze through in consecutive quarters.

The added account is tax rate. Our accepted Q3 tax bulk was 24%. The absolute tax bulk was 17.8%. The aberration primarily chronicle to a ancient account from a tax accounting acclimation change, implemented during the assay and action acclaim taken in the quarter.

So now, let me about-face to the operating items category. The aberration actuality amid our absolute after-effects and expectations relates to an admission in Q3 deliveries, boilerplate sales bulk and net margin. And as I advanced stated, again, that’s our operating outperformance. So hopefully that helps abridge our after-effects from a top level. Now, let me airing through the capacity of our third quarter, starting with homebuilding.

As we’ve mentioned, revenues from home sales added 83% in the third quarter, apprenticed by a 66% admission in wholly endemic deliveries to 12,600 and a 10% admission in boilerplate sales bulk to 415,000. Both of these increases of advance were primarily a aftereffect of CalAtlantic accretion and as we’ve accent from a pro forma basis, our deliveries added 11%.

Our third assay gross allowance on home sales was 21.9%, excluding the CalAtlantic acquirement accounting appulse and the above-mentioned year’s gross allowance of 22.8% was — which included a $10.3 actor allowance accretion that absolutely impacted the gross allowance allotment by 30 base credibility in that third assay of ‘17. Our gross allowance benefited from a abatement in sales incentives. Sales incentives bigger 30 base credibility to 5.2% from 5.5% in the above-mentioned year and additionally bigger from 5.3% in the added assay of this year.

Our third assay SG&A was 8.6%, which as Rick accent was the everyman third assay SG&A in the company’s history, compared to 9.2% in the above-mentioned year. The advance was primarily due to the operating advantage as able-bodied as our connected laser focus on accepting allowances from our technology initiatives. We opened 134 new communities during the assay and bankrupt 147 communities to end the assay with 1312 alive communities.

New home orders added 62% and new acclimation dollar bulk added 73% for the third quarter, afresh primarily as a aftereffect of the CalAtlantic accretion and new orders on a pro forma base added 11%. As a aftereffect of our focus on account administration and with the abetment of our activating appraisement tool, we concluded the assay with 1248 completed, unsold home, which is aloof beneath one home per community.

This is a abatement from 1.2 homes per association in the above-mentioned year and 1.1 homes per association in the above-mentioned quarter. At the end of the quarter, our home sites endemic and controlled were 262,000, of which 205,000 are endemic and 57,000 are controlled. And finally, the third assay collective adventure acreage sales and added class had a accumulated antithesis of 800,000 compared to a accident aftermost year of 1.7 million.

So axis to banking services, our banking casework articulation had operating antithesis of 56.6 actor compared to 39.1 actor in the above-mentioned year. Mortgage operating antithesis added to 33.8 actor from 32.5 actor in the above-mentioned year. Originations added to 3 billion from $2.2 billion and 97% of originations were from purchased business, while alone 3% were from refis. As we’ve acclaimed for a while, this bead in refis has led to a absolute aggressive bazaar and is arch to lower accumulation per accommodation originated.

Our abduction bulk was 71%, accumulated Lennar and CalAtlantic adjoin 80% in the above-mentioned year, Lennar only. Historically, CalAtlantic’s abduction bulk was lower than Lennar’s, so we should see connected advance in our accumulated rate, as we abduction added of that business. Absolute operating antithesis added to 22.1 actor from 15.6 actor in the above-mentioned year. The admission afresh of advance was due to the accession of CalAtlantic closings and a college mix of acquirement business with college transaction ethics adjoin the above-mentioned year.

In the third quarter, our multifamily articulation had an operating accident of 3.9 actor compared to operating antithesis of 9.1 actor in the above-mentioned year. In the accepted quarter, we recorded 1.7 actor of disinterestedness and antithesis from the auction of one operating acreage as able-bodied as 5.1 actor of advance acquirement accompanying to two backdrop and our LMV fund. In the above-mentioned year, we had 15.4 actor of disinterestedness and antithesis from auction of two operating backdrop and no advance acquirement was recorded.

As we’ve acclaimed for a while, we accept been affective from a congenital to advertise to a congenital to authority platform, earning fees and promotes, while creating bulk aural our fund. We concluded the assay with 22 completed and operating backdrop and 28 beneath construction, four of which are in charter up, tolling about 14,800 apartments with a absolute development bulk of about 4.9 billion. Including these communities, we accept a absolute adapted development action of over $10 billion and over 26,000 apartments.

And afresh axis to Rialto, our Rialto articulation had operating antithesis of 10.7 actor compared to 3.2 actor in the above-mentioned year and both of those amounts are net of non-controlling interests. The capacity of this segment’s businesses are as follows. The advance administration business contributed 31.4 actor of earnings, primarily apprenticed by 19.8 actor of administration fees. Rialto mortgage accounts business contributed 517 actor of bartering loans into anchored securitizations, constant in antithesis of 9.2 actor afore their G&A.

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The aggregation continues to accomplish awfully able-bodied in a awful aggressive bartering accommodation market. Absolute investments had a accident of 7 million, as we abide to assignment through the absolute assets from the coffer portfolios and G&A costs were 23 million.

Turning to our antithesis sheet, we concluded the assay with 833 actor of cash. During the quarter, we had connected success with our focus on de-leveraging. We repaid $250 actor of 6.95 chief notes, appliance accessible cash, not refinanced and arrangement the borrowings on our revolving acclaim adeptness by 300 million. And as Stuart mentioned, at assay end, our homebuilding debt to absolute cap was 40.1% and 37.9% on a net basis. Stockholders’ disinterestedness added to 14 billion and our book bulk per allotment grew $42.48 per share.

And lastly, during the quarter, we were admiring to accomplish an advancement from Fitch to advance grade. And afresh axis to our admonition for the fourth quarter, starting with home building, we are adjusting both our deliveries and new acclimation guidance, primarily to reflect the appulse of Blow Florence and additionally to reflect the dawdling that we are currently seeing in the market. We are adjusting our Q4 commitment admonition to 14,500 and adjusting our Q4 new orders admonition to 11,400.

We apprehend our catastrophe association adding to be about 1,330. We apprehend our Q4 boilerplate sales bulk to be about 420,000. We are advancement our Q4 gross allowance admonition of 22.5% to 22.75%, excluding the exhausted of excess and architecture in advance and we still apprehend to almanac about 50 actor in Q4 accompanying to acknowledgment of that exhausted of excess and architecture in progress.

We accept our Q4 SG&A percent will be about 8% to 8.1% and for the accumulated class of collective ventures, acreage sales and added income, we apprehend Q4 antithesis to be about 20 million. We are adjusting our Q4 antithesis for banking casework to about 57 million, which additionally reflects the change in deliveries, as acclaimed above. And for multifamily, we’re advancement our Q4 admonition of about 35 million. And for Rialto, we apprehend Q4 antithesis to be about $5 million, which is a abatement from antecedent guidance.

We accept confused a auction of a cardinal antithesis breadth advance from Q4 to 2019 because the advance has connected to acknowledge and we accordingly accept that a 2019 monetization will aftereffect in a college return. We apprehend Q4 accumulated G&A to be about 1.5% of absolute revenues and we accept we will still accept a baby bulk of continuing affiliation costs of about 15 million. Our tax bulk is accepted to be about 24% and the abounding boilerplate allotment adding should be about 330 actor shares.

So as you put the apparatus of our admonition together, we accept our Q4 EPS, excluding the exhausted of excess and architecture in advance and affiliation costs should be about $2.06. This is a slight abatement from the ambit advanced provided. As mentioned, due to the appulse of Blow Florence and to reflect a bit of dawdling in today’s markets.

Finally, you adeptness bethink that aback we appear the CalAtlantic application, we acclaimed that we would accommodate basal admonition for our bulk homebuilding business for budgetary 2019 on this call. So, as we anticipate about deliveries, we apprehend to bear about 53,000 homes in budgetary 2019. This would be an admission of about 15% from forecasted deliveries in 2018 and an 8% admission in pro forma deliveries for 2018. This is constant with our advanced declared cardinal advance ambit of 7% to 10%.

We accept our gross margins will be in the ambit of 21.75% to 22%, as we abide to move in the administration of optioning added acreage and bearing college returns. We apprehend our SG&A to be about 8.4%, as we abide to drive efficiencies in our operations. So in conclusion, with those goals in mind, we’re able-bodied positioned to bear accession able and assisting year in ’18 and attending advanced to a abundant 2019.

And now, I’ll about-face it aback to the abettor for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] And we accept a catechism advancing from Stephen Kim from Evercore ISI.

Stephen Kim

Thanks for all the annotation and the admonition and acceptable job on the quarter. I do appetite to ask you a little bit about the acreage agreements you’ve addled with the three bounded developers. You mentioned, I’m aggravating to get a faculty for what is absolutely altered amid what you’ve done actuality adjoin what you accept done on an advancing base in your history. You adumbrated there’s absolute assets, I acceptance to the 55,000 homes sites, but you didn’t acknowledgment annihilation about the acceding as far as I heard and I was analytical if you’ve accustomed any guarantees, if you could allocution a little bit about what the timing of the banknote flows adeptness be in acceding of the bulk of deposits you put bottomward and added things like that that adeptness be accordant to allowance us anatomy how these arrange adeptness be a bit altered from what you’ve done in the past?

Rick Beckwitt

So Steve, it’s Rick. At this point, we’re not action to get into a lot of the capacity associated with those agreements, because they’re arcane at this point. And — but I can acquaint you, there are no guarantees. These are absolute strategic, well-crafted structures that absolutely agreement us action that these guys develop. And I can’t go into a lot of the capacity at this point. As we move forward, we’ll accord you a little bit added blush as to what the anatomy of the deals are, but it’s arcane at this point and for aggressive affidavit I don’t appetite to get into it.

Stuart Miller

But, the two things I would agenda Steve are, this is the alpha of the assimilation of appliance admeasurement and calibration in bounded markets to be able to calmly blot what some of the bigger developers are bringing in their action to market. And it is additionally cogitating of ours — assiduity of our bendable axis to drift appear beneath home sites purchased for best aeon of times on book and appliance backbone and accord with accurate actors in the acreage bazaar to accept added of a just-in-time commitment arrangement for home sites with a greater focus on allotment on assets.

Jon Jaffe

Steve, this is Jon. One added anticipation on this, and I’ve talked about it, it’s absolutely accession assimilation of our position breadth we accept ascendant bazaar allotment of actuality the architect of best for acreage developers. So they apperceive and they’ve discussed with us that we’re action to be the ascendant client of their acreage and so it’s accepting advanced of that and accession out a anatomy that allows us to ascendancy what they’ll be carrying in the approaching for them to apperceive that their action will be captivated by us in a anatomy that creates a accurate win-win bearings forth the curve of what Stuart and Rick described.

Stephen Kim

Yeah. Sure. It absolutely makes sense. Well, great, well, we attending advanced to accepting added admonition on that as it comes. I acceptance my added catechism accompanying to the admonition you gave and in particular, Diane, I think, you had mentioned a gross allowance number, 21.75% to 22%. And earlier, Jon had mentioned about, I think, 70 base point account roughly, accustomed the $3,000 account in the aboriginal and added abode from lumber. I was analytical to what amount your admonition of 21.75% to 22% incorporates an acceptance that the barge prices abide breadth they are for the of aing year, if you could accord us some faculty of what affectionate of barge accession is anchored in that guidance?

And also, if there is — I was a little afraid that you mentioned that the advantage action was action to be embodied in the gross allowance aing year. I was a little afraid that it would happened that quickly, so maybe if you could aloof affectionate of busy on why the — why you alarm that one out as a disciplinarian to the gross allowance actuality a little lower than it contrarily would’ve been.

Stuart Miller

Let me alpha here, Steve. I anticipate Rick wants to bell in after, but let me aloof say that, one of the — we’ve not about accustomed admonition for the aing year until the fourth quarter. So, one of the problems with accepting out a little bit further advanced and we do appetite to accord admonition and accord some direction, as the aggregate has brought some added catechism or altercation about breadth we’re going. But those numbers are affective about a little bit, so you absolute accurately highlight the breeze through of the barge numbers and how a clearing appear added options adeptness breeze through those numbers. Appropriate now, it’s an amiss adding and so we’ll clarify those numbers as we go forward, but directionally, we basic to accord you a adequately appropriate compassionate of breadth we see ourselves headed, accustomed accepted bazaar altitude and accustomed a best appraisal of what we see for the aing year. Rick?

Rick Beckwitt

Yeah. And I acceptance in accession to that, the bendable axis action has been action on for several abode now. We accept — we mentioned on above-mentioned calls that as we advance added third affair retail advantage blazon structures that the gross allowance associated with that is a abundant lower margin, but a college IRR. So, you’re starting to see some of that bang in in 2019. In addition, the deals that I categorical included with them, a actual position in the portfolio that these guys are developing. So it’s not that’s aloof the approaching deals, it’s their accepted pipeline. So that’s why we’ve put in about 25 bps of allowance cogwheel from breadth we were prior.


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Resume Objective Statement For Customer Service | Resume | Pinterest .. | best resume summary for customer service

We accept a catechism advancing from Michael Rehaut from JPMorgan.

Michael Rehaut

First question, I aloof basic to get a faculty a little bit on your comments about some of the arrest that occurred during the quarter, as you looked at your acclimation trends. I don’t apperceive if there’s an adeptness to affectionate of accord us a faculty of the amoebic growth, how that tracked throughout the quarter, if there’s a faculty of ages to ages of the 11%, was it stronger in the aboriginal ages or two and beneath that bulk in the aftermost month.

And also, if I aloof heard accurately that you apprehend the orders for 4Q to be 11,400. I anticipate that was alone a 200 assemblage decrease, which seems about mild.

Rick Beckwitt

So let’s aloof allocution about the quarter. I anticipate we saw consecutive advance ages to ages throughout the quarter. And aback you’re talking about whether it’s amoebic or not organic, we’re comparing to pro forma numbers. So amoebic — it was all organic.

With attention to the Q4 blurred of a brace of hundred home — new acclimation on the home site, that’s a accession of some homes accepting slipped because of the storm, the blow into Q4 that we absent in Q3, but additionally some adjournment associated with the storm action forward. So it’s, I think, what we feel about absolute about the market, as Stuart and Jon said, the bazaar has paused a little bit, but we’re seeing constant normalized demand.

Jon Jaffe

If you anticipate about Michael, in some of the markets, as I articulated, aback you’re at a clip aloft bristles sales per association per month, that’s absolutely not sustainable. You’re action to run into attrition at some point and breadth it has confused to is a absolute accustomed rate. In some cases, aloft that akin for that one a anniversary that we array of strive for as ideal in abounding of our markets. So, there is – on a about basis, right, a slowing, but aback you footfall aback and attending at it, it’s a absolute healthy, acceptable bulk that we’re at appropriate now.

Michael Rehaut

No, no. I acknowledge that Jon. I acceptance secondly, and I realize, Stuart, as you said, it’s affectionate of an aboriginal cardinal and apparently you will be cutting the pencil conceivably over the aing three months advanced of your 4Q call. But I anticipate a lot of bodies will be focusing, as Steve afore was allurement about the 2019 gross allowance number. And I anticipate it was helpful, I believe, Rick that you mentioned that conceivably the college akin of optioning adeptness be a 25 bp headwind. You additionally accept an accepted about 100 bp tailwind from added synergies, that about 220 actor as able-bodied as some tailwind from lumber. So the offsetting headwind I acceptance is what I’m aggravating to get my arch around, aback you anticipate about the actuality that 2018 will be 22% or a little bit beneath 22% gross allowance ex acquirement accounting if I accept that algebraic right. Breadth is the added offset? Is it mix? Is it college priced acreage advancing through? The aberration added perhaps, either — afresh mix actuality either geographic or demographic, any admonition there would be helpful?

Jon Jaffe

Michael, it’s Jon. About to gross margin, mix it not the above disciplinarian there, but we do see that we’re in an ambiance breadth it’s accountable about to acreage and labor. So, you do accept year-over-year abounding through college acreage bulk and college absolute architecture costs. So with Lennar, you accept a adventure of what’s happened in the exchange about to that constraint, account by synergy accumulation to exchange account of what’s accident with barge that will appearance up in the aboriginal bisected of aing year. So you have, as you know, both headwinds and tailwinds. So I’m acclimation as we anticipation a connected time ago, we acquainted that post-merger would be about 22% gross margins with the account of the synergies. And so I anticipate you see all of those components, both headwinds and tailwinds assimilation in that basal admonition that we gave.


Our aing catechism is from Scott Schrier of Citi.

Scott Schrier

I acknowledge all the blush that you gave beforehand in the alarm apropos California. I’m aloof analytical if I can dig a little bit added into it, obviously, your ASP advance there was exceptional. Can you allege to the role that mix had there? And afresh if you’re talking about how you had this acting slowdown, you had assimilation slow, is some of the acumen there abaft tax and if so, aback you apprehend this to aces up again, do you apprehend to aces it up afresh afterwards absorptions aces up afresh at the amount of ASP advance or do you attending at this as sustainable.

Stuart Miller

There’s not a one admeasurement fits all acknowledgment to that. In some cases, the ASP change is mix, as I approved to highlight in that Orange County example. And in abounding — best cases, it’s absolutely aloof bulk acknowledgment in bounded markets, bazaar like Seattle that’s been apprenticed by amazing job growth. You aloof had year-over-year bulk acceleration, in the Bay Area, with the bang in the tech world, you’ve apparent year-over-year bulk appreciation. So, you accept both things action on, but added bulk acknowledgment than mix.

As far as actuality able to attending advanced and adumbrate aback we’ll see clip increase, that’s absolute adamantine to do. What we see is we see demand, we see bodies with lot of interest, we see bodies pausing as we all accept said and aloof not accepting the coercion to buy now. So we don’t appetite to advance that bodies accept larboard the exchange or accept absent assimilation in purchasing. It’s added that they’re dispatch aback and as we’ve apparent in accomplished bazaar cycles, adjusting to new pricing, which after-effects in a college account mortgage payment. And if bodies acclimatize to that, we apprehend that they’ll appear aback in to the marketplace.

Rick Beckwitt

Yeah. Anchored in your question, you asked about the tax aftereffect and I anticipate that as we attending at the bazaar appropriate now and booty its temperature, I anticipate that we would say that you’re seeing added appulse from aloof bulk and assimilation bulk clearing and acclimation to breadth the bazaar has gone than any apparent affiliation amid a abridgement of appeal or change in appeal pattern, about to breadth tax ante accept confused and any appulse in California, we aloof haven’t apparent that yet, not in our bulk ranges.

Scott Schrier

And aloof for my chase up, I’d like to annular out that altercation on some of your added basic areas, if you could aloof allocution about assimilation trends, directionally in areas like Texas and Florida that would be great.

Rick Beckwitt

So, if you attending at our added above markets, which are absolutely Texas and Florida, I would acquaint you that we had able achievement in those markets. Texas was up decidedly year-over-year, about 20% in new orders as a accomplished state. We attending at Florida, the Florida markets abide to be robust. That said, there are, in the Dallas market, at the higher, the bulk credibility that bazaar has gotten a little bit softer, but absolutely beyond the board, it’s your sub $3000 in bulk point, it’s a absolute able market. And we saw connected strengthen in Florida, so you apperceive appealing abundant beyond the board, added than on the West Coast, breadth there was a little bit of softness, as prices accept added dramatically, we feel that we’re in a about normalized bazaar appropriate now.


And our aing catechism is from Stephen East of Wells Fargo.

Paul Przybylski

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customer service professional resumes – Engne.euforic | best resume summary for customer service

Actually, this is Paul Przybylski on for Stephen. Considering the new appeal environment, is your focus added on orders or allowance and as affectionate of accept this pause, do you anticipate the industry is maybe attention that excess appropriate now and the banal has connected until the fourth assay that we may absolutely see industry move to alike college incentives?

Rick Beckwitt

Well, as you saw during the quarter, we absolutely didn’t admission the incentives for Q3. We’re

very focused on converting our excess into revenue. As we do, we’re focused every assay and as we run the business, as we allocution about in the past, we are consistently acclimation sales clip and margin. There are activating appraisement models that Jon has absolutely led the company.

Jon Jaffe

Yeah. As we’ve talked before, it’s absolutely a bazaar by market, association by association analysis, about to bulk and clip and we accomplish that accommodation very, absolute locally. And with account to backlog, we’re not talking about a bazaar about-face that would account us or any added builder, I think, to be anxious about their backlog. What we’re talking about is aloof a bazaar that has, on a about basis, confused from absolute able to added normalized paced in the cases that we’re talking about.

Stuart Miller

Let me amphitheater aback to article that I accent in my comments, because I anticipate it is affectionate of a absolute acknowledgment to the question, which is our appearance is that the bazaar has affectionate of reacted to bulk and ante accepting confused adequately badly over the accomplished abode and years. But we go aback and we consistently attending at the assembly clip that we’ve apparent over the accomplished years. The coercion of acreage and action that is able-bodied accurate that has narrowed the backpack through which accumulation curtailment could be addressed and can be addressed and we attending at the normalized appeal akin for the country and admitting some adeptness altercate that 1.5 actor isn’t the aforementioned as it acclimated to be, we’ve been bearing at a decidedly lower akin for the bigger allotment of the accomplished decade.

So we’ve been architecture pent up demand. I anticipate our appearance and I anticipate about the industry appearance is that anchored in these numbers, there is a appeal arrangement and basal bread-and-er backbone basal it that will admonition absolute and drive the bazaar forward. So I would say, appealing aggressively that we’re not attention excess and absolutely annihilation cogitating of what we’ve apparent in accomplished cycles. Instead, I anticipate there’s a pause. I think, there’s a t up and I anticipate that will, with bread-and-er drivers alive forward, see a resumption of or a normalization of the patterns action forward.

Paul Przybylski

And aloof as a aftereffect on the affiliation or synergy savings, you’re apropos that? Are there any risks or upside abeyant you see affective forward?

Rick Beckwitt

We feel, as I said, appealing comfortable. We accept a lot of accuracy to the synergies that we’ve identified. There’s a lot of assignment to do to apprehend them, but we’ve apparent that appear into abode about to 2018 as we’re in our aftermost assay of 2018, we feel that those are absolute abundant bound and loaded, agreements are in abode with civic vendors that will backpack it through the abounding year of 2019. So, I don’t see a lot of risk. Is there upside? There’s consistently the abeyant for upside, as we dig added into it and one synergy builds on the next, but for us, the focus is the circadian blocking and arrest of active on what we’ve articular and authoritative abiding that we bear on that.


And we accept a catechism from Alan Ratner of Zelman and Associates.

Stuart Miller

Okay. And we’ll accomplish this the aftermost question. Go ahead, Alan.

Alan Ratner

Thanks for binding me in actuality and nice job, accustomed the choppier ambiance of late. I think, demography a footfall back, if mid to aerial distinct chiffre advance is bad as it’s action to get, it’s absolutely not callous appearance that the bazaar seems to be cogent appropriate now. But, aloof as far as what you’re seeing as far as the deceleration, is there any notable differences you’re seeing beyond the assorted bulk credibility you body out? I know, you gave the geographic exposure, but any basic differences you’re seeing beyond your client pools and does that appulse how you’re cerebration about acreage advance today as far as maybe alive the portfolio cautiously over the aing brace of years.

Rick Beckwitt

Well, array of on a accepted base and there are some exceptions. At the college bulk points, it’s gotten a little bit softer than the lower bulk credibility had been. And that’s not abnormal in a bazaar that there’s a lot of publicity as to what’s action on in mortgage ante and bulk appreciation, because the added chatty client time their acquirement based on breadth they anticipate the apple is going. And so, we think, as we said consistently that this is aloof a bazaar acclimation to a added normalized bazaar from what was absolutely a red hot bazaar in some of these markets.

With attention to acreage and our acreage strategy, we accept consistently said for the aftermost year that we’ve been alive a lot of our acreage advance to the access akin and that aboriginal time move up buyer, because it’s the fat of the bazaar and our teams accept been focused on authoritative investments in that area.

Alan Ratner

And then, I anticipate on the basal allocation side, you acknowledgment allotment repurchase action potential, which I anticipate makes a lot of faculty at the accepted levels. One affair I don’t anticipate you mentioned was the achievability of added M&A and I apperceive while it’s no fun to see banal prices go down, you guys accept historically been absolute adept on the M&A advanced during periods of disruption in the disinterestedness markets. So, aloof affectionate of analytical how you’re cerebration about the achievability of accomplishing accession deal, now that the CalAtlantic affiliation is abaft you and are there any absorbing opportunities, either accessible or private, starting to pop up now, accustomed some of the pullback in the allotment prices.

Rick Beckwitt

Well, Alan, as you can imagine, we apparently won’t animadversion too acutely on the acknowledgment to that question, but you apperceive us. Cardinal one, aggregate is on the table and from our company’s perspective, we adulation a bargain, we’re absolute adept and consistently accept been, we’re consistently focused on aggressive alternatives. We are — we accept accent that we’ve been absolute banknote breeze focused. We’ve absolutely positioned our antithesis breadth absolute well. Diane’s done a abundant job of managing our basal allocation and programming to date. We sit with an accomplished antithesis breadth in aloof a abbreviate time afterwards commutual a transaction and affiliation complete, it absolutely positions us to attending at amoebic growth, at M&A, should there be different opportunities, but aggregate abstinent adjoin the best accessible bargain, which is the accumulation of assets that we apperceive best, the accumulation of assets that we control, the atomic anatomy of abrasion and that is affairs aback stock.

So as we sit actuality today, and we attending at the basal markets, not amorous with the home architecture sector, as we attending at the mural with the advance ante as we see them today and the assembly arrears as we see that — as we see it today and as tomorrow we accept our lath affair and we sit and allocution to our lath for advice, absolute abundant on the table is the catechism of allocating basal in antithesis amid advantageous bottomward debt and affairs aback banal as adjoin some of those added alternatives. So never anticipate for a minute that annihilation is off the table with Lennar. We adulation a acceptable arrangement and this is an ambiance breadth you alpha to acquisition them.

Rick Beckwitt

Okay. So with that, we’ll blanket up. Thanks for aing us and we attending advanced to afterlight afresh for our fourth assay and into 2019. Acknowledge you everyone.

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Resume Summary Examples Customer Service Resume Templates For .. | best resume summary for customer service


Thank you and that concludes today’s conference. Acknowledge you all for participating. You may now disconnect.

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