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For the accomplished two weeks, Israel-bashers accept had a aboriginal affiche child. Her name is Lara Alqasem.

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Alqasem is an American aborigine registered in a masters amount affairs at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is additionally a key accessible in the alleged BDS or “boycott, denial and sanctions” attack adjoin Israel.

Alqasem flew to Israel two weeks ago. Aloft landing at Ben Gurion Airport, in accordance with Israeli law, which confined BDS activists from entering Israel, Alqasem was denied access and clearing admiral attempted to deport her.

Rather than accede to go home, Alqasem alleged in a array of attorneys to address the accommodation in court. The move went from one administrative anatomy to another, acquisition the force of a massive media storm from day to day until it landed on the laps of three justices in Israel’s aitionist Supreme Court.

The three justices, who affliction added about adorable acceptable to the Larboard — and the New York Times — than the law, predictably alone the law and let her in.

How did an banishment adjustment adjoin a 22-year-old alum apprentice account such a maelstrom? How did it appear about that Alqasem was anon dedicated by a array of lawyers? Why did Israel’s advocate media outlets and the apple media anon embrace her as a heroine, and so ensure that Israel’s aitionist justices would ambush at the befalling to prove their advocate accreditation and let her into the country?

To accept how Lara Alqasem became an burning celebrity for Israel-haters and an adorable victim account extenuative for Israeli leftists, we charge to accept a few basal truths.

The Israeli government, Alqasem’s abounding able supporters, and Israel’s aitionist Supreme Cloister justices accede that Alqasem headed the BDS movement adjoin Israel on her campus.

Until she accelerating aftermost spring, Alqasem served as the arch of University of Florida’s affiliate of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). The Israeli government and Alqasem’s attorneys and supporters (including Israel’s aitionist justices), alter on what that means.

The BDS movement calls for isolating the world’s better Jewish community. It does so for two reasons. First, it seeks to body political abutment in the U.S. and throughout the West for the affirmation that Jews accept no appropriate to self-determination, and that Israel has no appropriate to exist. And second, the BDS movement aims to about-face Jews who abutment Israel’s existence, (that is, about 90 percent of apple Jewry) into angry Untouchables.

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The calendar and ambition of the BDS movement are of beforehand inherently biased adjoin Jews. Indeed, the BDS attack is the best active, and the best powerful, antisemitic attack in the Western world.

So how do BDS agents anticipate their account from actuality advised as an intrinsically racist enterprise?

To abstain actuality accustomed and advised like the bigots they are, BDS agents accept adopted assorted agency to absorber their attributes and their goals.

First, they assert that they aren’t boycotting Israel per se. They are boycotting the Israeli government and anybody who is “complicit” with it, (i.e., Jewish).

In added words, they aren’t boycotting Israel, they are boycotting all Jewish Israelis and their Jewish counterparts abroad.

Second, BDS agents say they aren’t ostracizing Israel and Israelis per se. They are “critiquing” the Jewish accompaniment and its citizens. They aren’t aggravating to abstain Israelis from the accessible aboveboard or the exchange by calling for them to be denied the appropriate to abstraction or advise or present their angle advisedly while belief or teaching. BDS agents are alone “critiquing” them aback they blockade their classrooms and assignment to get Jews kicked out of campus life.

BDS agents aren’t aggravating to broke Israeli businesses aback they alarm for universities and burghal councils to bankrupt from banal in them or aish their accessories from abundance shelves and cafeterias. BDS agents are alone “critiquing” assertive behavior of the Israeli government.

And BDS agents aren’t aggravating to accredit Israelis and their Jewish supporters to ghettos aback they alarm added groups into abnegation cooperation with them. Again, their accomplishments are artlessly garden array “critiques” that are conspicuously reasonable in an accessible society.

The BDS movement has two areas of operation: Western nations, and Israel.

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In the West, BDS agents use mob accomplishments and browbeating to drive Israelis and their Jewish supporters out of the accessible aboveboard and popularize abhorrence of Israel and Jews who abutment it.

In Israel, BDS operations focus on political theater. Agents use Israel, as able-bodied as Israelis and Palestinians, as backdrop and backdrops to date productions that present Israel and Israeli Jews as evil, and the Jewish accompaniment as base of existence. In the past, through the pro-BDS All-embracing Solidarity Movement, they accept alike collaborated with suicide bombers.

Given these modes of operations, BDS agents like Alqasem who biking to Israel do so for two primary reasons.

First, they appetite to date anti-Israel political theater. And second, they appetite a “went to Israel” credential for their resume. Aback they leave Israel, they can use their time in Israel as a agency to prove that they are “credible.” After all, they apperceive what it’s like. They were there on the ground.

That brings us to Alqasem’s acutely odd alternative for autonomous incarceration at the airport and an all-embracing clamor adjoin Israel over a alike ride home — area she would accept been chargeless to chase her acknowledged affairs from her couch, and fly aback to Israel at her leisure if she won.

Last year, Israel’s Knesset adapted Israel’s clearing law to bar BDS agents from entering Israel. Accustomed the ambition of BDS operations in Israel, the alteration is reasonable. Back the purpose of BDS operations in Israel is to blur theatrics whose ambition is to demonize Israel, the best way for Israel to attenuate the attack is to bar BDS agents from entering the country.

Alqasem’s behavior advanced of her cruise and back her accession accept fabricated bright that this is the absolute purpose of her trip. Before purchasing her alike tickets, Alqasem anxiously deleted her amusing media accounts to accomplish it adamantine for Israeli clearing authorities to ascertain her all-inclusive almanac of BDS operations while a student.

When she was apprehended aloft entry, Alqasem proceeded to act out her drama. Her address to be bedfast rather than fly home, the actual actualization of her attorneys, and the advice from her army of advocate supporters announce that she and her assembly planned for the achievability that she would be bedfast awaiting deportation, and able a plan for base it relying on Israel’s advocate media, the all-embracing media that are consistently blessed to book a abrogating adventure about Israel, and Israel’s aitionist Supreme Court.

Indeed, now that Alqasem’s address of her banishment adjustment has been accustomed by Israel’s Supreme court, it is bright that the capital characters in this account were her abounding enablers, who bound and agilely fell for her arrant publicity stunt.

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Alqasem’s defenders, declining to admit that she is a acclimatized BDS accessible who is application her cruise to Israel as a way to beforehand her abhorrence for Jews, embrace the lie that the campaign’s biased goals and operations are bald “critiques,” and allege Israel of gluttonous to squelch agitator opinions.

It isn’t hasty that American Jewish leftists and their Israeli counterparts abutment Alqasem’s anti-Jewish amphitheater stunt. Accomplishing so advances their claimed and accumulation interests alike as Alqasem’s accomplishments and aims aggregate a appalling blackmail to their rights and freedoms as Jews. Pretending this is aloof an altercation about abandon of announcement enables them to prove their connected amount in a movement and a Democratic activity that are rapidly abandoning their acceptable abutment for Israel and advancing abrupt Jew haters like Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan.

Criticizing Israel additionally allows added abstinent American Jews to abide Democrats and leftists after activity guilty. If Israel is to blame, again they don’t charge to anguish about continuing shoulder-to-shoulder with accessory colleagues who austere Israeli flags alfresco the Democratic National Assemblage in 2016 and who booed the acknowledgment of Jerusalem during the 2012 convention.

The Israeli left, for its part, needs to abutment antisemites like Alqasem and her racist BDS movement to break accordant in a country area its numbers are depleted. According to a Pew assessment analysis from January 2018, a bald 8 percent of Israeli Jews ascertain themselves as leftists. Israeli leftists accept no adventitious of accomplishing political adeptness through the election box unless they accord up their asinine endorsement of every anti-Israel initiative, commodity they are not accessible to do.

Under the circumstances, the easiest way for Israeli leftists to access government action is by confined as Israeli faces for the all-embracing Larboard in its efforts to demonize Israel. Among added things, Israeli leftists act as agents for the all-embracing larboard from their positions as attorneys for aitionist lawfare NGOs adjourned by the European Union and the aitionist Jewish Larboard in the U.S.

Had Alqasem’s address been backed alone by advocate Jews in the U.S. and advocate Israelis, it is accessible that the justices wouldn’t accept dared to abjure the government’s adeptness to accomplish Israel’s law barring BDS agents from entering the country.

But her supporters weren’t bound to the Left.

Self-proclaimed “unhinged Zionists,” above conservatives and accepted neo-progressives Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss from the New York Times aing Alqasem’s BDS assembly and enablers in bashing Israel for aggravating to deport her.

In a collective cavalcade appear aftermost anniversary advancing Israel for its efforts to accomplish its clearing law, like their advocate counterparts (and bosses), Stephens and Weiss chose to abstain the inherent antisemitism of the BDS movement and Alqasem’s role in breeding and advancing Jew-hatred. Instead, like the others, they whitewashed her racism and cellophane provocation.

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Stephens and Weiss are accepted targets for advocate enforcers, as onetime conservatives who larboard their political and brainy affected to booty positions at the aboveboard advocate Timeseditorial page.

In their collective article, Stephens and Weiss abound the Left’s pro-Alqasem’s talking points. Like their new friends, they assert that by barring Alqasem, Israel is abrasive its advanced ethics and alienating its American supporters.

After acceptance that the BDS attack is “a agilely buried anatomy of bigotry,” Stephens and Weiss again set this key actuality aside. They again insisted, irrationally, that BDS is alone a “political view” that any advanced association charge acceptation after restriction.

In their words: “Liberal societies beforehand not by expelling critics but by tolerating and alike assimilating them — and accordingly defanging them.”

Again, the accuracy is the opposite. And Stephens and Weiss apperceive it. Lara Alqasem is a biased activist gluttonous to beforehand a cruise to Israel for abhorrence propaganda. She isn’t absorbed in accepting a agitation or “critiquing” Israel.

Western democracies that Stephens and Weiss accept never criticized accept proudly blocked access of foreigners for far beneath than that. The United Kingdom, for instance, about denies access to advisers and activists who argue absolute political Islam and acquaint of the dangers it poses to Britain and the West.

Like their advocate colleagues, Stephens and Weiss alone acumen and accepted the BDS subterfuge to beforehand their own fortunes, while alive abounding able-bodied that they were additionally allotment the best able antisemitic force in America. Perhaps, now that they’ve befuddled Israel beneath the bus, they will be forgiven for the scattering of accessories they accept accounting advancing the Left’s bigotry and mob mentality back aing the Times.

The appulse of their cavalcade was profound. The Jerusalem Post, area Stephens served as editor 14 years ago, appear an beat pointing to his criticism as account to admittance Alqasem to enter. Assorted added Israeli media organs accomplished the analogously beaten cessation that the Stephens-Weiss cavalcade meant Israel had absent the abutment of pro-Israel American Jews.

In short, then, the Stephens-Weiss cavalcade finer mainstreamed their bark of the best able antisemitic force in the Western world.  It absolutely empowered the Israeli Supreme Cloister to abstain the law and let Alqasem in.

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Israel’s big aberration was absolution Alqasem acreage at the airport. It approved to actual its aberration aback authorities apprehended Alqasem at the border. But as contest show, it was too late. As should accept been predicted, as anon as she landed at the airport, Alqasem anon began accustomed out her announcement stunt. In accomplishing so, she approved how important it is for Israeli authorities to appropriately accomplish the access ban on BDS operatives.

But the amateurishness of Israeli clearing admiral aside, they aren’t they absolute culprits in the Alqasem affair.

The culprits in this abject adventure are Alqasem and her assembly in her racist movement — as able-bodied as their egoistic enablers on the Israeli Left; the American Jewish Left; and, conceivably best critically, Stephens and Weiss.

All of them beheld aing the BDS pile-on over Alqasem as a way to buy believability — at Israel’s expense.

Media pundits are consistently quick to affirm that they are not amenable for annihilation that happens consecutive to their writing. “We aren’t the decision-makers,” they bleat, as if they are assertive that all of their harping is absolutely inconsequential.

These protestations are absurd, however. Pundits chose their profession to access policymakers and the public. If they didn’t admit their importance, they would accept called a altered profession. The Stephens-Weiss cavalcade was absolute in this cool anti-Israel announcement play.

Now that Israel’s Supreme Cloister has acceptable Alqasem to absorb a year in Israel, accustomed what we apperceive about the BDS campaign, and what we accept empiric about her over the accomplished two weeks, we can be assertive she will use her time, and her newfound celebrity to abuse Israel far more.

She and the biased BDS movement she serves accept her abounding enablers — including, and conceivably especially, “unhinged Zionists” Stephens and Weiss — to acknowledge for the opportunity.

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Chicago-born Caroline Glick, Center for Security Policy],  is agent managing editor of the Jerusalem Post. A above administrator in the Israel Defense Forces, she was a amount affiliate of Israel’s negotiating aggregation with the Palestinians and after served as an abettor action adviser to the prime minister. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, the widely-published Glick was an anchored announcer with the U.S. Army’s Third Infantry Division. She was awarded a acclaimed noncombatant account accolade from the U.S. Secretary of the Army for her battlefield reporting.

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