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Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Resume For ... | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

Learn All About Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Comparison From This Politician | Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Comparison

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 I was accustomed into the Catholic Church (and Judy alternate to it), on 8 February 1991, by the eminent catechist and author, Servant of God  Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J. [photo credit: Tom McGlynn: 8 February 1991]

Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Resume For ..
Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Resume For .. | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison





Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (cum laude) from Wayne State University, Detroit, 1982; a ample advanced arts education, including abundant aesthetics and history, and a accessory in psychology. Assorted bags of hours belief theology, Church history, philosophy, and accustomed Christian and Catholic answer back 1981 (no academic training in theology). I accept about 2000 books in my own library (mostly these aforementioned subjects).

Full-time author, apologist, evangelist, and free-lance biographer back December 2001. I accept taken on added part-time jobs as all-important to abutment my atoning vocation (often in the commitment business: the aftermost non-writing full-time job that I had, throughout the 1990s).

In November 2007, I aing the agents of the Coming Home Network as Facilitator of Online Answer / Forum Coordinator / “Network Apologist”. This position lasted until the end of December 2010, back it was alone due to downsizing at CHNI apprenticed by the bad abridgement and crumbling donations (it had annihilation to do with my performance, and it was declared that conceivably I could acknowledgment at some approaching date).

My wife Judy home schools our four accouchement (no baby assignment because that two of them accept appropriate needs).


The Bible Christian Society, Inc. [link] headed by John Martignoni, a able Catholic apologist, speaker, and radio allocution appearance host. 100% tax-deductible donations to my apostolate are channeled through The Bible Christian Society.Catholic Answers  [link] (the bigger Catholic answer organization, headed by Karl Keating, with advisers such as Jimmy Akin and Tim Staples). I’ve been arise in Catholic Answers Annual (formerly, This Rock), several times; accept been on Catholic Answers Alive twice,  and CA arise my book, 100 Biblical Arguments Adjoin Sola Scriptura.

St. Paul Street Evangelization [link], is a rapidly growing Catholic cause and answer group.  Starting in December 2012, I became a affiliate of the Advisory Board for SPSE, and I edited best of their self-produced tracts: 15 altogether.

The Coming Home Network International [link], an alignment founded by Marcus Grodi (host of the EWTN affairs The Journey Home); advised to aid and abetment Catholic converts, or abeyant converts (especially Protestant pastors). Admiral to The Coming Home Network accommodate Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Thomas Howard, Fr. Michael Scanlan, Patrick Madrid, Steve Wood, and Karl Keating. I accept had several accessories arise in its periodical, The Coming Home Journal, and was a agents affiliate for three years (see the above-mentioned section).

National Catholic Register [link]: I began autograph consistently for this actual acclaimed annual and site, produced at EWTN, in September 2016 (five or six accessories a month). See the account of my articles.Sophia Institute Press [link]: a above and affecting Catholic publisher, specializing in the classics. Sophia has arise six of my books.  PUBLISHED WRITINGS Accessories and Miscellaneous

An empowered, faithful, accomplished and technically adroit aggregation is a admirable abnormality and Dave Armstrong, a chargeless carve biographer and Catholic apologist, is aloof such a character. His Biblical Affirmation for Catholicism pages accommodate both a acceptable all-embracing ability for those gluttonous to bigger accept the Catholic Church and a attestant to the joy of a activity lived in the Truth. The armpit is advised able-bodied for the user, attainable to cross and analyze and has a acceptable mix of the dry and the funny. How can a guy go amiss when, at the top of his page, pictures arise of John Henry Cardinal Newman, the rose window from Notre Dame, Paris, and G.K Chesterton with his admired wife Francine? 

“Transubstantiation and the Eucharist,” The Coming Home Journal, July-December 1998, 12-13, 31.“St. Augustine’s Belief in the Real Presence,” The Coming Home Journal, July-December 1998, 18-20.“The Communion of Saints,” The Catholic Answer, Nov/Dec 1998, 8-12.

The columnist is a accomplished apologist and has generally approved how Luther (and added Reformers) were abundant added Catholic than their airy brood today. In scholarly, critical, and all-comprehensive fashion, the clairvoyant is led through the apostolic musings of a actual circuitous and abashed /confusing man. Breadth Catholic accuracy is at stake, Luther’s inadequacies are highlighted; breadth there is coincidence, that is appropriately shown. Particularly advantageous is the analysis of Luther’s Eucharistic canon and his Mariology, breadth a Protestants could accumulation abundantly from their airy forefather. 

“‘Can I Get a Adduce on That?’: An Account With Dave Armstrong,” Gilbert Annual (Vol. 13, No. 5, March 2010, pp. 14-17; interviewer: Dale Ahlquist. This journal is arise by the American Chesterton Society. It was adherent primarily to my book, The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton.

Cardinal Newman does not accept of sound-bites but Dave Armstrong has done a admirable job of giving us calmly comestible portions of Newman’s thoughts on a host of topics, calmly abiding in alphabetical adjustment with a absolute commendation afterward anniversary entry. This is a admirable accession to Newman scholarship.

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cv vs resume difference – Keni.candlecomfortzone | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

“Converts Come to the Church Like St. Paul: Answers to ‘What Helped Your Conversion?’”, by Jim Graves, National Catholic Register (10 June 2013) [I’m cited, alternating with four added converts].Review of The Quotable Newman,  by  Stephen J. Kovacs, in New Oxford Review (October 2013).“How to Avert the Faith,” by Marge Fenelon, OSV Newsweekly (28 May 2014) [I was cited twice, alternating with added apologists]. “How We Honor Jesus Through Mary,” Catholic Answers Magazine, July/ August 2015, 32-36. [see agnate article]“Three Biblical Arguments for the Authority of the Church,” Catholic Exchange, 21 July 2015.

The Bible Tells Me So: A Catholic Apologist Challenges Protestants with Scripture (long pamphlet, arise by Chorabooks: 5 August 2016).

Johann Tetzel & Indulgences: Myths & Facts, Catholic Herald, 25 November 2016.

[see additionally lists of my abounding array of accessories for The Michigan Catholic,  Seton Magazine, and National Catholic Register]

Cartoon Tracts



I am the sole or primary columnist of the argument of bristles of these: The Cloud of Witnesses, The Resurrection: Hoax or History?, The Class Struggle, Mary: Do Catholics Accept a Biblical View? [see my argument only], and Joe Hardhat, the Quintessential Catholic: On Justification [see my argument only].

Books (all attainable for acquirement — chase the affiliated titles)

“Confessions of a 1980s’ Jesus Freak,” 241-252 in Surprised by Truth, edited by Patrick Madrid, San Diego: Basilica Press, September 1994 (one of eleven about-face stories). Surprised by Accuracy has awash added than 400,000 copies and is the second-largest Catholic album afterwards the Catechism of the Catholic Church.“The Imitation of Mary,” (written in 1997), affiliate 5 in The Catholic Answer Book of Mary, edited by Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Huntington, Indiana: Our Sunday Visitor, March 2000, 31-35. 








You did a agitating job . . . I could acquaint by the acknowledgment from our admirers . . . that they benefited from the program. We’ll be blessed to accept you on the appearance afresh in the approaching . . . may the Lord abide to absolve you and the accomplished assignment you’re doing. 

Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Resume For ..
Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Resume For .. | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

Hands-On Answer Alive (hosts Gary Michuta and Tony Gerring) on Michigan Catholic Radio: 1090 WCAR in busline Detroit and 1080 in Lansing area. Account and Catechism and Answer, 10:00-11:00 AM EST, 18 October 2003. (#8) Kresta in the Afternoon (host Al Kresta), WDEO, 990 AM, Ann Arbor, MI, from 5:00-5:30 PM EST on 2 April 2004; interviewed apropos accustomed answer and my antecedent of all the addendum for The Catholic Answer Bible. (#9) 

Meet the Author, with host Ken Huck, produced by Radio Maria. 23-minute account about my book, Proving the Catholic Acceptance is Biblical: 80 Short Essays Answer the Biblical Basis of Catholicism, 3 September 2015 (3:30-3:53 PM EST). (#21) [hear the audio book on-site: alpha at 28:00]

On Call, with host Wendy Wiese, on Relevant Radio: 30-minute account about my book, Proving the Catholic Acceptance is Biblical, 9 September 2015 (2:00-2:30 PM EST). (#22) [hear the audio book on-site]

Busted Halo Show, with host Fr. Dave Dwyer (Sirius XM: Catholic Channel):  30-minute account about my book, Proving the Catholic Acceptance is Biblical, 18 September 2015 (9:00-9:30 PM EST). (#23)

Pathways of Learning, with host Sister Marie Pappas: one hour interview about my book, Proving the Catholic Acceptance is Biblical, 15 October 2015 (12:00-1:00 PM EST). [download for free] (#24)

Hands On Answer with Gary Michuta (Virgin Best Powerful Radio): 30-minute  account on ample answer topics, 12 October 2018 (1:30-2:00 PM EST) [listen online] #25

REFERENCES AND RECOMMENDATIONSThe backward Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J. (respected theologian / abounding columnist / catechist for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, aing adviser to Pope Paul VI). Fr. Hardon wrote the Foreword for my aboriginal book, A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism:

I awful acclaim his work, A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism, which I acquisition to be thoroughly orthodox, well-written, and able for the purpose of authoritative Catholic accuracy added barefaced and attainable to the accessible at large. It is, I durably believe, a accomplished book of accepted Catholic apologetics.

Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas (prominent Catholic apologist and author). My accessories accept appeared in the annual he edited: The Catholic Answer, six times:

I consistently acknowledge your work.

The backward Fr. Ray Ryland (adviser to Catholic Answers and Coming Home Network; arresting ecumenist and apologist):

God absolve you in your active labors on account of the Faith! Alone God knows how abounding lives your efforts accept affected with the truth. May God consistently absolve you and adviser you . . .

Your baroque book [A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism] . . . spreads alternating a barbecue of bookish aliment for the Catholic faith. I do achievement it has advanced apportionment . . . God absolve you and accord you joy and backbone in aggressive in your important ministry.

Dr. Scott Hahn (perhaps the capital Catholic apologist today; columnist of Rome Sweet Home — with his wife Kimberly). He wrote the Foreword for my added book, Added Biblical Affirmation for Catholicism:

I spent over an hour active about your website. Nice, actual nice . . . Acceptable stuff. Accumulate up the abundant assignment . . . rather arresting cyber-talents.

Thanks afresh for the abundant assignment you’re accomplishing for Christ and His Church. No amount how connected it’s taken, the Lord acutely has you appropriate breadth He wants you.

Karl Keating (founder of Catholic Answers, ancestor of the avant-garde Catholic answer revival, and acknowledged author):

Dave has been a full-time apologist for years. He’s done abundant acceptable for bags of people.

Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Vs Resume Whats The Difference Youtube ..
Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Vs Resume Whats The Difference Youtube .. | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

You accept a lot of acceptable things to say, and you’re industrious. Your agreeable generally is great. You’ve done agriculturalist assignment over the decades, and abounding added bodies [should] accumulation from your writing. They charge what you accept to say.

I apperceive you absorb endless hours autograph about and arresting the Church. There may not be any American apologist who puts in added activity than you. You’ve been a aggressive laborer in the acreage for a connected time.


[3-23-18] Dave has produced a lot of acceptable assignment over the years. He’s one of the bigger U.S. apologists, and I don’t anamnesis him anytime actuality accused, legitimately, of apostolic error. He consistently has been accurate in his work, aggravating to dig a bit added than best added apologists. And he consistently has fabricated an accomplishment to be kind, alike to those who ability not assume to deserve abundant kindness.

Steve Ray (author of atoning books Crossing the Tiber [San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1997] and Upon This Rock [Ignatius, 1999] ):

Keep up the acceptable work. I am consistently sending bodies to your folio to acquisition answers for their questions and sources for their search.

Marcus Grodi (story in Surprised by Truth, administrator of The Coming Home Network, and host of the alive call-in TV appearance on EWTN: The Journey Home):

You absolutely affect me! Such acceptable actuality . . . Dave, accumulate up your able and always admired atoning journalism!

Patrick Madrid (well-known Catholic apologist; editor of Surprised by Accuracy and Envoy Magazine, columnist of Pope Fiction):

I’ve been acquainted a lot of absolute comments from about the country on your answer efforts on the Internet. Bravo!

I admire, as ever, your absurd and biting assignment for Christ and His Church.

Keep up the absurd assignment with “Biblical Catholicism.” All of us at Envoy adulation it and generally accredit bodies to it.

Tim Staples (Catholic Answers apologist):

Every so often, I acclaim abundant apostolates, websites, etc. And I am actual accurate to acclaim alone the actual best that are absolutely Catholic and in abutment with the Church. Dave Armstrong’s Biblical Affirmation for Catholicism armpit is one of those. It is a actual abundance of information. Dave is absolute in his research, relentlessly orthodox, and actual attainable to read.

 Dr. Kenneth Howell (Catholic apologist; columnist of Mary of Nazareth, Queenship Pub. Co., 1998):

You do such acceptable work. After pride, don’t abbreviate the ability God has accustomed you. Your web folio is accomplished and you are acutely a self-taught man.

Steve Wood (prominent apostle of acceptable ancestors values):

You accept done a VERY abundant job on your web site. Accumulate up the accomplished work!

Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Vs Resume Format Cv And Resume ..
Cv And Resume Comparison Cv Vs Resume Format Cv And Resume .. | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

Dr. Paul Thigpen (apologist and abounding author):

Wow, Dave–the bubbler aloof keeps gushing! You’ll never apperceive this ancillary of aeon aloof how abounding souls accept been brought afterpiece to the Kingdom and to the adequateness of the Acceptance through your efforts. I acclaim your website frequently . . . Aloof capital to let you apperceive I acknowledge your labors of adulation . . .

Amy Welborn (well-known Catholic columnist and blogmaster):

There is addition out there who says what I accept to say abundant bigger than I anytime could — the smartest Catholic apologist I apperceive of — Dave Armstrong.

Fr. Joseph Fessio (President of Ignatius Press):

I absolutely anticipate it [the earlier, abundant best adaptation of my arrangement A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism] is a admired tool.

Mike Aquilina (Catholic apologist and columnist of several books):

I adulation your books, adulation your site, adulation aggregate you do. God absolve you in your work. I’m actual beholden for all you’ve done, and for all you achieve available. If addition pitches a adamantine catechism at me, I go aboriginal to your site. Again I accelerate the questioner anon to the folio that best answers the question. I apperceive it’s activity to be on your site.

Dr. Taylor Marshall (apologist and columnist of The Crucified Rabbi):

Dave Armstrong’s book A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism was one of the aboriginal Catholic answer books that I apprehend back I was exploring Catholicism. Anytime back then, I accept connected to acknowledge how he articulates the Catholic Acceptance through his blog and books. I still appointment his armpit back I charge a abundant adduce or description apropos annihilation alignment from sacraments to sedevacantists. Dave is one of the best cyber-apologists out there.

Al Kresta (Catholic allocution appearance host — Kresta in the Afternoon [Ave Maria Radio] — and columnist of Why Do Catholics Genuflect?, Servant, 2001):

People consistently acquaint me how abundant they acknowledge your work. Your website is absurd and I acclaim it consistently to new Catholics.

Dave Armstrong is a adept of biblical commendation and burden arguments. He does in a few pages what abounding apologists booty capacity to accomplish.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker (author and arresting blogmaster):

Dave Armstrong[‘s] website is an amazing abundance accession apery hours – yea a lifetime of actual aggregate to avert Catholic doctrine. Over the years Dave has aggregate the affirmation for Catholic teaching from aloof about every antecedent imaginable. He has the backbone not alone to accept the Catholic faith, but to accept the subtleties and arguments of his Protestant opponents.

Devin Rose (apologist and columnist of The Protestant’s Dilemma):

I adulation how Dave makes so abundant use of the Scriptures in his arguments, assuming that the Bible is absolutely accordant with Catholicism, alike added allegedly so than it is with Protestantism. . . . Dave is the hardest alive Catholic apologist I know. He is an afflatus to me. 

Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. (apologist and author)

Cv Vs Resume In Canada Difference Between And Professional ..
Cv Vs Resume In Canada Difference Between And Professional .. | curriculum vitae vs resume comparison

Thanks for all the important assignment you do arresting and answer the faith. [I’m] abnormally beholden for your aegis of Pope Francis adjoin his reactionary detractors.

Brandon Vogt (apologist and author)

As you know, I’ve connected accepted your work. It’s been accessible to me in so abounding ways.

About the Author(Dave Armstrong) 

Dave Armstrong is a Catholic columnist and apologist, who has been actively proclaiming and arresting Christianity back 1981, and Catholicism in accurate back 1991. Aforetime a campus missionary, as a Protestant, Dave was accustomed into the Catholic Church in February 1991, by the late, acclaimed catechist and theologian, Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.


His about-face adventure was arise in the bestselling book Surprised by Accuracy (edited by Patrick Madrid; San Diego: Basilica Press, 1994). Dave’s accessories accept frequently appeared in abounding Catholic periodicals, including This Rock, Envoy Magazine, The Catholic Answer, The Coming Home Journal, Gilbert Magazine, and The Latin Mass. Dave’s atoning and autograph apostolate was the accountable of a affection commodity in the May 2002 affair of Envoy Magazine.


Dave has been interviewed on abounding nationally amalgamated Catholic radio shows, including Catholic Answers Alive (twice), Acceptance and Ancestors Live, Kresta in the Afternoon, Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection, and The Catholics Aing Door.


Sophia Institute Press has arise six of Dave’s books: A Biblical Aegis of Catholicism (Foreword by Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J., 2003), The Catholic Verses (2004), The One-Minute Apologist (2007), Bible Proofs for Catholic Truths (2009), The Quotable Newman (editor: 2012), and Proving the Catholic Acceptance is Biblical (2015). He is co-author (with Dr. Paul Thigpen) of the inserts for The New Catholic Answer Bible (Our Sunday Visitor: 2005), and editor for The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton: The Actual Best Quotes, Quips, and Cracks from the Pen of G. K. Chesterton (Saint Benedict Press / TAN Books: 2009). 100 Biblical Arguments Adjoin Sola Scriptura was arise by Catholic Answers in May 2012. His Quotable Wesley accumulation was arise by (Protestant / Wesleyan publisher) Beacon Hill Press in April 2014. Several of his 50 books are bestsellers in their field.

Starting in September 2016, some of Dave’s books became attainable in Spanish and Portugese and French translations, with added in progress.

Dave’s autograph has been agilely accustomed or recommended by abounding arch Catholic apologists, authors, and priests, including Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Marcus Grodi, Patrick Madrid, Steve Ray, Tim Staples, Devin Rose, Mike Aquilina, Al Kresta, Karl Keating, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Marcellino D’Ambrosio, and Servant of God Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.


He has been appropriately affiliated to his wife Judy back October 1984. They accept three sons and a daughter, and abide in southeast Michigan (metro Detroit).


Last updated: 12 October 2018.***

Learn All About Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Comparison From This Politician | Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume Comparison – curriculum vitae vs resume comparison
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