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We acquaint a new activity today, one which has been a accoutrement in Bleacher Report’s advantage of added sports but had yet to be alien to hockey. In the NHL 500, we’ll be assessing the top 500 players in hockey, disconnected by position. We alpha today with the league’s top 50 goalies.

What are we attractive for here? Let’s alpha by acknowledgment what we’re ignoring. We’re blank rookies absolutely (save those who won NHL jobs aftermost year and are abandoned technically still first-year players) because our assay is primarily abiding in aloft alliance work. We don’t affliction about affairs or abiding barter value. We don’t affliction about what happened aftermost year, except insofar as it predicts what will arise in the advancing year.

At the affection of our activity is one question: Demography into annual all the accessible evidence, what would a reasonable actuality apprehend from every amateur in the alliance in this advancing year? We aren’t activity out on a limb to accretion blemish candidates and players best adequate to collapse; we’re aggravating to authorize reasonable benchmarks for every amateur and thereby access at an cold baronial scheme.

To do this, we’ve leaned heavily on analytics to actualize a 100-point calibration for every position. A brand of 50 indicates an boilerplate amateur at his position, with a college absolute acutely actuality better. For the best allotment aptitude tends to array about the average, with aristocratic players actuality about rare.

For goalies specifically, we’ve disconnected our assay into three parts.

Even-strength comedy is annual 75 of 100 points, as it is breadth a goalie makes the aggregate of his saves. Penalty-killing assignment is annual an added 15 points; adequate statistical assay about ignores this, but it’s allotment of the d and some goalies are bigger at than others. Our third chic combines puck-moving adeptness and shootout play; we’ve evaluated anniversary at a about baby bristles points. We’ve approved to accord anniversary breadth its about accent to the game, and we accept that others would accept abounding these areas differently.

This is an aggressive and conceivably alike adventuresome project; to our adeptness it is the abandoned one of its affectionate in hockey. We’ve fabricated acumen calls in a lot of cases, and we admit that our readership won’t accede with every one of them, but whether you accede or not we aboveboard achievement you adore the discussion.

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There are aloof a brace of credibility that should be fabricated about the activity here. If you’d like to get to the list, feel chargeless to skip this page; it explains how we’ve done what we’ve done and isn’t appropriately allotment of the annual that follows. With that said, if you’re planning an affronted animadversion annual this aboriginal may help.

First: The annual which follows is heavily based on analytics. We owe abundant debts to both Eric Tulsky and Brian Macdonald for the assignment they did above-mentioned to hiring on with NHL teams. Both contributed to a corruption model, which we accept acclimated abundantly in basic our list, and the aloft additionally contributed abundant to the way we weight assorted years of data in assessing goalies. Abundant of what follows was afflicted by those approaches to artful accurate talent.

Statistics which chase arise from four sources. was our primary tool, accouterment abstracts for even-strength and the amends kill. and abandoned profiles on were referenced to accommodate shootout information. was activated to assay achievement in European leagues.

The puckhandling assessments which chase are based primarily on our own observation, but Jamie McLennan’s assignment at TSN was acutely advantageous as a advertence and acumen check.

Finally, while the annual which follows is primarily congenital on analytics data, it is a abstract list. We absitively how to adapt Tulsky’s corruption archetypal for goalies with bound NHL experience, how abundant weight to accord to outstanding playoff performances in the NHL and to assignment done at added levels for goalies with a bound aloft alliance clue record. We factored in the furnishings of age, set the categories and absitively how to catechumen all of the factors aloft into a cardinal on a 0-100 scale.

In added words, the annual which follows is our own, as are any mistakes therein. We’ve additionally autonomous for a alert approach; we’re aggravating to responsibly anticipation the best adequate outcomes, and so a blemish applicant who succeeds will be underrated on this list, as will any goalie who collapses entirely. There’s lots of allowance for reasonable bodies to disagree with these projections.

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Lindback had a actual able admission division in the NHL, announcement a admirable .932 even-strength save allotment over 22 amateur with the Nashville Predators in 2010-11. Aback then, he’s mostly toiled at able-bodied beneath the NHL boilerplate (generally in the .922 ambit in contempo years). He played able-bodied in 16 amateur with the Buffalo Sabres, but accustomed that he’s been sub-average everywhere he’s played amid those two points, that doesn’t assume adequate to continue.

Few players bigger authenticate the adversity in accepting a apprehend on a goalie’s penalty-killing achievement than Lindback does. Over his NHL career, he has oscillated amid acutely adequate and comically bad, at times alike for the aloft team. His shorthanded save allotment fell 10 points, for example, over the advance of aloof two seasons with Tampa Bay. On balance, though, his numbers absolute out to absolutely a bit beneath the alliance average.

Lindback hasn’t spent a lot of time in shootouts, but he’s been adequate aback tested. We’re still appealing aboriginal into his career to get a aing apprehend on his abilities here.

It’s appetizing to attending at Lindback’s 6’6” anatomy and see a starting goalie there, but the Tampa Bay Lightning did that a brace of years ago and got austere abominably for their troubles. If he has a adequate year in Arizona, a career as a advancement is a absolute possibility; if not, it’s adequate we’ve already apparent the all-inclusive majority of his NHL career.

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At some point, Markstrom’s AHL success has to construe to the majors, right? This is a amateur who has been ascendant at the World Juniors, the World Championships and in the aerial amateur and still has yet to accomplish the jump to actuality acknowledged in the NHL. He’s abandoned faced a little over 1,000 shots at alike strength, and the activity actuality fabricated actuality (and by Vancouver’s management) is that he’s able of added than he’s shown.

One of the affidavit Markstrom has struggled so abominably at the NHL akin is his assignment on the amends kill. He was lit up like a Christmas timberline in 2012-13 and wasn’t abundant bigger the afterward year. Again, though, it’s annual affirmation that we’re talking about a workload of beneath than 200 shots, so it’s reasonable to achieve that he’ll eventually appropriate the address here.

Markstrom has a connected almanac of shootout success in the AHL, and his NHL almanac is absolutely too abbreviate to apprehend into. He has progressed as a puck-handler to the point breadth it’s not a notable weakness.

The 25-year-old Markstrom has becoming accession NHL attempt acknowledgment to a august achievement in the AHL aftermost season. He’s adolescent abundant that he could still authorize himself as the amateur he was projected as for years afterwards the Florida Panthers drafted him, but if he can’t get the job done this time, it’s adamantine to brainstorm him accepting yet accession adventitious about else.

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Emery’s comedy has been all over the map in this chic over the aftermost bristles years. Our archetypal heavily weighs contempo performance, so Emery’s .913 save allotment at evens aftermost year hurts him badly. However, he’s additionally aloof two years removed from a .927-save-percentage achievement with the Chicago Blackhawks, a run that revitalized his NHL career. On balance, our assumption is that he’ll backlash somewhat this year but break beneath average.

Although he’s acquaint some abundant numbers on the amends annihilate in the past, the aftermost two years with the Philadelphia Flyers accept apparent Emery’s achievement accelerate badly. Aback we’re talking about a baby cardinal of shots (just over 100 anniversary year), it doesn’t do any adequate to apprehend too heavily into those numbers, but we feel adequate pegging him as beneath the alliance average.

While his controlling gets questioned at times, there’s no agnosticism that Emery is a actual able puck-handling goalie; he has the aggressiveness and adeptness to cull off things a lot of added ‘tenders wouldn’t try. Unfortunately, the marks he assets in that chic are added than annual by his abject assignment in the shootout. Over his career, he’s chock-full beneath than 60 percent of shots against.

Emery will be in affected with the Lightning, a move the Tampa Bay Times Joe Smith letters was fabricated all-important by an abrasion to bounden advancement Andrei Vasilevskiy. He should be a bigger advantage than unimpressive AHLer Kristers Gudlevskis and will appropriately adequate accretion himself alive to a accord to backstop Ben Bishop aback the division starts.

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Tokarski struggled at alike backbone aftermost season, announcement a .911 save allotment in a alliance breadth .922 is average. His numbers in acutely bound assignment in antecedent years are hardly better, and he’s been a adequate AHL goaltender, but he’d go a connected way adjoin cementing his cachet as an NHL amateur if he could advance this number.

Where Tokarski fabricated up for his struggles was on the amends kill, breadth his .909 save allotment came acutely aing to analogous his even-strength assignment and kept his all-embracing save allotment respectable. Still, because we’re talking aloof about over 100 shots in his career, we’ve projected this cardinal to backslide as he plays added minutes.

It’s boxy to be a goaltender on Carey Price’s aggregation for lots of reasons, and one of them is that the amateur is artlessly so adequate at puck-handling that it’s adamantine not to ache in comparison. Tokarski’s additionally been beneath boilerplate in the shootout over his NHL/AHL career.

Listed at aloof 6’0″, Tokarski is a abnormality in a alliance abounding with goaltenders who block out the sun. The abhorrence is that as NHL shooters advance a book on him, they will alpha base his about baby stature. Still, he performed abundantly in his aboriginal abounding aloft alliance season, and his AHL numbers advance there could able-bodied be a amateur here.

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No goalie on this annual is harder to appraise than Hammond. Not abandoned does he accept a bound NHL clue record, but his run in the majors about absolutely contradicts his antecedent assignment in the accessory leagues. He acquaint a august .938 adapted save allotment on 565 even-strength shots. Appropriate afore that, though, he was a sub-0.900 save allotment goalie in the AHL. We’ve autonomous actuality to alloy those two numbers and about peg him as actuality a backup-caliber NHL goalie, but he could be absolutely bigger or worse afterwards absolutely hasty us.

Much like Antti Raanta, the affair isn’t Hammond’s achievement on the amends annihilate but rather the brevity of it. He’s accustomed aloof eight goals on 116 shots amid the approved division and the playoffs, which is brilliant, but it’s aloof not abundant of a clue almanac to await on. Our accommodation has been to aperture him in as aloft boilerplate while we delay and see what happens next.

Hammond’s career assignment in the shootout is as abrupt as his career assignment everywhere else. He was a draft beneath boilerplate in his aboriginal aftertaste of NHL work, but one ambition the added way would accept afflicted that; conversely, he was a draft beneath boilerplate in his AHL time, but one ambition the added way would accept adapted that, too.

This is activity to be a alluring amateur to watch this season. His run aftermost year, which abandoned propelled the Senators into the playoffs, was incredible, and if it’s at all adumbrative of his accurate talent, he’ll be one of the NHL’s best bargains over the advance of his new three-year deal. Of course, he could additionally be earning seven abstracts in the aloft leagues a year from now, too.

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Up until aftermost season, Scrivens’ even-strength numbers were absolutely solid, with the abandoned admonition actuality that he hadn’t absolutely been in the NHL connected abundant to get a aing apprehend on. Afresh aftermost season’s adversity happened, and admitting Scrivens’ struggles, he kept accepting starts on a aggregation with no added adequate options. The catechism now is whether he’s the sub-NHL goaltender that aftermost season’s struggles advance or the abeyant amateur that he’d looked like previously; our acknowledgment is about amid those two extremes.

Scrivens’ penalty-kill numbers took a nosedive in 2014-15, too, but he’d been so adequate in antecedent seasons that his all-embracing absolute is still absolutely strong. He had a antic .906 save allotment while shorthanded in a 2013-14 attack breach amid the Edmonton Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings.

The adequate annual is that Scrivens has been a appealing appropriate shootout goalie, both in the NHL and the AHL, which earns him some credibility here. Breadth he loses credibility is as a puck-handler; he’s not at all adequate aggravating to accomplish a canyon and his controlling needs help.

Plenty of adequate goalies accept had one bad division and rebounded. That’s the claiming for Scrivens now. He has apparent in the able he can be bigger than he was in 2014-15, and he needs to appearance it afresh if he is to acquire accession NHL contract.

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There is a trend band over the aftermost bristles years, and it isn’t good. Over that span, Ward has apparent his even-strength save allotment move steadily bottomward every year, from a aerial point of .929 in 2010-11 all the way bottomward to aloof .913 aftermost year. It’s a affecting drop-off; the aloft cardinal is appropriate of a top-10 starter, while the closing is accepting bottomward to iffy-backup range. That abiding abrasion seems adequate to continue.

Ward’s save allotment on the amends annihilate has mirrored his even-strength abatement for the best part, admitting aftermost year, he was able to about-face the trend with his .881 save allotment comparing agreeably to happier times. That’s the key acumen why aftermost year looked like a bit of a advance attack for him. Ward has been able while short-handed over his career, but the aftermost few seasons accept mostly apparent him bottomward there, too.

The shootout has never been awfully affectionate to Ward; he’s apparent affluence of activity and has consistently collapsed beneath the alliance boilerplate in agreement of endlessly ability, axis a aloof 63 percent of the 131 shots adjoin he’s faced over his career. His puck-moving d seemed to aces up a little aftermost year, but it’s still a connected way from actuality a absolute strength.

This accession is activity to assume acrid to some, but it’s aloof too adamantine to avoid the abiding trend here. Abrasion and, to a basal extent, age (Ward is aloof 31) accept contributed to an abundantly abrupt abatement in achievement over the aftermost half-decade. It’s accessible Ward reverses the trend and makes this bang attending bad, but at this point it’s difficult not to ahead that 2015-16 will aloof be one added footfall in what is now a diffuse adjustment of erosion.

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Raanta is a little bit difficult to get a apprehend on, artlessly because he hasn’t played actual much; he’s abandoned faced 769 shots adjoin at alike backbone in the NHL and acquaint a save allotment hardly south of the alliance average. That pegs him as a reasonable advancement goalie if he can accumulate it up, and his numbers beyond advance that he should be able to administer it.

Raanta has absolutely been absolutely adequate on the amends kill, but as he’s faced beneath than 200 shots absolute over his NHL career, the best analytic affair to apprehend is corruption as he expands on that total. That may not happen, but for now it’s reasonable to peg him as actuality aloof aloft boilerplate in this breadth of the game.

His abandoned NHL abetment doesn’t accomplish it accessible that Raanta is a solid puck-mover, but nevertheless, he’s adequately able of advancing out of the bulge and fielding the bogie competently. The aloft affair can’t be said about shootouts, breadth he’s accustomed nine goals on 18 career shots, admitting that achievement should be taken with a atom of alkali accustomed how baby of a sample it is and the actuality that Raanta has chock-full seven of nine shots in the AHL shootout.

Raanta fabricated the jump to Arctic America afterwards an absurd 2012-13 division in Finland, one in which he not abandoned won a championship but was called both regular-season and playoff MVP. That history hints at abeyant that may yet be absolutely realized, as he’s aloof 26 years of age and looked absolutely bigger aftermost division afterwards a difficult acclimation as a rookie. For now, he’s a backup, but if he gets an opportunity, he may prove himself to be added than that.

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For the best part, approved save allotment and adapted save allotment say added or beneath the aloft thing. One of the few players they conspicuously disagree on is Gibson, who was able-bodied aloft boilerplate in the aloft aftermost year and able-bodied beneath boilerplate already attempt affection was taken into consideration. Still, his assignment at added levels inspires a admeasurement of aggressiveness in his ability.

Gibson has faced beneath than 150 shots amid the approved division and the playoffs while arena shorthanded, so it’s adamantine to get a apprehend on his accurate talent. His after-effects aftermost year were absolutely underwhelming, so we accept tentatively called him as beneath alliance average.

Like every added breadth of his game, the shootout is one for which we abridgement abundant advice to get a aing apprehend on Gibson statistically. With that said, his aboriginal assignment has been impressive; he has angry a added than three-quarters of the affairs he’s faced in the AHL and NHL combined. He’s not decidedly able-bodied accepted as a puck-handling goalie.

Gibson aloof angry 22 over the summer and at this point is able-bodied on his way to a solid aloft alliance career. There is, however, adequate to be a bang or two forth the way, and we shouldn’t necessarily apprehend him to arise as a amateur anon aing season. Naturally, it’s additionally not alfresco the branch of achievability that he progresses added rapidly than we’re bulging here.

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The alarming accuracy for Sabres admirers is that over two connected NHL seasons, Lehner absolutely hasn’t been actual adequate at alike strength. He was beneath boilerplate over 35 amateur in 2013-14 and was abject over 25 amateur in 2014-15. August AHL numbers and flashes from beforehand in his NHL career advance that he can be added than this, but he’ll charge to appearance it and soon.

The amends annihilate has actual abundant been a backbone for Lehner in the aboriginal going, but as with best adolescent goalies, the “too anon to tell” admonition applies actuality because he’s abandoned faced aloof over 400 shots on his career. Still, his assignment is able abundant to hazard a assumption that he’s aloft boilerplate in this area.

Lehner’s bogie abilities get alloyed reviews, but on the whole, he’s apparently a draft bigger in the chic than best NHL goaltenders. His shootout assignment is additionally mixed—strong over a abstinent breadth of time in the AHL and anemic over about the aloft cardinal of shots in the NHL. On balance, he’s apparently aing to average.

One wonders whether there’s a applique in accepted administrator Tim Murray’s appointment about that says article like “Fortune favours the d” or “God hates a coward.” Lehner’s pre-NHL career hints at alarming levels of potential, but his contempo assignment has mostly aloof been scary. Still, the Sabres are at a point in the rebuilding aeon breadth a akin of accident is acceptable, so if anytime there was a time to cycle the dice on a abeyant big win, that time is appropriate now.

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Darling stepped into the NHL acutely out of boilerplate and acquaint a antic .948 save allotment at alike strength. That aggregate is on aloof 327 shots, and we apperceive he won’t break this adequate (he isn’t Dominik Hasek), but the catechism now is how far he drops.

He’s been absolutely adequate over two (short) afterwards AHL seasons above-mentioned to affective up to the majors, so while we accept carefully called him to abatement all the way to advancement country, it is by no agency assertive that his accurate aptitude is that low. We’re still afraid about the mediocrity that has characterized the majority of his able career appropriately far.

He’s faced all of 84 shots on the amends annihilate (between both approved division and playoffs), so this is the actual analogue of a agrarian guess. His numbers are accustomed over a bound span, but again, we’re actuality alert actuality because we artlessly don’t accept abundant of a clue almanac to go on. He could be a beam in the pan.

Darling is a able puck-handler, a aptitude that was on affectation aback he helped Chicago best the Predators in the playoffs aftermost year. His shootout assignment is as coarse as the draft of his resume. He’s a absolute 7-of-7 at the NHL akin but surrendered eight goals on aloof 15 tries in the minors.

When bodies say that goalies are voodoo, players like Darling are who they accept in mind. In 2012-13, he was a characterless goalie who had assuredly clawed out a atom in the ECHL, but afterwards two able performances in the AHL, he begin his way to Chicago and managed to carbon his achievement in the majors. The 6’6” goalie is abandoned 26 years old, and if his anatomy of contempo years persists, he could abruptness with the heights his career reaches.

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It seems odd that a goalie like Neuvirth could accretion the success he did abaft Buffalo’s defence, but 2014-15 may accept been his best acknowledged division at alike strength, as it saw him column a actual admirable .925 save allotment in five-on-five play. Antecedent years are beneath auspicious and advance he’s about a the NHL boilerplate or aloof hardly beneath it.

Where Neuvirth has shone is on the amends kill. He’s been consistently adequate appealing abundant every division of his career; he’s a goalie who is adequate underappreciated by analyses that focus absolutely on even-strength work. His totals biconcave hardly in 2014-15, but for best of his career, he’s been aloft boilerplate to absolutely bigger than that.

Neuvirth isn’t the affectionate of guy who shines in this breadth of our assessment. He’s not a assured puck-handler; in fact, he’s the affectionate of guy who, for the best part, should apparently aloof let his defence anguish about retrieving dump-ins. His shootout assignment isn’t that absorbing either; alike accustomed the “small sample” caveat, he’s adequate beneath average.

In a assertive light, it’s accessible to see Neuvirth as a starting goalie. He’s abandoned 27 years old, and his career numbers are about adequate abundant to qualify. He couldn’t accumulate up his able comedy aback he got his aboriginal absolute attempt at the job with the Washington Capitals, but it’s not alfresco the branch of achievability that he could do added if he’s accustomed a additional chance. For now, though, he’s artlessly a adequate allowance advantage for a aggregation with an injury-prone No. 1 goalie.

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Well, how about that. Afterwards two seasons of announcement after-effects added befitting of a characterless advancement goalie, Pavelec had a accurately able 2014-15 division at evens. His .930 save allotment is the best mark of his career, alike bigger than his assignment aback in 2010-11 aback he was one of the top advancing ‘tenders in the land.

The catechism now is whether he can he do it again. We’ve autonomous for a alert access here, allocation him aloof south of the alliance average, because for all his highs and lows, that’s about appropriate about breadth he ends up.

Pavelec’s able attack connected to the amends kill, breadth his .883 save allotment was calmly his best absolute aback his amateur campaign. There’s a anatomy of assignment that suggests he’s appreciably beneath the alliance average, though, so one able division abandoned goes so far adjoin rehabilitating him in our eyes.

Both as a puck-mover and as a shootout specialist, Pavelec comes in beneath the NHL average. Amid alive goalies, abandoned Minnesota’s Niklas Backstrom has faced at atomic 100 shots adjoin and acquaint a save allotment worse than Pavelec’s .633 in the abilities competition.

Winnipeg hockey admirers accept watched the Jets stubbornly angle by their man through some acutely boxy seasons, so it was nice to see the team’s adherence adored with a absolutely able attack from Pavelec. Now the claiming is repeating aftermost year’s success.

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Greiss doesn’t accept a connected clue almanac at alike strength, but it’s adamantine not to be afflicted by what he’s done. In the four seasons in which he has faced at atomic 250 shots, Greiss has managed (from best contempo on back) .922, .938, .932 and .923 save percentages, suggesting a goalie with above-average abilities in this area. The abandoned mark adjoin him is the about brevity of his clue record—and the actuality that his totals in Sweden and the AHL tended to be underwhelming.

There absolutely isn’t abundant of a sample here; Greiss has faced aloof over 350 shots adjoin while shorthanded in his NHL career. Still, he’s been aloft the alliance average, a actuality that tends to reinforce his able assignment at alike strength.

Greiss has been abundant in the shootout at all levels. In the NHL, he has a .818 save allotment on 33 shots, while in the AHL that cardinal all-overs to .855 on 69 shots against. Alive adjoin him is his assignment as a puck-handler: The beneath he does the bigger off his teams tend to be.

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It would be nice to see Greiss get a attempt at starter’s annual for a stretch, aloof to see what he could do with them. The 29-year-old has been annihilation but admirable in a advancement role aback breaking into the NHL in 2009-10, and he seems like a guy who adeptness abruptness if he got an opportunity.

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Age is a affair here. Niemi had three actual able seasons at alike backbone from 2010 to 2013, the kinds of seasons accepted crammer goalies have. Over the aftermost brace of years, however, his numbers accept fallen, bottomward to aloof beneath boilerplate by approved save allotment and alike a little added south of that already attempt affection is adapted for. We’ve rated him with the apprehension that he rebounds to some degree, but connected abrasion is not out of the question.

Even in his best years, Niemi, for the best part, was an accustomed goaltender on the amends kill. In best cases, his adapted save allotment is lower than his approved save percentage, so it’s adamantine to accomplish a case that the accountability lies with San Jose’s appropriate teams. He’s about not adequate in this category.

Niemi has been accurately ablaze in the shootout over his NHL career, axis a about three out of four shots against; he ranks fifth all time in save allotment amid goalies who accept faced added than 100 shots over their careers. He isn’t a guy his aggregation wants administration the puck, though; the Stars will be well-served if he aloof stays in net.

Dallas fabricated a $13.5 actor bet this summer that over the aing three years Niemi will accommodate solid goaltending. If he gets aback to the anatomy he apparent during his heyday with the Sharks, it will be a actual adequate bet, but our suspicion is that those canicule are in the past. He shouldn’t be bad, at atomic not this year, but the Stars may end up apprehensive whether it was absolutely annual activity out and signing a additional goalie to amateur money.

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Khudobin’s goaltending is a little like a box of chocolates: You never apperceive aloof what you’re activity to get. As a amateur in Boston, he was aloof a draft beneath NHL boilerplate at alike strength. A year later, he acquaint a august .936 save allotment on aloof beneath 900 shots, and it appeared Carolina had begin a abiding starter. Finally, the animal .903 even-strength save allotment he acquaint aftermost division was about what one would apprehend from a characterless AHL call-up.

Put it all together, and our assumption of his aptitude is article hardly south of the alliance average, but actual little would t us off bouncer at this point.

One breadth Khudobin has consistently excelled (with the accepted admonition that he’s faced beneath than 400 shots in his career) is the amends kill. Alike aftermost year, aback the draft of his d was in tatters, he managed to column a actual adequate .891 save percentage.

A able shootout goalie in the AHL, Khudobin has angry a 102 of 145 shots adjoin at that level, adequate for a .703 save percentage. He’s been alike bigger than that in the NHL, acceptance aloof three goals adjoin on 19 shots. His limitations as a puck-handler accompany his brand bottomward in this category, however.

Khudobin’s approaching is a little uncertain, as he joins an Anaheim aggregation that already has two adequate goaltending options. Teams will be afraid about dupe him afterwards aftermost season, but he’s a adequate accident as a advancement and adeptness abruptness bodies with his adeptness if he’s accustomed accession adventitious to alpha a agglomeration of games.

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In several of the above-mentioned slides, we affected on the adversity in assessing adolescent goalies. A amateur who looks absolutely adequate on his aboriginal 1,000 shots can attending abject on his aing 1,000 and accretion his way out of the league. So we’re actuality alert with Hutchinson’s assignment so far, which is able but abandoned comes on 806 shots against. In his favour is a able clue almanac in the AHL, however, which increases the likelihood that he has the abeyant to be a full-timer in the NHL.

Hutchinson’s penalty-killing sample is alike abate than his even-strength work—and appropriately alike tougher to judge. He came in beneath the NHL boilerplate aftermost season, and for these purposes, we’ve affected he’s aloof hardly beneath boilerplate in this area.

Puck-handling is a absolute backbone in Hutchinson’s game, admitting the casual high-profile error. He’s additionally been absolutely able in the shootout at both the AHL and NHL level.

The abandoned affair absolutely defective actuality is experience. If the 25-year-old Hutchinson can accumulate on the way he’s started, he’ll authorize himself as an NHL amateur in no time.

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Much as was the case with Enroth, a boxy division has aching Reimer’s aggregate in this department. In 2014-15, he played 35 amateur and acquaint a black .913 save allotment at alike strength, which is bordering advancement territory. That accomplishment comes on the heels of four above-mentioned seasons during which time he mostly able aloof arctic of the alliance average. Our archetypal weighs contempo abstracts hardly added than that beforehand data, and that affairs actuality because a abounding appearance has him as a hardly below-average goalie at alike strength, while a appearance that treats all seasons appropriately has him aloof bigger than average.

Much like his even-strength work, for the best part, Reimer’s time on the amends annihilate has apparent him hover about the NHL average. The 2011-12 division was appealing barbarous (.805 save percentage), but as he abandoned faced 154 shots that year, it’s adamantine to counterbalance that too heavily. On balance, his almanac suggests he’s aloof hardly beneath boilerplate in this department.

Reimer has been an above-average shootout goalie for the majority of his NHL career, and he was ablaze in the minors. He’s a adequate advantage to accept amid the pipes if a d extends able overtime. His assignment administration the puck, however, is best larboard unmentioned.

There’s an “eye of the beholder” aspect to Reimer’s game, and the flashes he’s apparent at credibility in his career advance he could yet arise as a starter. Our appearance actuality is that it’s best adequate that he’s a 1B goaltender, the affectionate of amateur who is an above-average advancement and who teams don’t apperception aptitude on if an abrasion takes bottomward the starter.

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The 25-year-old Allen has fabricated some big strides aback a somewhat black NHL admission in 2012-13. He blossomed into an aristocratic goalie at the AHL akin (33-16-3, .928 save percentage) in 2013-14 and this able division appeared in 37 aloft alliance games, announcement a admirable .920 even-strength save percentage. Our archetypal penalizes him a bit for his abominable assignment in the lockout year, but on the whole, he should be admired as absolutely promising.

As with all adolescent goalies, the affair actuality is sample size. Allen’s been able on the amends annihilate during his time with the Blues (save for a bleep in aftermost year’s playoffs), but for now, we’ve abandoned apparent him bottomward as hardly bigger than boilerplate while we delay to see what administration his numbers booty already he faces added shots.

Allen’s shootout assignment in the NHL is strong, but he’s abandoned faced 17 shots at that level, so it’s annual attractive to his assignment in the minors. There, he’s been aloft boilerplate (0.696 save percentage) on over 100 shots. He’s additionally a able puck-mover.

There’s actual little agnosticism that Allen is activity to accept an NHL career, but the catechism charcoal as to how aerial his beam is. His development over the aftermost brace of years suggests he has amateur potential.

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The abandonment of Ryan Miller assuredly opened up a adventitious for Enroth to affirmation a starter’s job, and abominably for the 27-year-old, things aloof didn’t go his way in Buffalo. Afterwards four beeline seasons of adequately able NHL netminding, Enroth regressed in 2014-15, announcement a characterless .915 save allotment at alike strength. It adeptness be that he aloof had an off year, but because our archetypal places the best accent on contempo data—and because 2014-15 was the year in which Enroth saw the best action—we’ve autonomous to abode him appropriate about the alliance average.

Enroth’s save allotment on the amends annihilate over his career is beneath the alliance average, but not outrageously so. However, adapted save allotment paints the annual of a goalie who faced beneath alarming shots while shorthanded than is archetypal league-wide.

He may not be all that adequate at administration the puck, but aback the shootout rolls around, Enroth is absolutely adequate at endlessly it. He has a actual able .757 save allotment on 70 shots adjoin over his NHL career, and his .732 save allotment on 71 career shots in the AHL suggests that isn’t a fluke.

Enroth’s accession one of these guys who adeptness ultimately arise as a starting goalie. It’s somewhat apropos that he struggled aback accustomed a bigger workload. Also, he stands at aloof 5’10”, so the abhorrence is that already NHL shooters see a lot of him, he’ll be exposed. Still, he’s abandoned 27, and it’s absolutely accessible that he could use a adequate achievement in Los Angeles as a springboard to accession able at a No. 1 job about else.

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The acutely unstoppable advancement aisle of Jones adjourned a little aftermost season. The undrafted goalie affected his way into the NHL with four ablaze seasons at the AHL level, and as a amateur in 2013-14, he wowed with a .947 save allotment on 375 shots. Admitting the abbreviate clue record, he bound became one of the game’s best heralded adolescent goalies.

Last season, though, his save allotment fell able-bodied aback of the NHL average, and his adapted save allotment was a half-point beneath that. Our angle is that all those years in the AHL beggarly something, admitting clashing the San Jose Sharks, we’re actuality bourgeois in our expectations.

Jones’ abrupt career killing penalties at the NHL akin hasn’t been actual impressive, but he’s accession archetype of how adamantine it is to get a aing apprehend on a player’s adeptness aboriginal into his career. We’ve defaulted to appraisement him hardly beneath average.

Puck-handling acclimated to be a notable weakness for Jones, and while it still isn’t a accurate strength, it’s bigger than it already was. His NHL shootout assignment has been superb—he’s angry a 17 of 18 shots—but shouldn’t be trusted at this point because his AHL assignment is beneath impressive. This is, afterwards all, the aloft goalie who accustomed 13 goals on 24 shots for Maner in 2012-13. That was an abnormality from three adequate years, but alike so, it’s a adequate admonition as to the animation of shootout stats.

One absolutely important affair to accumulate in apperception with Jones is that it’s important not to draft his ablaze alpha in the NHL. His bush assignment was strong, yes, but so is that of accession like the No. 49 goalie on this list, Jacob Markstrom. Two analogously able goalies can put up actual altered after-effects over a amplitude of 400 shots, and the board is actual abundant still out on whether Jones is anytime activity to be a able starting goalie in the majors. That’s not to say he won’t, aloof that he may or may not.

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The key catechism with Elliott is to what aggregate he’s a able goalie in his own appropriate and to what aggregate he has been buoyed by arena abaft a actual appalling Ken Hitchcock-coached defence in St. Louis. His even-strength save allotment has been aloft the alliance boilerplate in anniversary of the aftermost three seasons, but in all of those campaigns, he came in beneath the NHL boilerplate in adapted save percentage, sometimes by a cogent amount. Our acceptance is that he’s apparently a hardly below-average even-strength goalie actuality helped by a adequate team.

Outside of a bleep during the lockout-shortened 2013 campaign, Elliott’s save percentages on the amends annihilate accept been strong—at times absurdly so—during the absoluteness of his career in St. Louis. In 2013-14, for example, he accustomed aloof seven goals on 99 shots over 26 games, and alike aftermost year, his .883 save allotment was able-bodied arctic of the alliance average.

Elliott is the actual analogue of a middling goalie in added areas. He turns a two out of three shots he faces in the shootout, and like Maxwell Smart afterwards a gun, he’s not absolutely amateur with the puck.

There absolutely isn’t that abundant amid Elliott from a lot of added players on this list, including advancement goaltender Jake Allen. He had a glorious, unrepeatable year his aboriginal division in St. Louis and got a best attending with an aristocratic arresting aggregation as a result. The end aftereffect has been that he’s provided the Blues with competent goaltending and done so for a bashful cap hit, according to Accepted Fanager. It is an adjustment that has formed out analytic able-bodied for both parties.

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Like a lot of the bigger adolescent goalies on this list, Mrazek has acquaint able after-effects in the NHL, but he hasn’t done it connected abundant for us to be absolutely abiding as to what his accurate aptitude akin is. Sure, that .931 even-strength save allotment aftermost year looks good, but it’s based on all of 548 shots. What is somewhat abating is Mrazek’s able clue almanac at added levels. He won a championship in the AHL and was a able goalie for three seasons there. He was additionally called the best goalie at the 2012 World Junior Championship. These are able credibility of affirmation in his favour.

Mrazek’s numbers while shorthanded are good, but the sample admeasurement is so baby as to be about inconsequential. Our absence acknowledgment in these situations is to activity the amateur as actuality aloof the atomic bigger than alliance average.

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One of the notable advantages that Mrazek joins on his antagonism for starts, Jimmy Howard, is that he’s a superb puck-handler. It seems to be a allotment of the d he takes to intuitively. It’s added difficult to be assertive about his shootout ability, but he’s been boilerplate over 18 shots in the NHL and bigger than boilerplate over 54 shots in the minors, so at this point it seems adequate that the abilities antagonism at atomic isn’t a weakness.

The goaltending action in Detroit could able-bodied be a adventure that gets absorption all season. Howard, the adept incumbent, has opened the aperture with anemic stretches over the aftermost two seasons, and in 2014-15, Mrazek fabricated aloft advance adjoin burglary the job. He assertive then-coach Mike Babcock to alpha him in the postseason, and new drillmaster Jeff Blashill has had him for years in the minors, so there’s activity to be acquaintance there.

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Ramo’s acknowledgment to Arctic America has gone abundant bigger than his aboriginal assignment on this ancillary of the Atlantic did. He’s had two analytic able seasons for Calgary, assuming appropriate about the alliance boilerplate in both years (a draft beneath according to approved save allotment and appealing abundant bang-on according to adapted save percentage). Accustomed the three able KHL campaigns he had appropriate afore aing the Flames, we like his affairs of continuing to comedy well.

With aloof 250 shots to attending at over his two seasons aback advancing to Alberta, it’s adamantine to get a aing apprehend one way or the added on this goalie’s quality. He’s been aloof a beard aloft the NHL boilerplate overall.

Ramo’s shootout assignment has been underwhelming, admitting too abrupt to apprehend too abundant into. He’s not decidedly able affective the puck, either.

There are a lot of admonition that Ramo’s career could go from here. The 29-year-old could appropriate the starting job in Calgary this division and adhere assimilate it for the aing half-decade. He could additionally comedy ailing and accident actuality assuredly casting as a backup.

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After three aberrant seasons in Arizona and one august playoff run, Smith’s numbers imploded in 2014-15. His .912 even-strength save allotment aftermost division was about backup-level quality, and it was alike added beauteous because in the antecedent years (.927 in 2013-14, .924 in ’12-13 and .937 in ’11-12), Smith had calmly austere the league-average mark, which tends to be in the .922 range. The key catechism now is whether the 33-year-old Smith can about-face this decline. We’re action that he can, admitting his canicule of actuality advised a high-end amateur are adequate numbered.

A few freakishly adequate years aboriginal in Smith’s career on the amends annihilate fabricated him arise to be bigger than the alliance average, but the basal fell out in 2012-13, and over the aftermost two seasons, he’s been aloof OK. Demography into annual his able assignment aboriginal on in his career, we can accord him adequate but not abundant marks here.

Whatever abroad Smith is, he’s ablaze with the puck. He’s one of a scattering of aristocratic puck-moving goalies—the guy a aggregation wants retrieving dump-ins and authoritative complicated passes. But while Smith gets abounding marks for his assignment with the puck, his assignment in the shootout undermines his case; his career save allotment of .634 on 175 shots adjoin is one of the affliction marks of any alive goalie.

Smith’s able assuming in acceptable gold at the World Championships this summer (eight amateur played, .930 save percentage) had to arise as a abatement to the Coyotes. He is beneath adjustment for four added seasons at a $5.67 actor cap hit, according to Accepted Fanager, and it would be a adversity for cash-strapped Arizona if he wasn’t able to bear at atomic a adequate achievement at this date of the deal.

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There’s a adjustment to Miller’s comedy at alike strength, and it’s one thta should afflict the Canucks. In 2008-09, he hit his aiguille even-strength save percentage, a august .929. The aing four years saw him break in that range, bottomward aloof a draft anniversary and every year. In 2013-14, Buffalo dealt him to St. Louis and his save allotment slipped to aloof beneath alliance average, bottomward to .920. Aftermost season, his aboriginal in Vancouver, saw added erosion, bottomward to .914.

There are two altered means to attending at that trend. The aboriginal is that he’s had some adversity adapting to new teams, but the aggregate of his assignment the aftermost bristles years is exemplary. The additional is that he’s 35, and the bluff looms. As amenable prognosticators, we’ve staked out some boilerplate arena in this projection.

One absolute Vancouver can attending to is that Miller’s able assignment while his aggregation is shorthanded has connected unabated. Year over year, Miller consistently provides his team’s amends annihilate with affection goaltending, at times falling bottomward to aloof league-average akin but about advancing in several credibility aloft it. In 2009-10, aback he won the Vezina Trophy, he managed a antic (and ultimately unsustainable) .922 save percentage, and while those canicule are gone, he’s still a adequate option.

Penalty shots assume to be accession Miller specialty. Of the 284 he’s faced over his NHL career, he has managed a actual able .715 save percentage, allowance his teams to a accumulated 52-30 record. As far as administration the bogie goes, Miller about knows that he has limitations and lives aural them.

This is the affectionate of anticipation that could attending bad at the end of the year, because, aback annual the tea leaves a assertive way, Miller’s in for a abrupt decline. Our appearance is that Miller was still a ablaze goalie the day Buffalo traded him to St. Louis all of 18 months ago and that his slump with the Blues and one poor year in Vancouver aren’t abundant to outweigh all the adequate assignment that preceded it.

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Another goalie with a about abbreviate clue record, Abridgement is closing in on 2,000 shots adjoin over his career, and based on adapted save percentage, he has been either alliance boilerplate or aloof bigger than that. We’ve graded him actuality as aloof the atomic bit south of that mark because we haven’t absolutely apparent abundant to be absolutely assertive he’s absolutely bigger than the alliance average, admitting we’re optimistic.

Lack has acquaint able numbers in this administration over his career, admitting the sample is abbreviate abundant that for now we’re aloof allocation him as a beard bigger than average.

Lack grades out to aloof a draft aloft boilerplate here. We like his assignment in the shootout at both the NHL and AHL levels, but characterless puck-handling holds him aback a little bit.

It’s barefaced why Vancouver traded Lack, but it absolutely isn’t a accommodation that we would accept acquainted adequate with in accepted administrator Jim Benning’s shoes. For now, we accept Abridgement aloof hardly advanced of his aloft assistant Ryan Miller, and accustomed the alterity in age, we ahead the gap accession in the future.

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Talbot’s been absolutely adequate at alike strength, and with added than 1,300 shots adjoin over his career, it’s added adequate he’s accurately able and not aloof a middling goaltender on a hot streak. Aftermost division saw his numbers backslide from his awfully adequate amateur campaign, but alike so, a .930 save allotment at alike backbone is annihilation to affront at. The one alarming point is that his almanac at lower levels is ordinary; alfresco of his assignment in 2012-13, none of his AHL seasons point to NHL-starter potential.

Readers will be accustomed with the assignment by now: Talbot’s shorthanded numbers, like endless added goalies on this list, are good, but the sample is baby abundant that we can’t await on the numbers too heavily. Our acting appraisal is that he’s hardly bigger than the alliance average.

One of the strengths of Talbot’s d is his puck-moving ability, a accomplishment that assorted him absolutely to longtime New York Rangers amateur Henrik Lundqvist. His shootout abilities are adamantine to barometer because he hasn’t apparent that abounding shots, but what we’ve apparent hasn’t been anytime impressive.

There’s an aspect of accident here, but Talbot’s even-strength numbers are so adequate that it’s accessible to accept why the Oilers acquainted rolling the dice on him was worthwhile. We’ll accept a abundant bigger abstraction of breadth he slots aing year afterwards he plays 50-odd amateur in Edmonton.

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After a august amateur season, Andersen was handed the starting job in 2014-15 and put in a adequate but not awfully absorbing achievement at alike strength. By approved save percentage, he came in aloof beneath the alliance average, and his adjusted-save-percentage cardinal was hardly worse than that. If he recaptures his amateur form, he’ll ascend up this list, but for now, he’s neither a backward nor a standout.

While alike backbone hasn’t been awfully affectionate to Andersen, he was ablaze for the additional afterwards year while killing penalties. His .884 save allotment in 2014-15 was able-bodied aloft the barometer for the NHL and his assignment in his aloft alliance admission the division above-mentioned was bigger still.

One breadth breadth Andersen excels is as a puck-mover. He’s apparently still a draft beneath the aristocratic akin in this category, but he’s absolutely adequate and is still young. He hasn’t played abundant amateur to get a aing apprehend on his shootout work, but what we’ve apparent to date in the NHL and AHL is on the underwhelming side.

Andersen seems like a able goalie and a abeyant abiding starter, but he can’t allow any slips. John Gibson is one of the highest-rated goalie affairs in the d and is accepted to be a No. 1 goaltender at some point in his career, while adept newcomer Anton Khudobin shouldn’t be accounting off, either.

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In bristles of six seasons with the Stars, Lehtonen has acquaint boilerplate or better-than-average save percentages; he’s looked every inch a accepted starting goalie. The barring was aftermost year, aback every goalie who played in Dallas got lit up and Lehtonen’s save allotment abandoned 14 points. Because he’s abandoned 30, we’ve projected him to animation back.

Lehtonen isn’t the best affair aback accelerate aliment on the amends kill, but he’s been consistently adequate over his NHL career, assuming at appropriate about the alliance average.

If we bisect shootouts and puck-handling into abstracted categories, Lehtonen array a four out of bristles in both. He’s absolutely adequate at affective the bogie but is aloof a draft beneath the aristocratic level. He’s additionally abundant in the shootout but, again, is aloof hardly south of the NHL’s aristocratic goaltenders.

The Stars acutely don’t allotment our aggressiveness in their bounden starter—or they wouldn’t accept gone out and spent big money on Antti Niemi. Our acceptance is that the aggregation is overreacting to one bad year and that Lehtonen will recover.

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Outside of an injury- and lockout-shortened 2013 campaign, Halak’s clue almanac as an even-strength goalie is calmly at a No. 1 level. He was ablaze with the Montreal Canadiens, absolutely adequate in St. Louis and was able in his aboriginal year with the New York Islanders.

Halak’s contempo assignment on the amends annihilate has not been decidedly impressive, but that’s counterbalanced out by a connected run of able performances beforehand in his career. On balance, he’s apparently hardly bigger than best goalies in the game.

The shootout is neither a notable backbone nor a accurate weakness for Halak; he stops shooters at a aloof hardly above-average rate. Puck-handling is accession story. Retrieving dump-ins and authoritative apple-pie passes to his defencemen isn’t a accomplishment that avalanche in Halak’s wheelhouse.

Of the abounding moves that accepted administrator Garth Snow fabricated in the 2014 offseason, the accretion of Halak may accept been the best pivotal. Above-mentioned to his arrival, the Islanders were actuality kneecapped by an underwhelming casting in net, and at a bashful cap hit ($4.5 million, per Accepted Fanager), he has asleep that weakness.

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When Mason aback begin his anatomy afterwards a barter to Philadelphia in 2013, we were agnostic that it had any value; afterwards all, it’s not aberrant for poor goalies to comedy able-bodied over abbreviate stretches. Aback he backed it up with a able achievement in 2013-14, we looked at his .920 adapted save allotment and called him as still falling south of the alliance average.

Then aftermost year, Mason was artlessly glorious, announcement a antic .941 adapted save allotment and bedfast apprehension that what had happened in Columbus should apparently be larboard in Columbus. We haven’t abandoned that black affiliate of his career entirely, but his rehabilitation has artlessly been too abundant to ignore.

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Mason’s able assignment aftermost division did not extend to the amends kill, breadth he acquaint a afflictive .846 save percentage. He’s been up and bottomward over the advance of his career.

This breadth of our appraisal is a abstraction in contrasts. Mason hasn’t been a adequate shootout goalie; he’s bottomward in Ondrej Pavelec and Cam Ward country as one of the league’s affliction alive goalies in the discipline. Breadth he excels is in affective the puck; he’s one of the best goalies in the d at it.

He’s been about acutely forever, and so it’s accessible to balloon that Mason is aloof 27 years old. His time in Philadelphia has been awful successful, and while Dejected Jackets admirers can be forgiven for accepting their doubts, it appears Mason is now a bona fide No. 1 goaltender.

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In a alliance breadth the boilerplate save allotment has trended adjoin .922 in contempo years, Hiller consistently comes in aloft that number. Alfresco of 2011-12, breadth a 72-game workload (including affluence of back-to-back games) aching his numbers, Hiller has never had an adapted save allotment south of .925.

Hiller is one goaltender who absolutely suffers from our admittance of added categories. He’s been beneath boilerplate on the amends annihilate for years, and the basal fell out aftermost season. Some of that adequate had to do with his team, but there’s abandoned so abundant of his abject .814 save allotment we can accredit to added parties.

It would be accessible abundant to archetype and adhesive the Halak description from the antecedent slide. Like the Isles’ No. 1, Hiller is competent in the shootout but hasn’t been decidedly ablaze at it. Additionally like Halak, he isn’t adequate at affective the puck.

Although he’s weaker in some of the added areas we’ve considered, Hiller is absolutely adequate at aloof endlessly the bogie at alike strength, and that’s the affection of any goalie assessment. The Flames’ accommodation to absorb Ramo (a solid goalie in his own right) suggests a assertive abridgement of acceptance in their starter, but barring a collapse, there’s no acumen to ahead Hiller’s annihilation beneath than a middle-tier No. 1 goaltender.

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Howard has had some black stretches the aftermost two seasons, and in 2014-15, he fell beneath the NHL boilerplate in agreement of adapted save allotment for the aboriginal time in four years. The 31-year-old could be in abatement as a goaltender, but he was ablaze in both 2011-12 and 2012-13 and was still calmly an NHL amateur in 2013-14. We’ve docked him some credibility for aftermost year, but we like his affairs of rebounding.

The abasement of Howard’s d aftermost division wasn’t bedfast to alike strength, as he acquaint the affliction adapted save allotment of his career while shorthanded. He’s been adequate at this for years, though, and we apprehend him to be aloft boilerplate already afresh in 2015-16.

“Generic NHL goaltender” is how we adeptness call Howard here. Admitting some well-chronicled struggles in the shootout in contempo years, Howard absolutely played acutely able-bodied in the abilities antagonism over the aboriginal few seasons of his NHL career. And while he’s no Petr Mrazek at affective the puck, compared to his aeon beyond the league, he’s adequately average.

Howard has spent years proving he is a able No. 1 NHL goaltender. That acceptability took a cogent draft aftermost season, and his job is now in danger. But the activity actuality is that he should still be admired as a competent starter.

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Luongo’s acknowledgment to Florida coincided with a cogent bang in his save percentage. Adjusting for attempt affection lets some of the air out of his tires, admitting he still comes in at the akin we would apprehend from a No. 1 goalie. Alike so, the aftermost three years accept apparent a abatement from the canicule aback he was a absolutely aristocratic starter, and as he ages, that abatement will continue.

Typically, Luongo comes in a the NHL boilerplate on the amends kill, and as afresh as 2013-14, he was outperforming that average. Age-related abrasion is activity to abide to dent abroad at his continuing here, too.

Remember way aback aback then-Islanders GM Mike Milbury dumped a adolescent Luongo in favour of Rick DiPietro? It’s fun to brainstorm on the aggregate to which puck-handling played into that decision, as DiPietro was arch at it and Luongo is about a the basal of the alliance in agreement of his ability. He’s additionally aloof an accustomed shootout goalie.

At age 34, Luongo is still blind in there as an NHL starter, and that’s absolutely not too hasty accustomed how adequate he was in his heyday. As the abatement is bit-by-bit and intermittent, he apparently still has several adequate years larboard in him.

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A late-season swan dive has aloft some questions about Bernier’s approaching in Toronto, but the advantage of affirmation is still durably on his side. Alike aftermost year, he managed a admirable .923 save allotment at five-on-five, and that’s a cardinal that pales in allegory to his standout assignment in his Maple Leafs debut. His time in the Kings’ arrangement doesn’t aching his cause, either.

Bernier has been anxiously aloft boilerplate over his NHL career aback his aggregation has been bottomward a man. He’s been decidedly adequate aback advancing to Ontario.

Bernier’s career NHL numbers in the shootout are so bad that we should be around assertive that they’ll improve. He has an animal .582 save allotment on 67 career shots. He was bigger in the minors, but at this point we should apparently never apprehend this to be a strength. His assignment administration the bogie is a altered story, though. Bernier’s absolutely adequate at it, and for our purposes, this balances out his skills-competition problems.

So far, ex-general administrator Dave Nonis’ accommodation to accompany in Bernier from Los Angeles is attractive like a astute one. As he’s aloof 27 years old, it’s reasonable to apprehend Bernier to accommodate the Leafs with competent starting annual for some time to come.

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We struggled with this one because Rinne’s assignment over his aboriginal three seasons as a starting goalie was amazing by any metric. Superficially, his numbers accept backward aerial (save for an injury-plagued 2013-14) but adapted save allotment suggests that abundant of the acclaim charge go to the aggregation in advanced of Rinne.

Taking attempt affection into account, 2014-15 was the aboriginal time in four seasons that he managed to beat the alliance average. We’ve strived to accretion a antithesis that gives Rinne acclaim for his able numbers but at the aloft time acknowledges the abundant defence that has accurate him.

What does assume accurate is that Rinne is a benefaction to the Predator amends kill. His numbers accept ashen a little over the aftermost three seasons, but we’re abandoned talking about 500-odd shots, and his assignment over a beyond cardinal above-mentioned to that was exemplary.

While we’ve bidding some skepticism actuality about Rinne’s even-strength puck-stopping ability, we aren’t in any agnosticism about his assignment in these added areas of the game. He’s a ablaze puck-mover who is one of a scattering of aristocratic goalies in the alliance in this area. He’s additionally actual adequate in the shootout.

This is activity to be black for those who, with some justification, see Rinne as a top-10 starter, but we couldn’t absolutely get able how abundant his adapted save allotment differed from his official numbers. There’s no agnosticism that during his time with Nashville the Preds accept had a awful able defence and accept about played a bourgeois appearance of game, so conceivably it would be added hasty if that had not had an impact.

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It’s bent how abundant the alliance attenuated Dubnyk afterwards one bad campaign. For three seasons, he provided the hapless Edmonton Oilers with actual able comedy at evens, including as a No. 1 ‘tender in 2013. One bad year and he was arrangement to demography a arrangement accord with the Coyotes. Aftermost division was still an abnormality in abounding ways, and Dubnyk’s .933 adapted save allotment represented a career-best number. But it absolutely wasn’t that far off what he did in Edmonton for so abounding years.

In accession to what, on the whole, has been able assignment at evens, Dubnyk has provided adequate aggregate on the amends kill. His save allotment in shorthanded situations is one of the best amid goalies to face as abounding shots as he has.

Where Dubnyk loses credibility is in added areas of the game. He’s not decidedly able at administration the bogie and is about able in the shootout.

In some ways, the Agrarian had a boxy accommodation to accomplish with Dubnyk this summer aback they alive him to a six-year contract. In others, they didn’t. In four of the aftermost bristles seasons, he’s been a actual adequate goaltender—and about in arduous circumstances.

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Many will absolutely be afraid to see Fleury so aerial on this list, but it isn’t his even-strength assignment that is alive this positioning. That’s not to say he’s bad; in four of the aftermost bristles seasons, he’s been at atomic a adequate amateur and in best years he’s been bigger than that. But this allotment of his d isn’t decidedly admirable by No. 1-goalie standards.

What an even-strength assay of Fleury misses are his able numbers on the amends annihilate over the years. In three of the aftermost four seasons, he’s acquaint a .900 save allotment or better, which is phenomenal, and he’s abandoned a draft beneath that for his career. Abandoned one abiding amateur in the alliance has done bigger during that aggregate (Semyon Varlomov).

Also absent in any even-strength assay are Fleury’s able accreditation in added areas of the game. He’s a adequate puck-mover, admitting conceivably not absolutely at the akin of some added goalies in the game. He’s additionally spectacularly adequate in the shootout; no alive goalie who has apparent added than 100 shots has a bigger career save allotment than Fleury’s .751.

Pittsburgh’s much-maligned amateur isn’t absolutely the according to the hypere he got aboriginal in his career, but this assay suggests he charcoal a appealing adequate best as a No. 1 goaltender.

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We’re closing in on a decade of Anderson agilely accouterment his teams with ablaze goaltending. His assignment over three seasons with Florida as a advancement was admirable and becoming him a attempt at starting annual with the Colorado Avalanche. He delivered aboriginal but stumbled in his additional year and was unceremoniously dumped on Ottawa, breadth he’s been able anytime since.

Not to be disregarded is Anderson’s able assignment on the amends kill, which has exceeded the NHL boilerplate in six of the aftermost seven seasons and has at times gusted to the absurdly good, such as in 2013, aback he managed a .925 save allotment while shorthanded.

In accession to his claim as a puck-stopper, Anderson has adeptness as a puck-mover. He’s not absolutely on the aloft akin as the game’s best casual goalies but he can retrieve a bogie and handle it with aplomb. The shootout is one breadth breadth he avalanche to aloof average, axis a two of three shots he faces.

At age 34 and with a advantageous pay raise, it is conceivably unrealistic to apprehend that Anderson will accommodate Ottawa with the aloft akin of aggregate that he did on his aftermost contract. Accustomed that his aftermost adjustment was one of the abundant bargains in NHL goaltending (three years, $12.6 million), that’s not necessarily a criticism, however. It will be annual advantageous absorption to see if and aback Anderson’s d starts slipping, but for the time being, he’s a adequate bet to abide accouterment the Sens with affection starts.

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Quick’s save allotment is frequently criticized, about by analytics types who feel he doesn’t accord in the aloft chic as the game’s absolutely aristocratic goalies. There’s accuracy in that, but in all the focus on what he isn’t, it’s additionally accessible to balloon what he is. In three of the aftermost four seasons (a black 2012-13 attack excepted), Quick has acquaint actual able even-strength save-percentage numbers, alike already these are adapted for attempt quality. He may not be great, but he is actual good, and his playoff numbers accept been superb.

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Over the able three seasons, Quick has managed a .884 save allotment while shorthanded, which is a actual admirable cardinal and able-bodied aloft the alliance average. It is annual acquainted that his totals accept ashen somewhat in contempo years.

Slightly aloft boilerplate in the shootout and hardly beneath boilerplate as a puck-handler, Quick’s achievement in these areas of the d doesn’t decidedly advice or aching him in our assessment.

We’ve congenital Quick’s outstanding career assignment in the postseason into our appraisal here, and as a result, we amount him absolutely college than agnate analyses that abandoned use regular-season numbers. Alike so, his regular-season comedy has at times aloof been ordinary. We like him bigger than best starting options but are not able to rank him with the scattering of the NHL’s aristocratic goalies at this point.

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The 2014-15 division wasn’t too affectionate too Bobrovsky. His adapted save allotment slipped bottomward to .921, which isn’t decidedly adequate for a No. 1 goalie. Of course, that achievement comes on the heels of .929 and .938 showings for the Dejected Jackets, so it doesn’t do to get too formed up about it. It’s additionally annual acquainted that as a amateur in Philadelphia, Bobrovsky managed a .927 adapted save allotment over 54 games, so the Flyers should accept had some clue as to his abeyant aback they alien him away.

As is accepted in this breadth of our rankings, Bobrovsky’s career assignment on the amends annihilate is absolutely strong. It’s the one breadth of his d breadth his numbers accept bigger aback his aboriginal division with Columbus.

Bobrovsky is adequate in all areas aback it comes to endlessly pucks, and this seems to administer to the shootout, too, breadth his .725 save allotment impresses. He’s beneath able at affective the bogie to his defencemen, though.

Fears that Bobrovsky would prove clumsy to carbon his Vezina-winning about-face in the lockout-shortened 2012-13 division accept been borne out to some degree, but he’s arise boilerplate aing to a absolute collapse. In fact, his assignment aback has helped authorize him as a top-10 NHL goalie.

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Crawford conceivably doesn’t get abundant acclaim for his solid assignment at alike strength. Except for a difficult 2011-12 campaign, he has managed .928, .933, .924 and, best recently, a 0.931 adapted save allotment at five-on-five for the Blackhawks. The aloft 2011-12 attack can’t aloof be brushed aside, but four out of bristles years at that able akin is article best NHL teams would adulation to get from their starter.

Part of the acumen Crawford doesn’t get that acclaim is because his numbers on the amends annihilate haven’t been actual good. Of the top 15 goalies on this list, the ones who we adeptness accede above-average starters, none accept a beneath absorbing save allotment than Crawford’s .865 over the aftermost bristles seasons.

In adverse with his assignment shorthanded, Crawford has helped the Blackhawks the aftermost few seasons with a able achievement in shootout situations. He has angry a 72.2 percent of the shots he’s faced, which is abundant bigger than best goalies manage. He’s hardly beneath boilerplate as a puck-handler.

It’s accurate that the aggregation in advanced of Crawford deserves best of the acclaim for Chicago’s two championships in the aftermost three years, but it’s additionally accurate that Crawford has been appreciably added than a bald commuter over the advance of those runs. He’s a able goaltender in his own right.

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If there’s a catch in agreement Varlamov this high, it’s not because he isn’t able of absolutely abundant performances. Rather, it’s because he’s additionally able of decidedly banal outings. Twice in the aftermost four seasons, Varlamov’s even-strength save allotment has collapsed alarmingly beneath the NHL average. The aggregate of his assignment has been great, but those slip-ups can abort absolute seasons.

Varlamov’s .941 save allotment on the amends annihilate aftermost division isn’t absolutely cogitating of his accurate talent—nobody is consistently that adequate at alike strength, let abandoned aback bottomward a man—but it does put a bit of an assertion point on a career breadth he’s been bigger than average.

The shootout has been a backbone for Varlamov over his career, with the Russian goalie axis a about three-quarters of the shots he faces. He’s beneath able as a puck-handler, admitting he does accept a bashful akin of adeptness at it.

Overall, in three of the aftermost four seasons, Varlamov has been a adequate starting goalie, and at the age of 27, there’s no acumen to apprehend a abatement any time soon. 

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No goalie in our top 10 has a worse mark in this chic than Bishop. It’s not that he’s been bad, but aftermost division his adapted save allotment was a actual accustomed .922. He was bigger than that in the playoffs and was additionally bigger than that in his aboriginal division as a starter, but there’s not absolutely abundant actuality for us to feel adequate proclaiming him to be added than aloof adequate at alike strength.

The abandoned affair with Bishop on the amends annihilate is that, ideally, we’d like to see a beyond anatomy of work; he’s faced abandoned 800 shots over the advance of his NHL career. He’s been actual adequate and consistently so year to year, though, so we’re adequate giving him able marks here.

Outside of his size, the added affection that was accessible appropriate from the get-go with Bishop was his abundance akin in administration the puck. He’s one of those attenuate goalies who can accomplish an aperture canyon all by himself, and that makes activity difficult for opposing forecheckers. His .705 shootout save allotment is additionally actual respectable.

We adeptness appellation Bishop a “complete” goaltender. His even-strength numbers are adequate but not great, but he makes up for it in added areas of the game. He backstops the amends kill, thrives in the shootout and is alarming abundant with the bogie that he helps abate the aggregate of dump-ins. All of that accumulated puts him appealing aerial up our annual of NHL goalies.

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There are those who would acrylic 2014-15 as a blemish year for Holtby, but his able assignment absolutely shouldn’t accept been hasty to anyone advantageous attention. He was a .925-adjusted-save-percentage amateur in 2012-13 and was afresh inexplicably supplanted Jaroslav Halak afterwards a .926-adjusted-save-percentage achievement in 2013-14. So a “breakthrough” that takes him all the way up to .927 is hardly any advance at all. Holtby has consistently been one of the game’s bigger goalies for three afterwards seasons now.

As it happens, the able even-strength goalie is additionally adequate on the amends kill. Quelle surprise. Holtby’s .886 save allotment aftermost division was absolutely adequate and represents bashful advance from able campaigns.

Holtby is an aristocratic puck-moving goaltender who is additionally batting aloft .700 in the shootout at the NHL level. That aftermost number, incidentally, is beneath what he did in any of his four AHL seasons, so we accept adequate acumen for aggressiveness that he’s bigger than boilerplate in the shootout, alike if he’s not absolutely at Marc-Andre Fleury levels.

Holtby, who abandoned aloof angry 26 in September, still has affluence of accessible alley in advanced of him. He’s still a footfall aback from the game’s absolutely aristocratic goalies, but it’s absolutely not abundant of a step.

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Just four goalies in the NHL accept played at atomic 100 amateur and managed a .930 save allotment or bigger at alike backbone over the aftermost bristles seasons. Unsurprisingly, these four goalies able at the top of our all-embracing rankings. Lundqvist comes in fourth, and his adapted save allotment suggests he’s had added advice from his dejected band over that aeon than the average, which hurts his baronial here. Alike so, what he has able is spectacular.

Lundqvist is a boilerplate No. 1 goalie on the amends kill, baronial 15th all-embracing in save allotment amid goalies to comedy at atomic 100 amateur over the able bristles seasons; he moves up one atom if we absolute the annual to alive goalies.

One affair to bethink about this baronial is that it is a projection, and we’ve docked Lundqvist a little bit because at the age of 33, it’s reasonable to apprehend him to boring abatement over the draft of his career. Alike so, he’s still durably one of the best in the game, and over his acclaimed career, he’s been aberrant in burden situations, too. He has yet to win the Stanley Cup but has helped the Rangers get aing to it, announcement .925-plus save percentages over anniversary of the aftermost four postseasons.

One affair to bethink about this baronial is that it is a projection, and we’ve docked Lundqvist a little bit because at the age of 33 it’s reasonable to apprehend him to boring abatement over the draft of his career. Alike so, he’s still durably one of the best in the game, and over his acclaimed career he’s been aberrant in burden situations, too. He has yet to win the Stanley Cup, but he has helped the Rangers get aing to it, announcement 0.925-plus save percentages over anniversary of the aftermost four postseasons.

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One of the difficulties in free goalie affection is amid the amateur from the defence in advanced of him. Rask’s achievement in 2014-15 was abating in that regard, decidedly because already Zdeno Chara went bottomward with an abrasion aboriginal in the year, Rask delivered some ablaze assignment at evens (.936 save percentage). Additionally acute is his adapted save percentage, which ranks additional in the NHL over the able bristles seasons.

Boston has commonly had some of the NHL’s best goaltending on the amends kill, with Rask boot about in lockstep with antecedent Tim Thomas in these situations. Some of this assuredly owes to the outstanding assignment of the team’s assiduously and defencemen, but alike so, it’s reasonable to achieve that Rask is aloft boilerplate in this allotment of the game.

The shootout hasn’t been affable to Rask. He has aloof an 18-23 career record, but that absolutely has added to do with the Bruins shooters than it does with him. Rask’s .713 save allotment compares favourably to the best in the game. He about makes adequate decisions with the bogie and is a adequate passer.

The best cogent award-winning abstract Rask at this point is a Stanley Cup win as a amateur (he won as a advancement in 2011), but that shouldn’t be taken as a criticism of his abilities. He won the Vezina Trophy in 2014 and excelled in the Olympics that aloft year, allowance afflicted and underpowered Finland to a brownish medal. Acceptable a Cup in the actual approaching may be boxy accustomed that the Bruins arise to be branch into a retooling period, but on the ablaze side, any struggles in Boston should aftereffect in the abatement of any affair that he’s aloof a systems goalie.

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Schneider’s adapted even-strength save allotment over the able bristles years is the best in hockey. It’s bigger than Carey Price’s, bigger than Tuukka Rask’s, bigger than Henrik Lundqvist’s. That’s the distinct better acumen he ranks so aerial on this list. The cardinal avalanche abaft Price if we counterbalance contempo after-effects added heavily but beneath because of any declivity in Schneider’s achievement and added because Price was so ablaze aftermost season. The abandoned account absolutely alive adjoin Schneider at this point is a abridgement of playoff success.

A .915 save allotment at alike backbone isn’t awfully impressive, but on the amends annihilate is accession amount entirely. Schneider has faced aloof beneath 1,000 shots over the aftermost bristles seasons while his aggregation was shorthanded, and the .915 cardinal he’s acquaint calmly leads the league. No added amateur with added than 100 amateur played is alike over .900.

Schneider’s 9-17 career almanac in the shootout appears to accept been well-earned; his .610 save allotment is able-bodied beneath the alliance average. That may be misleading, as he was actual adequate in the AHL (11-5, .747 save percentage), but alike so, it’s adamantine to decidedly amount him as a shootout goalie. He’s additionally abandoned a middling puck-handler, admitting improvements in his d aback accession in New Jersey.

This is activity to be a arguable best because this amateur artlessly doesn’t accept the aloft acceptability as some of the guys beneath him on this list, and his aggregation isn’t adequate to be adequate abundant this year to accord him a absolute push. Additionally, Schneider’s claimed playoff numbers (.922 save percentage) are good, but his almanac (1-4) is uninspiring.

He artlessly hasn’t begin himself with an befalling to appearance what he can do over an connected run in advanced of lots of eyes. His assignment at evens and on the amends annihilate is so brilliant, though, that aback we did this analysis, we couldn’t advice but rank him this high.

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Price is in dainty air as an NHL goalie. He’s one of aloof four alive goalies over the able bristles seasons to comedy in a minimum of 100 amateur while announcement an even-strength save allotment arctic of .930. He bettered that cardinal aftermost division with a antic .943 even-strength save allotment in an era breadth a netminder who can consistently column .920 can be an NHL starter.

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Price’s numbers on the amends annihilate aren’t as absorbing as some added goalies on this list, but they are respectable. His .882 save allotment while shorthanded over the aftermost bristles seasons ranks 11th amid the 40-odd goalies to comedy at atomic 100 amateur over that span. That may not be elite-level work, but it’s still calmly in starter-calibre range.

The shootout isn’t an breadth breadth Price dominates the way he does in added situations, but he’s still absolutely good. He ranks 13th amid goalies to face at atomic 100 shots, with his .713 save allotment able-bodied bright of the alliance average. He ranks eighth amid alive goaltenders with 11 career assists and is a actual able puck-handler.

There aloof aren’t any cogent weaknesses in Price’s game. The ascendant Hart Trophy champ is in the prime of his career and avalanche about amid adequate and ablaze in every breadth of the game. Critically, it’s additionally accessible to be assured of his record. Price has a added workload than about any added NHL goalie, and he excels in burden situations, with a connected clue almanac in the NHL playoffs complementing able assignment at the Olympics, in the AHL postseason and at the World Juniors. He is the complete package.

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