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People are reacting to the accusable second-degree annihilation adjudication of Administrator Jason Van Dyke, who was answerable with annihilation for cutting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

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A adjudication was accomplished anon afore 1 p.m. But the accessible wouldn’t anon apperceive what accommodation 12 jurors had fabricated in the case of Chicago badge administrator Jason Van Dyke.

Van Dyke attempt and dead 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on Oct. 20, 2014 on the South Side of Chicago. The baleful shooting, which was captured on dashcam video appear added than a year later, acquired borough attention. It was the answerable of a agitated and emotionally answerable song, “16 Shots” by Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. The shots, memorialized in the song and in broadly broadcast video, became the ambulatory cry in weeks of protests that drew hundreds in 2015.

Four years afterwards the shooting, Chicago administering anchored for the accessible acknowledgment to the verdict. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel said hours afore the adjudication that he had “absolute confidence” in Chicago police’s adeptness to administer any adverse acknowledgment to the verdict. Association activists alleged for accord and alleged claims of accessible riots trumped up.

The 21-day balloon for Van Dyke concluded Friday. Would the 16 bullets Van Dyke accursed into LaQuan McDonald’s anatomy cede him a bedevilled murderer? The administrator faced two counts of first-degree annihilation in accession to 16 counts of aggravated array and one calculation of official misconduct.

People anchored themselves afore the adjudication was announced:

• A complete adviser to the Laquan McDonald cutting and the Jason Van Dyke trial• In key decision, Van Dyke will accept jurors — not adjudicator — adjudge his fate • Illinois’ law on baleful force acute to Jason Van Dyke’s defense• A absolute timeline aback the shooting• What’s a accord decree?

A board deliberated for about seven hours afore chief Van Dyke was accusable of second-degree murder, accusable of 16 counts of aggravated array and not accusable of the one official delinquency charge.

Then reactions caked in online.

Politicians, mayoral candidates and organizations appear official statements or batten with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Words from Ariel Atkins of Atramentous Lives Matter:

Tweet from Ambassador Rahm Emanuel in affiliation with Chicago Badge Administering Supt. Eddie Johnson:

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Official account from the Illinois Fraternal Order of Badge (FOP) State Lodge President Chris Southwood:

This is a day I never anticipation I’d see in America, area 12 accustomed citizens were bamboozled into extenuative the asses of egoistic politicians at the amount of a committed accessible servant. This adulterated balloon and base adjudication is a bulletin to every law administering administrator in America that it’s not the perpetrator in advanced of you that you charge to anguish about, it’s the political agents cutting you in the back. What cop would still appetite to be proactive angry abomination afterwards this abominable charade, and are law constant citizens accessible to pay the price?

Official account from mayoral applicant Toni Preckwinkle:

While annihilation can accomplish up for the absurd accident of adolescent life, I am beholden that there is some amends for LaQuan McDonald. Like many, I saw the video and it was devastating. My affection goes out to his ancestors and friends.

This is an important allegation not alone of the accomplishments of an alone but of the cipher of blackout aural the badge department. We cannot accept safe communities if we do not accept badge force answerable to all communities.

Official account from Atramentous Caucus Chair Ald. Sawyer:

The afterlife of Laquan McDonald was a abstraction tragedy that has rocked our burghal to its core. We adjure for accord for the McDonald family, and continued remained hopeful that they would acquisition accurate amends through this process. But the accuracy is, no amount how this adjudication came down, the McDonald ancestors absent a son that they can never get back.

Still, the atramentous association today can acquisition some relief. It appears Jason Van Dyke will be captivated answerable for his violence.

Now, we charge all recommit ourselves to gluttonous transformational change to the way policing is done in our city. We charge focus now added than anytime on ambitious the badge accountability mechanisms that experts from the Badge Accountability Task Force and the Obama Amends Administering beseeched the Emanuel administering to implement. And we charge abide to account with the actuality laid bald to us all over and over afresh aback the day the account of Laquan McDonald’s afterlife aboriginal broke–that Chicago continues to be bedeviled by abysmal inequities and systemic racism. Until we abode that basal reality, the altitude that led to Laquan McDonald’s afterlife will not change.

Official account (in part) from the bounded Badge Board:Today, the board alternate its adjudication in the bent case brought adjoin Badge Administrator Jason Van Dyke for his baleful cutting of Laquan McDonald. The antidotal cases brought adjoin Administrator Van Dyke and four added admiral accompanying to this cutting abide afore the Chicago Badge Board, but accept not been beneath alive analysis because they are stayed


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The Board stands accessible to apprehend these cases already accomplishing so will no best ageism or potentially attempt any bent case or built-in right. The Board will promptly and thoroughly accede any motion to lift the stay, and any audition on such a motion will be appear at a accessible affair of the Board and on the Board’s website at

Tweet from Ald. Danny Solis:

Official account from mayoral applicant Lori Lightfoot:

This is a cogent anniversary in Chicago’s history. Going adjoin a borough trend in which juries about consistently absolve on-duty badge admiral on bent charges, this board activate the affirmation able and compelling—as accept so abounding Chicagoans in the years aback Laquan McDonald’s adverse death. I acclaim associates of the board for accomplishing their borough assignment in such a difficult environment.

I achievement that this accommodation marks not aloof a milestone, but a axis point as well. We charge adjure for Laquan McDonald and his family, and for all those in our burghal who accept been afflicted by agony and violence, and we charge all assignment endlessly to body a Chicago area all can acquisition amends and peace.”

Tweets from Rep. Luis Gutierrez:

Official account from mayoral applicant Willie Wilson:

First, my prayers go out to both the McDonald and Van Dyke families. This is a tragedy. Anybody has lost. The McDonald ancestors absent their adolescent son, a brother and his abeyant snuffed out, never to be known. Amends has been served.

At this afflictive hour, two wrongs never do accomplish a right. However, I do accept in the 12 jurors that had, perhaps, the hardest job of all – to chase the Law of the Land, to administer it and to duke bottomward the RIGHT verdict.

Allow your articulation to be heard. Express your opinion. Hold your protests. In it all, I alarm for EVERY activity to be peaceful, admiring and non-violent expression. I alarm for law administering to appearance restraint, account and not to appearance any forms of backfire at this time. We charge achievement for our burghal and we charge change.

And aloft all, I ask God to absolve anniversary citizen. And God absolve Chicago.

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Official account from Illinois Legislative Atramentous Caucus Chair Kimberly A. Lightford (D-Maywood):

My affection goes out to Laquan’s ancestors as they abide to ache his loss. This is alone a bead of amends in a history abounding of injustices adjoin Atramentous bodies and bodies of color. We still accept a lot of assignment advanced of us in reforming policing, bent justice, animal casework and creating opportunities for underprivileged communities.

Let us abide to organize, abide to let our choir be heard and participate in our capitalism wherever and whenever we can.”

Official account (in part) from Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey:

Laquan McDonald was our student. He could accept been a chief in a Chicago accessible aerial academy back he was gunned bottomward about four years ago to the day in one of the best abominable instances of atrocity in the history of our city.

Our associates accomplished him, and he was a adolescent of the communities in which they live. He was aloft on streets covered in the claret of the ancestors afore him who’ve been bludgeoned by economic, amusing and ancestral injustice. He adapted justice, and today’s adjudication shows that the board accustomed his altruism and the tragedy that befell him.

Our city, however, is still suffering, and addled from the administration of a ambassador who systematically bankrupt schools, acclimated accessible dollars to pay badge settlements and ultimately covered up Laquan’s annihilation for political and basic interests. Emanuel spent hundreds of bags of dollars on acknowledged fees to block the absolution of the dashboard camera video of Laquan’s annihilation until a adjudicator disqualified in November of 2015—nearly 400 canicule afterwards the cutting and afterwards he won re-election—that the mayor’s accomplishments abandoned the Illinois accessible annal laws and ordered that the video be appear to the public.

We charge body on this befalling to appear to grips with Rahm’s account of two cities—one burghal that supports the elites and the politicians they bankroll, and addition burghal that bootless Laquan, aloof as it fails hundreds of bags of Atramentous and Amber acceptance and their families every day. Laquan adapted first-rate aboriginal adolescence programming. He adapted the befalling to appear schools with accurate wraparound casework and supports. Instead, Rahm and his allies abutment an apartheid-like academy commune run by a adopted Board of Education that has continued alone poor and alive chic Atramentous and Amber children, and as axiomatic in contempo years, has systematically apprenticed acceptance and their families from the city. […]

Official account from Alderman Anthony A. Beale:

I am admiring that amends has been served and Administrator Van Dyke will face the after-effects of his actions.  However, today’s adjudication charcoal a apricot admonition of all the adolescent lives that accept concluded at the easily of those who by the blush of their bark or cachet accept too generally gone free.

Hopefully, this adjudication is not an aberration but marks the alpha of a new era for our city, one in which the accidental killing of bodies of color, of adolescent atramentous and amber men or those with brainy or concrete challenges is no best acceptable.  We accept an befalling to actualize a new arrangement for activity to abode badge accountability and apparatus the reforms that areso badly needed.

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The time to do it is now!

Official account from mayoral applicant and aloft Chicago Badge Administering Supt. Garry McCarthy:

Today’s adjudication brings to a aing one of the darkest capacity in Chicago’s history.

But this adjudication additionally reminds us all of the charge to appear calm and acceleration aloft this adverse event.

I’m ambrosial to every being in Chicago to wisely and compassionately reflect on the afterlife of Laquan McDonald and this accusable adjudication of Jason Van Dyke.

Together, they action anniversary of us the befalling to abode ourselves to authoritative Chicago a bigger city… not a absinthian city.

It is time for us to admit that we accept added in accepted than in conflict.

It is time for all of us to appear calm about what unites us….and to stop advantageous so abundant absorption to the things that bisect us.

Official account from Alderman Deborah Mell:

Today a board disqualified that Administrator Jason Van Dyke has been activate accusable of Second Degree Annihilation and 16 counts of aggravated array with a firearm in the cutting afterlife of Laquan McDonald.

I am encouraged that our bent amends arrangement approved to the bodies of Chicago that no one is aloft the law, decidedly those who are affidavit to advocate it.

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I ache with the ancestors of Laquan McDonald and anybody who has been aching by this tragedy. I achievement that this cardinal brings some faculty of cease and amends to the McDonald family.

What happened to Laquan McDonald that acute October black in 2014 was absolutely avoidable. The tragedy apparent abysmal flaws in our systems of blank and accountability. While I accept that we accept fabricated advance in contempo years, abundant added important assignment remains. We charge abide to change the ability aural the Chicago Badge Administering and accomplish abiding that every distinct affidavit administrator has the analytical training they need.

I apperceive that admiral like Mr. Van Dyke and others who corruption their ability are not apocalyptic of the absolute badge force and all those who proudly abrasion the uniform. It has been my acquaintance that the all-inclusive majority of admiral affliction acutely about our burghal and the association they are affidavit to serve and protect. They abide committed to befitting us safe and I acknowledge them for their service.

I alarm on all association to advance accord and to amusement anniversary added with love, unity, and account so that our association and the absolute Burghal of Chicago can activate to heal.

Official account from Rep. Sonya Harper:

The burghal has waited a continued time to apprehend this verdict, Badge Administrator Jason Van Dyke activate accusable of second-degree annihilation for killing Laquan McDonald. While the adjudication may beggarly that justicewas served in this accurate case, let us abide to accumulate our focus on creating and architecture behavior that anticipate article like this from accident again. We charge abide to collaboratively assignment on avant-garde and holistic solutions to the basis causes to violence, abomination and ageism in our communities as able-bodied as the basis causes of delinquency aural our law administering agencies.

Whatever we may alone feel about the verdict. Let us bethink that in this case, an innocent activity was absent and we should account Laquan’s activity by authoritative abiding Chicago is a abode area thingslike this never appear again.

<Official account from mayoral applicant Paul Vallas

It is accepted that this balloon has acquired abundant affliction in our community. The adjudication serves as a watershed moment for badge transparency, approaching law administering training and ensuring that there is added accountability afterward any badge adventure affective forward.

For those agitated with the verdict, it is important to bethink that the cutting majority of Chicago’s badge admiral are the accomplished ability individuals. They accept called to serve because they adulation Chicago. These bodies commonly accident their lives for our assurance and should not be the ambition of any annoyance consistent from the verdict.

This balloon and the activity of Laquan McDonald aggregate a adverse archetype of why Chicago charge be affiliated in ambitious that we abode the inequities and abridgement of befalling present in so abounding long-neglected Chicago neighborhoods.

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Let’s booty this befalling to appearance the adjudication as a healing moment and activate affective advanced in a absolute administration for all of Chicago.

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