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Resume For Quality Assurance | software quality assurance resume

The Seven Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Software Quality Assurance Resume | Software Quality Assurance Resume

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Resume For Quality Assurance - software quality assurance resume
Resume For Quality Assurance – software quality assurance resume | software quality assurance resume

This is an alphabetical list, adapted annually, of disciplines, names, acquaintance advice and assay areas for able sources at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. University Business and Communications at UMSL makes these sources accessible to associates of the account media who seek ability for account reporting. This apparatus is anon to drift to the UMSL Media Portal. If you’re clumsy to ability an able or charge added help, acquaintance Steve Walentik at 314-516-6690 or [email protected]

CONTENTS: anthropology, art and art history, astronomy, biochemistry, biology, business, chemistry, communications, computer science, criminology and bent justice, cyber security, economics, education, English, gender studies, health, history, math, media studies, aggressive studies, avant-garde languages, music, nursing, optometry, philosophy, physics, cerebral sciences, political science, accessible action research, amusing work, women in accessible life, theatre and dance, apprentice services, veterans

If you do not see a accountable included in the aloft listing, we advance accomplishing a search.


Anne Austin, 314-516-6021, [email protected]: Egyptology, bioarchaeology, age-old medicine, archaeology, skeletons, mummies, age-old healthSusan Brownell, 314-516-6451, [email protected]: China (gender, nationalism, concepts of health, beauty, and fitness), Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Apple Expo, 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair and Olympic Games, women’s sports, Olympic Games, sports diplomacy, beauty, gender, amount skatingSheilah Clarke-Ekong, 314-516-6242, [email protected]: change and alternation in a West African cultures, African authoritative structures, African cartography and cultural educationMichael Cosmopoulos, 314- 516-6241, [email protected]: archaeology, social, political and cultural history of age-old GreeceMargo-Lea Hurwicz, 314-516-6025, [email protected]: cultural aspects of aging, crumbling and health, medical anthropologyLaura Miller, 314-516-7246, [email protected]: Japanese ability and language, English loanwords in Japanese, the astrologer boom, girls’ slang, book club photosJennifer J. Nolan, 314-516-6380, [email protected]: zombies, apparitional places, antiques and art collecting, celebrated abode restoration, architecture able communities, museumsKeiko Ueda, 314-516-6860, [email protected]: Japanese accent and culture, all-encompassing account (tadoku)Patti Wright, 314-516-6648, [email protected]: paleoethnobotany, development of agronomics in the Midwest, origins of aliment production


Ruth Bohan, 314-516-5998, [email protected]: American art and architectureYael Even, 314-516-5975, [email protected]: baroque, Florentine, Renaissance artScott Gericke, 314-516-6610, [email protected]: clear design, cast and communications strategy, appearance development, advertisement design, branded environments, signage, exhibition design, advice and systems design, abstracts visualizationJennifer McKnight, 314-516-6965, [email protected]: clear designMaggie Peeno, 314-516-6792, 314-382-5367, [email protected]: collective, actionable acknowledgment to needs of others on campus and in our surrounding communities, amusing justice, beastly rights, beheld communication, claimed expression, amount systems, character, technologyMaureen Quigley, 314-516-5670, [email protected], age-old art, medieval artJeffrey Sippel, 314-516-7291, [email protected]: printmaking, lithographyDan Younger, 314-516-6967, [email protected]: agenda photography, 3-D prints, analogy and comicsJeanne Zarucchi, 314-516-6575, [email protected]: French art and architecture




Resume format for Qa Engineer Fresh Sample Resume for software ..
Resume format for Qa Engineer Fresh Sample Resume for software .. | software quality assurance resume

Lon Chubiz, 314-516-6224, [email protected]: microbiology, bacterial pathogenesis, bacterial metaism, abiogenetic engineering, microbial biotechnology, automated fermentation, biochemistry, constructed biology, microbial evolution, microbial ecologyAimee Dunlap, 314-516-6578, [email protected]: beastly behavior, change of beastly cognition, beesCharles Granger, 314-516-6220, [email protected]: science education, K-12 apprentice accomplishment and abridgement of achievement, curricula and connected testing, abecedary alertness and evaluation, drillmaster able developmentRobert Marquis, 314-516-6213, [email protected]: evolutionary ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, close ecology, backwoods ecology, entomologyPatricia Parker, 314-516-7274, [email protected]: behavioral ecology, Galapagos Islands, ache ecologyRobert Ricklefs, 314-516-5101, [email protected]: evolutionary ecology, association ecology, biogeography, activity history biologyPeter Stevens, 314-516-6215, [email protected]: bulb phylogeny and biological classification (groups, classifications)Teresa Thiel, 314-516-5404, [email protected]: biofuels, nitrogen acclimated for fertilizer assembly and Algae (cyanobacteria)Xuemin (Sam) Wang, (314) 516-6219, [email protected]: bulb science, accurately arresting transduction in bulb growth, development and accent responses; lipid-mediated signaling; anatomic genomics of phospholipases; metaic profiling and lipidomics; metaic engineering


James Breaugh, 314-516-6287, [email protected]: agent appliance and selection, accomplishment management, advantageous employees, designing jobsJames Campbell, 314-516-6125, [email protected]: accumulation alternation administering and logistics, bombinate deliveryPerry D. Drake, 314-516-6490, [email protected]: agenda and amusing media marketingMaurice Dawson, 314-516-6288, [email protected]: cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), citizenry security, hyperconnectivity, cyber warfare, software assurance, accretion in developing countriesThomas Eyssell, 314-516-6273, [email protected]: cyberbanking management, accumulated accounts and investments, cyberbanking policiesHung-gay Fung, 314-516-6374, [email protected]: all-embracing finance, China’s abridgement and financesGreg Geisler, 314-516-6122, [email protected]: alone assets tax planning; taxes and investments; 401(k)s; Roth 401(k)s; IRAs; Roth IRAs; tax-efficient retirement withdrawals; 529 academy accumulation accounts; amusing aegis allowances taxation; bloom accumulation accounts; tax-efficient rank acclimation for advance and advantageous bottomward debtsMax Gillman, 314-516-5861, [email protected]: macroeconomics, money economics, inflation, absorption amount changes, Federal Reserve Bank, economy, banal markets, actual tax ameliorate effects, barter with China, barter deficits, all-embracing axial coffer policyMin Ju, 314-516-4075, [email protected]: business strategy, inter-firm relationship, close capabilityShaji Khan, 314-516-6279, [email protected]: cybersecurity, advice security, programming/application development, abstracts networking and security, administering of advice systemsMary Lacity, 314-516-6127, [email protected]: all-around outsourcing of business, advice technology, acknowledged services, appulse sourcing, rural sourcingDan Lauer, 314-516-6294, [email protected]: entrepreneurship, startup businessesEdward Lawrence, 314-516-6148, [email protected]: accumulated finance, banking, absolute estateHaim Mano, 314-516-6265, [email protected]: announcement research, business strategies, customer behaviorJoseph Martinich, 314-516-6145, [email protected]: ecology aspects of business; economics of recycling and reuse, abnormally in St. Louis and Missouri; activity efficiency; bread-and-er development and business incentives, ecology sustainability, abnormally how organizations can abate ecology appulse while extenuative moneyMitch Millstein, 314-516-6267, [email protected]: ecommerce logistics, Amazon, healthcare accumulation chainsSteve Moehrle, 314-516-6142, [email protected]: accounting issues, sports business, accounting fraudRay Mundy, 314-516-7213, [email protected]: busline issuesJanet Murray, 314-516-6537, [email protected]: all-around sourcing, all-embracing business, women in businessBrandon Ofem, 314-516-6146, [email protected]: entrepreneurship, interorganizational collaboration, amusing networks, bounded bread-and-er development, amusing networks, bounded bread-and-er developmentJohn Palmer, 314-516-5720, [email protected]: entrepreneurship, baby business management, business innovationJoe Rottman, 314-516-6286, [email protected]: adopted IT outsourcing, business action outsourcing, systems assay and designVicki Sauter, 314-516-6281, [email protected]: computer history, computer and Internet issues and scams, women in computing, “big data” in authoritative best making, DSS, abstracts warehousing and controlling advice systems, systems assay and designPamela Stuerke, 314-516-6132, [email protected]: cyberbanking reporting, cyberbanking accountingD’Anne Weise, 314-516-6149, [email protected]: investments, accident management, banal marketKeith Womer, 314-516-6119, [email protected]: assembly planning, statistics, prices, amount admiration and oil pricing


James Bashkin, 314-516-7352, [email protected]: antiviral agents, the architecture of antiviral and anticancer agents, amoebic action chemistry, nucleic acids, beastly papillomavirus (HPV), baby DNA bump viruses, acute materials, biologic discovery, activated biochemistry, blooming chemistry, asleep and organometallic chemistryEike Bauer, 314-516-5340, [email protected]: chemistry, blooming chemistry, catalysisBenjamin Bythell, 314-516-5314, [email protected]: accumulation spectrometry, analytic chemistry, gas-phase ion chemistryAlexei Demchenko, 314-516-7995, [email protected]: amoebic synthesis, carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates, constructed vaccines, glycosylation, automationCynthia M. Dupureur, 314-516-4392, [email protected]: DNA and metaismTom George, 314-516-5252, [email protected]: nanoscience, including nanomedicineGeorge Gokel, 314-516-5321, [email protected]: accepted amoebic and bioorganic chemistry, action and balloon experienceBruce C. Hamper, 314-516-5311, [email protected]: amoebic chemistry, chiral compounds, chromatography and connected breeze chemistrySteve Holmes, 314-516-4382, [email protected]: asleep chemistry, magnetism, atomic structuresMichael Nichols, 314-516-7345, [email protected]: protein biophysics, Alzheimer’s diseaseNigam Rath, 314-516-5333, [email protected]: x-ray diffraction, distinct clear anatomy determination, crumb X-ray diffraction studiesMarc Spingola, 314-516-6749, [email protected]: genetics, atomic biology, bacilli and vaccines, abiogenetic engineering, some communicable diseases and allowed responses


Jill Alexander, 314-516-5480, [email protected].edu: crisis communication, emergency preparedness, accustomed adversity response, media relations, centralized communication, bank PR, association relationsAlice Hall, 314-516-6662, [email protected]: media effects, media multitasking, absoluteness TV, admirers estimation of media, media fandomDennis Ganahl, 314-516-4853, [email protected]: advertising, cast identity, political advertising, business communicationsAlan Heisel, 314-516-5308, [email protected]: advice apprehension, exact aggression, gendered communication, interpersonal, organizational, nonverbal, persuasion/influence, political attack communication, accessible relations, accessible speaking, science literacy, temperament/traits; institutional accreditationRyan Krull, 314-516-5513, [email protected]: journalism, anecdotal nonfiction, longform reportingMike Murray, 314-516-5496, [email protected]: history of accumulation media, accumulation media education, advertisement regulationAmber Reinhart, 314-516-5489, [email protected]: bloom communication, agency and tissue donation, bulletin design, interpersonal communication, ancestors communication, and assay methodsStephanie Van Stee, 314-516-5234, [email protected]: bloom communication, bloom bulletin design, bloom advice interventions/campaigns, bloom advice gluttonous behavior, adaptable bloom interventions/apps, meta-analysis (method), allegory and persuasionLara Zwarun, (cell) 214-770-6747, (office) 314-516-6725, [email protected]: beer and booze advertising/marketing; chancy and arguable media messages; announcement regulation, self-regulation and policy; media law; media literacy; tobacco marketing; alignment and capability of bloom campaigns and messagesShelly Warner, 314-304-5370, [email protected]: accessible speaking, marketing, absolute mail, non-profit, administration, advertising



Finn-Aage Esbensen, 314-516-4619, [email protected]: adolescence abandon and gangsBeth Huebner, 314-516-5043, [email protected]: captive re-entry, bent amends decision-making, quantitative assay methods, corrections, sentencing, courts, and accessible policyDavid Klinger, 314-516-7012, [email protected]: badge administrator shootings, badge administering action issues, tasers, terrorismJanet Lauritsen, 314-516-5427, [email protected]: causes and after-effects of victimization, gender crimes and socializationTimothy Maher, 314-516-5026, [email protected]: policing (police policy, badge deviance, badge animal misconduct)Richard Rosenfeld, 314-516-6717, [email protected]: amusing sources of bent violence, abomination and the economy, abomination statistics, abomination controlMatt Vogel, 314-516-5042, [email protected]: boyish delinquency, person-context research, brainy bloom and offending

Resume For Qa Tester - software quality assurance resume
Resume For Qa Tester – software quality assurance resume | software quality assurance resume



Michael Allison, 314-516-5306, [email protected]: econometric approach and business cyclesGrant Black, 314-516-5561, [email protected]: economics of science and innovation, bounded and bounded bread-and-er issues, and bread-and-er education, activity economics, energy, economics and the environmentSusan Feigenbaum, 314-516-5554, [email protected]: health-care economics, economics of scienceLea-Rachel Kosnik, 314-516-5564, [email protected]: ecology economics, activity economics, accessible and authoritative economics, behavioral economicsDavid Rose, 314-516-4117, [email protected]: cyberbanking markets, macroeconomics, political economy, behavioral economics, institutional economics, cultural economics, business ethicsAnne Winkler, 314-516-5563, [email protected]: economics of gender and family; women, men and work; abundance and poverty, activity force participation, gender activity gap, acclimation assignment and family


Michael W. Bahr, 314-516-4734, [email protected]: blockage science, academy consultation, classroom intervention, cultural competenceMarvin Berkowitz, 314-516-7521, [email protected]: appearance educationEmily Brown, 314-516-5792, [email protected]: academy counseling, accouchement of confined parents, advisor educationAmber Candela, 314-516-6095, [email protected]: mathematics education, mathematics, able development, abecedary education, elementary education, average grades apprenticeship Theresa Coble, 314-516-5951, [email protected]: experiential, alfresco and ancestors educationJudith Cochran, 314-516-7302, [email protected]: tutorial educationAngela Coker, 314-516-6088, [email protected]: advisor education, African-American studies, women’s studiesMatthew D. Davis, 314-856-2145, [email protected]: history of academy desegregation, burghal educationAndresa De Souza, 314-615-5096, [email protected]: aboriginal action for accouchement with autism spectrum ataxia (ASD), botheration behavior and toilet training for accouchement with adorning delaysMary Edwin, 314-516-6081, [email protected]: academy counseling, K-12 career development, career counseling, advisor educationDonald Gouwens, 314-516-4773, [email protected]; academy brainy healthCharles Granger, 314-516-6220, [email protected]: science education, K-12 apprentice accomplishment and abridgement of achievement, chic development, connected testing, abecedary alertness and evaluation, drillmaster able development, STEM chic development, naturalistic apprenticeship theory, able teaching strategiesThomas Hoerr, 314-922-4966, [email protected]: K-12 academy administering and leadership, independent/private/charter schools, the Formative Five (preparation for success in life), assorted intelligences, grit, educational leadershipShea N. Kerkhoff, 314-516-4804, [email protected]: all-around education, internationalizing education, boyish literacy, inquiry-based learningPatricia Kopetz, 314-516-4885, [email protected]: apprenticeship for Accouchement with DisabilitiesWilliam Kyle, 314-516-5375, [email protected]: science apprenticeship including science and technology abilities of adolescence and association associates in aerial abjection communities in St. Louis and sub-Sahara Africa; curricular reformKeith Miller, 314-516-5927, [email protected]: life-long acquirements in the sciences; computer belief including able codes of ethics, and the belief of robots and added developed machines; online education; and software testingJerome Morris, 314-516-5953 [email protected]: burghal education, academy and association linkageMark Pope, 314-516-7121, [email protected]: gay and lesbian issues, cultural assortment in the workplace, counseling and brainy issuesApril Regester, 314-516-5917, [email protected]: drillmaster prep, across-the-board education, transition, behavior supportRebecca Rogers, 314-516-5797, [email protected]: articulacy research, amusing amends education, address analysis, lifespan learning, association based learning, alertness of articulacy teachersHelene Sherman, 314-516-5796, [email protected]: advisory strategies, curricular innovations, mathematics and science educationJames Shymansky, 314-516-5046, [email protected]: science education- elementary apprenticeship and rural academy districtsNancy Singer, 314-516-5517, [email protected]: drillmaster alertness and induction; teaching of writing; agreement theory; autograph assessmentKim Song, 314-516-5924, [email protected]: teaching immigrant and refugee children, exploring the intersectionality of racism and linguicismCathy Vatterott, 314-516-5863, [email protected]: K-12 homework, K-12 standards based grading, K-12 grading


Jeanne Allison, 314-516-5587, [email protected]: professional, abstruse and artistic writingMaría Balogh, 314-516-6440, [email protected]: Spanish accent teaching, accurately abstract of bewitched realism, linguistics, artistic writing, balladry forums, readings and discussionsJoseph Carroll, 314-516-5543, [email protected]: change and culture, arcane theoryJohn Dalton, 314-516-5619, [email protected]: novel, fiction and a writingSuellynn Duffey, 314-516-5586, [email protected]: composition, rhetoric, studies about place, teaching writing, analytical writing, teaching writing, autograph to learn, undergraduate and alum writing, basal writing, the role of non-academic autograph in acquirements to write, autograph theory, autograph affairs administration, account and autograph relationships, women and literacy, MA in EnglishSally Barr Ebest, 314-516-5544, [email protected]: Irish American women writers, Irish American women’s autobiographies, reading-writing connections, how to advise writing, TA trainingGlenn Irwin, 314-516-5574, [email protected]: avant-garde balladry and balladry writingMatt Kimbrell, 314-516-5688, [email protected]: agreement pedagogy, cultural studies, analytical (literary) theory, humanitiesWilliam Klein, 314-516-5737, [email protected]: St. Louis dejection music history, abstruse and science writing, Web-based writing, autograph beyond the curriculumDeborah Maltby, 314-516-5579, [email protected]: Thomas Hardy, rural England and arcane tourismScott McKelvie, 314-516-5596, [email protected]: baseball literatureLauren Obermark, 314-516-5591, [email protected]: articulate theory, affliction studies, feminist rhetoric(s), agreement approach and pedagogyScott D. Peterson, 314-516-5605, [email protected]: American literature, action literature, sports journalism, sports historySteven Schreiner, 314-516-5583, [email protected]: artistic writing, avant-garde and a poetryKurt Schreyer, 314-516-5500, [email protected]: Shakespeare, aboriginal English drama, stagecraft, RenaissanceShane Seely, 314-516-5856, [email protected]: a poetry, 20th aeon poetry, artistic nonfiction, bookish poetryLynn Staley, 314-516-5601, [email protected]: autograph in business settings, autograph resumes, calm abandon issuesBenjamin Torbert, 314-516-6848, [email protected]: bounded dialects; minority, gender and arena in dialectMary Troy, 314-516-6845, [email protected]: a literature; fiction autograph (novels and abbreviate stories); arcane account editing; MFA programs, how and why they work; Writers in the Schools (WITS), admission writing; money for the arts; how to acquisition a publisher/creative and fiction writingBarbara VanVoorden, 314-516-7478, [email protected]: English grammarDrucilla Wall, 314-516-5518, [email protected]: Built-in American studies and writersEamonn Wall, 314-516-5589, [email protected]: a Irish, Irish-American abstract and culture


Sally Barr Ebest, 314-516-6383, [email protected]: transnational feminist literature, transgender issuesKathleen Butterly Nigro, 314-516-5581, [email protected]; Kate Chopin, feminist approach and pedagogyLynn Staley, 314-516-5601, [email protected]: calm abandon issues


Software Quality Assurance Analyst Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - software quality assurance resume
Software Quality Assurance Analyst Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – software quality assurance resume | software quality assurance resume

Susan Dean-Baar, 314-516-6849, [email protected]: nursing workforce, able convenance environments, development and accomplishing of nursing standards and guidelines for practiceJulie Bertram, 314-516-8612, [email protected]: psychiatric and brainy bloom nursing; ameliorative communication; advance ancestor consciousness-expanding medication management; aggregate controlling interventions for brainy bloom concernsWilma Calvert, 314-516-7073, [email protected]: association health, nursing informaticsAnne Fish, 314-516-7077, [email protected]: exercise hypertensiveSheila Grigsby, 314-516-6691, [email protected]: association bloom nursing, archdiocese nursingKuei-Hsiang (Grace) Hsueh, 314-516-7773, [email protected]: affliction for breakable elderly, Asian caregivingLaura L. Kuensting, 314-516-7129, [email protected]: pediatric bloom care, pediatric emergency care, pediatric vascular access, pediatric rehydration therapies, assistant practitioner (NP) education, DNP education, Missouri aldermanic healthcare issuesVanessa Loyd, 314-516-7513, [email protected]: bloom disparities, accommodating affliction affection and safety, bloom and nursing informatics, perioperative nursing, correctional bloom careLiz Mantych, 314-516-7079, [email protected]: homelessness, confined womenLisa Merritt, 314-516-7084, [email protected]: adolescent health, pediatrics, pediatric brainy health, vaccines, adolescent safety, assistant practitioner practice, avant-garde convenance nursing, pediatric nursing, telehealth in nursingMichael Nichols, 314-516-7345, [email protected]: Alzheimer’s diseaseKathryn Records, 314-516-6076, [email protected]: nursing, perinatal affection and all-overs disordersDiane Saleska, 314-516-7249, [email protected]: accommodating simulatorsKaren Scaglione, 314-791-2593, [email protected]: Emergency Room Anesthetic which encompasses: accepted medicine, communicable disease, cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal, agony and the analytical patient. American Nurses Credentialing Center’s agreeable able panel, the AGACNP civic exam, the St. Louis Nurses in Avant-garde boardElise Schaller, 314-516-7060, [email protected]: pediatric nursing, avant-garde convenance nursingUmit Tokac, 314-516-8400, [email protected]: assay methods and statisticsAnnie Vandermause, 314-516-6060, [email protected]: women, adolescents and actuality use; association health; allegorical assay methodsFelix Vincenz, 314-877-5987, [email protected]: analytic psychology, inpatient and outpatient analysis and rehabilitation, austere brainy affliction in the deaf, alienated personality disorder, work-force development in behavioral health, psychosocial rehabilitation, self-directed care, cyberbanking medical annal developmentRachel Winograd, 314-516-8415, [email protected]: actuality use, brainy bloom integration, medication assisted treatment, accessible health, corruption reduction


Deborah Cohen, 314-516-5735, [email protected]: actual and a Mexican immigration, the U.S.-Mexico borderPriscilla Dowden-White, 314-516-5723, [email protected]: African-American St. LouisJ. Frederick Fausz, 314-921-4637, [email protected]: St. Louis History, aboriginal Virginia colonization, American Indians, fur trading, colonial AmericaKevin Fernlund, 314-516-5740, [email protected]: history of amplitude analysis and Lyndon B. JohnsonLouis Gerteis, 314-516-5680, [email protected]: 19th aeon United States, , emancipation, St. Louis, Civilian War and ReconstructionAndrew Hurley, 314-516-4805, [email protected]: urbanization and development of St. Louis neighborhoodsMinsoo Kang, 314-516-5739, [email protected]: robots and history of scienceKara Moskowitz, 314-516-5999, [email protected]: African history, all-embracing development, decolonization, KenyaGerda Ray, 314-516-5697, [email protected]: white prisonsSteve Rowan, 314-516-5620, [email protected]: history of Germans in MissouriChristoph Schiessl, 314-516-6871, [email protected]: U.S. clearing history afterwards 1865; built-in accord in the Holocaust in eastern Europe; indigenous Germans (Volksdeutsche) during the Nazi era and the Holocaust; war crimes and genocide in the 20th aeon in general; Nazi Germany in general; actual anamnesis of the Holocaust in the U.S.Laura Westhoff, 314-516-5692, [email protected]: history of post-Civil War American women, American history education


Badri Adhikari, 314 516 7393, [email protected]: bogus intelligence, abysmal learning, bioinformatics, protein anatomy predictionSanjiv K. Bhatia, 314-516-6520, [email protected]: computer science, computer vision, angel processing, operating systems, Unix, algorithms, cybersecurity, billow computing, algorithms, computers in aegis and dronesHaiyan Cai, 314-516-6351, [email protected]: bookish simulations, computational statistics, statistical modeling, spatial statistics.Sharlee Climer, 314-516-4985, [email protected]: computational assay of abiogenetic factors associated with circuitous diseases and ancestry (especially Alzheimer’s disease), combinatorial optimization, arrangement absorption (community detection), traveling salesman problemAdrian Clingher, 314-516-6338, [email protected]: mathematics, algebraic geometry, cardinal theory, algebraic physicsDavid Covert, 314-516-6627, [email protected]: mathematics, cardinal theory, combinatorics, blueprint theoryKeith Miller, 314-516-5927, [email protected]: life-long acquirements in the sciences; computer belief including able codes of ethics, and the belief of robots and added developed machines; online education; and software testingCezary Z. Janikow, 314-516-6352, [email protected]: bogus intelligence, evolutionary computation, abiogenetic programming, cybersecurity





Kurt Baldwin, 314-516-4257, [email protected]: music performance, art of music interpretation, alcove music, baby accumulation dynamicsGary Brandes, 314-516-2263, [email protected]: wind ensembleZachary Cairns, 314-516-5999, [email protected]: music theory; Russian music (particularly Soviet-era); 20th/21st aeon art musicGail H Fleming, 314-516-4912, [email protected]: educational adviser business,mentoring, chic development; accouterment adroitness development workshops for music teachers, K-5, MS and HS ChoirsBarbara Harbach, 314-516-7776, [email protected]: women in the artsAurelia Hartenberger, 314-966-5359, [email protected]: apple music – Africa, Asia, Latin America, Built-in American, European folkAdrianne Honnold, 314-516-5980, [email protected]: accepted music, accepted culture, jazz, saxophoneMatt Henry, 314-516-7970, [email protected]: percussionStella Markou, 314-516-5947, [email protected]: voice, operaJennifer Mishra, 314-516-5984, [email protected]: music educationJulia Sakharova, 314-516-4258, [email protected]: classical music, cord and violin music, music in accustomed life, multifunctional accuracy of classical musiciansMichael V. Smith, [email protected] : active music educationAlla Voskoboynikova, 314-516-4198, [email protected]: piano, alcove music, music education, music accord with ball and beheld art, UMSL piano studies, UMSL keyboard, summer camp, Russian piano school, Russian music, Russian and Ukrainian cultureJim Widner, 314-516-4235, [email protected]: jazz

Software Quality Assurance Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - software quality assurance resume
Software Quality Assurance Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – software quality assurance resume | software quality assurance resume



Carl Bassi, 314-516-6029, [email protected]: blush vision, beheld sensitivity, Alzheimer’s disease, new technologiesEdward Bennett, 314-516-6258, [email protected]: acquaintance lensesKathleen Boland, 314-516-6229, [email protected]: low eyes rehabilitationErin M. Brooks, 314-516-6259, [email protected]: children’s vision, ocular disease, association bloom eye care, eyes therapyLarry Davis, 314-516-5606, [email protected] keratoconus, eyes accomplishment afterwards surgeryJulie DeKinder, 314-516-5116, [email protected]: cornea and acquaintance lenses, specialty and post-surgical acquaintance lens fitting, scleral lens fitting, amaurosis controlVinita Henry, 314-516-6532, [email protected]: acquaintance lensesThomas Landgraf, 314-516-5949, [email protected]: ocular diseaseLinda Marks, 314-516-5808, [email protected]: children’s visionAngel Novel-Simmons, 314-516-5995, [email protected]: ocular disease


Jill Delston, 314-707-6039, [email protected]: ethics, activated ethics, political philosophy, age-old Greek philosophyJon McGinnis, 314-516-5439, [email protected]: Islamic Studies; age-old and medieval bookish history (including Greek, Latin, Jewish and Arabic); history of science; religious studiesLauren Olin, 314-546-7324, [email protected]: moral psychology, aesthetics of cerebral science, aesthetics of neuroscienceGualtiero Piccinini, 314-516-6160, [email protected]: aesthetics of mind, neuroscience, psychology, computing, bogus intelligenceWaldemar Rohloff, 314-516-6192, [email protected]: argumentation and reasoningEric Wiland, 314- 516-5495, [email protected] or finer [email protected]: ethics, rationality, advice


Sonya Bahar, 314-516-7150, [email protected]: anarchy theory, applications of physics to neuroscience and Epilepsy researchBernard Feldman, 314-516-6805, [email protected]: auto engines, bird flight, solar energy, declining bridges, corpuscle phones and blight and accurate fraudMike Fix, 314-415-5504, [email protected]: paleontology, dinosaurs, accepted geologyPhil Fraundorf, 314-516-5044, [email protected]: nano-characterization, cyberbanking & exoteric materials, advice physicsErika Gibb, 314-516-5081, [email protected]: comets, brilliant formation, astrobiology, accepted astronomyDavid Horne, 314-516-7471, [email protected]: Martian atmosphere and Mars exploration, accepted astronomy, accepted physics, planetariumEric Majzoub, 314-516-5779, [email protected]: abridged amount physics; energy-storage materials; hydrogen economy, energy-related technologiesBruce Wilking, 314-516-5023, [email protected]: accepted astronomy, amber dwarf stars, comets and meteors


Steven Bruce, 314-516-7204, [email protected]: trauma, PTSD, all-overs disorders, brainy bloom treatmentJerry H. Dunn, 314-516-7342, [email protected]: adolescent corruption and neglect, argumentative interviewing of children, adolescence trauma, adolescent assemblage to violence, analysis of adolescence trauma, accomplishing of evidence-based treatments for adolescent trauma, trauma-informed, child-serving sectors (e.g. adolescent protection/welfare, education, chip care, boyish justice)Emily Gerstein, 314-516-5398, [email protected]: adolescent psychopathology, parent-child and ancestors relationships, accouchement built-in preterm, accouchement with bookish disabilities, affectionate accent and depression, social-emotional developmentMatt Kliethermes, 314-516-6787, [email protected]: Adolescent trauma, Adolescent corruption and neglect, post-traumatic accent in accouchement and adolescents, Trauma-informed casework for accouchement and adolescentsSandra Langeslag, 314-516-5395, [email protected]: how affections and adventurous adulation affect acknowledgment (e.g., attention, memory), how we can adapt our affections and adulation feelingsRachel Wamser Nanney, 314-516-7335, [email protected]: alarming accent in children, adults, parents and families; PTSD; gun violence; trauma-informed appraisal and treatmentLee Nelson, 314-516-5992, [email protected]: counseling and psychotherapy supervision, gender issues in counseling , amusing chic and abjection issues in counseling, academy counselingMiles Patterson, 314-516-5577, [email protected]: nonverbal communicationCarissa L. Philippi, 314-516-5357, [email protected]: neuroimaging, resting-state anatomic alluring resonance imaging (fMRI), self-related anticipation (e.g., autobiographical memory, apperception wandering, self-focus), academician imaging in depression, bananas ancestry (and/or aberration in bastille inmates)Jennifer Siciliani, 314-516-5469, [email protected]: beastly uality, interpersonal attraction, dating, online dating, pharmacology (drugs and behavior), gender and issues of gender, inter conditions, undergraduate bookish advising, claimed training (exercise), and alum academy appliance processes for attitude and pre-medRachel Christiansen Taube, 314-516-8499, [email protected]: brainy bloom affairs allegiance evaluation, evidence-based convenance implementation, authoritative change, co-occurring disorders, trauma, abuse.Ann Steffen, 314-516-5382, [email protected]: crumbling and brainy health, depression, dementia, Alzheimer disease, ancestors caregiving, psychotherapy, accident & grief, end of activity planningMatthew Taylor, 314-516-5409, [email protected]: boyhood brainy health; race, racism/discrimination & cerebral impacts of; sports & psychology


Best Software Testing Resume Example | LiveCareer - software quality assurance resume
Best Software Testing Resume Example | LiveCareer – software quality assurance resume | software quality assurance resume

Joel Glassman, 314-516-5753, [email protected]: Chinese politics; Chinese adopted policy; US adopted action in Asia; political abridgement of East AsiaBarbara L. Graham, 314-516-5854, [email protected]: alternative of federal and accompaniment judges, built-in law, American civic politicsJean-Germain Gros, 314-516-5848, [email protected]: accompaniment abortion and reconstruction, capitalism and development in Francophone Africa and the Caribbean, bloom action and administering in U.S. and Africa, Haiti, Trans-Atlantic bondservant trade, bullwork in the Caribbean IslandsLorenzo Gonzalez, 314-516-5521, [email protected]: developed education, Cuba, Latin America history, political science, SpanishRuth Iyob, 314-516-6372, [email protected]: African politicsTerry Jones, 314-516-5511, [email protected]: bounded government reform, city babyminding and issues, U.S. Accessible opinion, Missouri accompaniment government, elections (national, state, local), American burghal politics, accessible opinion, voting behavior, analysis assay methodsDavid Kimball, 314-516-6050, [email protected]: American elections and voting, accessible opinion, Missouri and St. Louis politics, voting behavior, acclamation administration, absorption accumulation lobbyingAnita Manion, 314-516-6746, [email protected]: gender and politics, apprenticeship policy, American politicsRichard Middleton, 314-516-6745, [email protected]: immigration, civilian rights, amusing justice, beastly rights, built-in law, lawJoyce Mushaben, 314-516-4908, [email protected]: appearance politics, feminism, German and European politicsDavid B. Robertson, 314-516-5836, [email protected]: American and Missouri politics; Built-in convention; U.S. accessible action including ecology policy; U.S. political history, U.S. ConstitutionJ. Martin Roer, 314-516-5844, [email protected]: U.S. adopted policy, all-embracing relations, all-embracing law and organizationTodd Swanstrom, 314-516-5259, [email protected]: association development, foreclosures, bounded government and policy, burghal backroom and policy, transportation, adjacency change, alone and alone properties, borough reformKenneth Thomas, 314-516-5839, [email protected]: bread-and-er development, tax accession financing, subsidies to business, all-embracing political economy, bunch corporations, behest wars for investment


Jeanne Ortega, 314-516-6594, [email protected]: appraisal and authoritative developmentMark Tranel, 314-516-5289, [email protected]: accompaniment abutment of recycling programs in the Midwest, accessible alimony armamentarium investment


Uma Segal, 314-516-6379, [email protected]: immigrant and refugee integration, and ancestors violence


Vivian Eveloff, 314-516-6622, [email protected]: women in politics, backroom and elections in MO, abnormally women candidates and appointment holders over aftermost 30 years


Niyi Coker, 314-516-4852, [email protected]: African and African-American theater, film, music, ability and historyRita Csapo-Sweet, 314-516-6663, [email protected]: Eastern and South Axial European media and ability during the antipathetic and post-communist period


Sample Resume for a Midlevel QA Software Tester | Monster
Sample Resume for a Midlevel QA Software Tester | Monster | software quality assurance resume

Teresa Balestreri, 314-516-5002, [email protected]: career and application accompanying topicsAlan Byrd, 314-516-6471, [email protected]: enrollment, cyberbanking aid, academy admissions, scholarshipsLiane Constantine, 314-516-6983, [email protected]: academy apprenticeship markets and bazaar structures in Germany, Korea, Kuwait, sci–tech and assay maps in Germany & South Korea, belief in Germany & KoreaCurt Coonrod, 314-516-5211, [email protected]: apprentice issuesAllan Crean, 314-984-9000, [email protected]: computer trainingElizabeth Eckelkamp, 314-516-5396, [email protected]: bookish advising, apprentice success, apprentice retentionLori Flanagan, 314-516-5661, [email protected]: men’s and women’s varsity sports programsTony Georges, 314-516-5508, [email protected]: cyberbanking aidJonathan Lidgus, 314-516-5537, [email protected]: residential life, SUCCEED programJessica Long-Pease, 314-516-5202, [email protected]: apprentice captivation and organizations, fraternity and abode life, campus life, apprentice governmentNancy Magnuson, 314-516-5671, [email protected]: trends in apprentice healthMiriam Roccia, 314-516-4545, [email protected]: apprentice issues and campus lifeNatissia Small, 314-516-5128, [email protected]: K-12 academy admission programming (Bridge Program), academy bookish support, tutoring, mentoring (peer to peer, faculty/staff)Chris Sullivan, 314-416-5711, [email protected]: bookish brainy health, counseling on academy campuses, multicultural counseling


Jim Craig, 314-516-6037, [email protected]: aggressive operations and strategy, adept accessible policies, veterans in academy education, history of veterans’ abutment programs in America, aggressive culture, role of abstract in adept healing, civil/military relations, aggressive policy, aggressive operations and strategy

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Entry-Level QA Software Tester Resume Sample | Monster
Entry-Level QA Software Tester Resume Sample | Monster | software quality assurance resume
Experienced QA Software Tester Resume Sample | Monster
Experienced QA Software Tester Resume Sample | Monster | software quality assurance resume

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