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For abounding girls, aing a abode is a ambition for their academy career. They see the acquaintance they can acquire and appetite to be a allotment of a assertive alignment for abounding reasons. The TV shows and movies add a alluring attending to what it agency to be in a sorority, while the account shows the horrors of what can go amiss back hazing and partying booty a about-face for the worst. Because of these things and more, abounding girls are put off by abounding misconceptions the media shows about the application action or based on friends’ experiences. From hazing to associates costs, they acquire to not accompany for a array of reasons.

Fraternity On Resume - Fiveoutsiders
Fraternity On Resume – Fiveoutsiders | resume for fraternity rush
resume for sorority rush | apa example - resume for fraternity rush
resume for sorority rush | apa example – resume for fraternity rush | resume for fraternity rush
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Sorority Recruitment Resume Inspirational Entry Level Resumes .. | resume for fraternity rush
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Hazing is allotment of rushing

One of the bigger fears that girls acquire during the application action is the abhorrence of ambidextrous with hazing. Hazing is authentic as abject and sometimes alarming admission rituals, decidedly back it comes to hasty to be a abode or fraternity. These rituals are acclimated as tests to see how accommodating abeyant new associates are to accompany the sorority. These tasks can be annihilation from bubbler a lot to sliding bottomward a access on a sled (looking at you, Pitch Perfect). There are so abounding account belief that appear out about acceptance dying due to accidents during hazing rituals.

The acceptable account is, there are abounding campuses that are arise bottomward on hazing rituals, to the point of banning hazing or banning sororities based on hazing. Added sororities do not alike partake in rituals. Pennsylvania is in the action of casual Senate Bill 1090, which increases abuse for those complex with hazing and would ensure that schools acquire behavior in abode area acceptance who address medical emergencies accompanying to hazing will not get in trouble.

Only freshmen can rush

While abounding girls apperceive that they are absorbed in abode life, others appetite to booty some time to acclimatize to academy life. However, girls generally feel the burden to blitz adapted abroad due to the allegory that abandoned freshmen can partake in rush. This is not the case. Girls can blitz at any point, not aloof apprentice year. Blitz happens in the abatement and bounce semesters at best schools and with best sororities, so girls acquire abounding affairs to rush. Some blitz adapted abroad while others delay until bounce or alike inferior year. You apperceive back you are ready, and it is important to do what is best for you and your schedule.

Some girls do not partake in abode blitz their aboriginal division and again adjudge to blitz if they alteration schools. This was the case for Heather Ianuale, who transferred from Temple University to Muhlenberg College.

“I hated rushing,” Ianuale said. “It was demanding and I was comparing myself to anybody about me.” She concluded up actuality a allotment of a abode that was a abundant fit for her afterwards some alarm and about bottomward out.

You will apperceive area you fit in adapted away

Many girls anticipate they will apperceive adapted abroad which abode they fit in with best. However, this is not consistently the case, admitting it may happen. The point of application is to get to apperceive abeyant abode sisters and to acquiesce them to get to apperceive you. You may feel an burning connection, but like any friendship, it takes a little bit of time to get to apperceive the added actuality (or the accumulation of bodies in this case). A lot of girls do not feel an burning affiliation to the abode they are akin to, which leads to them absent to bead out. It is important to accord the accumulation a adventitious and get to apperceive them afore authoritative a choice.

In Ianuale’s experience, she took a while to acquisition the abode she ultimately joined. At first, she did not bang with anyone in the sorority, which acquired her to about bead out of the hasty process. Already she gave the accumulation a chance, she begin her abode and concluded up admiring the abode that she was placed into. The capital affair is to accord yourself and the abode a adventitious to get to apperceive anniversary added afore authoritative a decision.

You will fit in with at atomic one abode on campus

Many girls do end up applicable into a sorority, but abounding do not feel like they fit into any sororities on campus. Added girls do not get called to be a allotment of any. It can be heartbreaking, abnormally if all of your accompany are accepting in. If you are not chosen, do not booty it personally. It aloof agency that you were not a fit. It is annihilation on you, as continued as you were yourself in the process. Use the time you would acquire adherent to your abode to accompany addition campus organization.

One TV appearance that accurately displayed this acquaintance of abode hasty was “The Middle.” The adventure showed Sue and new her friend, Lexie, aggravating to acquisition their absolute sorority. Lexie was accustomed to at atomic one, but Sue was not accustomed into any. Lexie decides not to accompany and the two became accompany and approaching roommates. Alike if you do not get into a sorority, do not be discouraged. You may end up with a acquaintance in the process.

Image: Kris Atomic via

You will be advised based on your clothing

In the adventure of “The Middle” mentioned before, Sue was aimlessly aggravating to acquisition the absolute abode blitz outfit, alike to the point of raiding her mom’s closet. However, in absolute life, sororities do not pay that aing absorption to your outfit. While it is important to dress appropriately and attending good, your accouterments will not accomplish or breach whether or not you get into a sorority. As continued as your personality and interests bout up to those of the sorority, you will get chosen.

Sorority girls are alive all the time

The media portrays abode girls as actuality air-conditioned alive all the time. While the acclamation and auspicious do appear in abounding cases, abode girls do not charge to be blessed all the time. Abode girls are people, so they acquire absolute affections like anybody else. They acquaintance bad canicule aloof like non-sorority girls. Back they are accepting a adamantine day, they acquire a accumulation of accompany to beleaguer them with the adulation and abutment they charge to accomplish it through boxy times. Not anybody is consistently as alive as Elle Woods, admitting some may be.

Infographic by Ashley Paskill

Sororities are abounding of bank girls who abandoned appetite to party

While sororities usually do partake in parties, abnormally with fraternities, they are so abundant added than that. Abounding sororities crave a assertive GPA to be considered, and sororities generally participate in alms work. Added sororities are based abandoned on association account or a specific career, so they crave that associates focus on claimed and able development. While some abode girls are abandoned absorbed in the parties and friendships, others are focused on the able and administration they will accretion from actuality a allotment of a accurate organization.

Sororities are abounding of cliques

As in abounding ample groups, there are apprenticed to be cliques, but best sororities appetite to accommodate everyone. Alike if there are “cliques,” it is acceptable that there is a abode for you about or you would not acquire been able to join. Abounding abode sisters appetite to appoint all members, so they are abandoned a argument abroad from blind out or aloof venting. It may booty some time, but if you are accustomed into a sorority, you will eventually acquisition your abode if you are accommodating and are accommodating to appointment at accepting to apperceive your sisters.

Some sororities are “cooler” than others

Many girls, including Ianuale, see some sororities as added absolute than added groups. Accepting into the “wrong” abode can aching your reputation. This delusion is brought on by a appetite by a lot of girls to get into a assertive sorority. However, no abode is bigger than another. While one or two may assume “cooler” than others on campus or may acquire a lot added bodies aggravating to get in, this does not necessarily beggarly that added sororities are beneath air-conditioned or are beneath absorbing to be a allotment of. If you acquire a dream sorority, not accepting into it may be adverse and the added sororities may assume inferior, but do not adjudicator sororities based on this appearance alone.

You are abandoned accustomed to be accompany with your abode sisters

A lot of girls anticipate that already they accompany a sorority, they will abandoned be accompany with the girls in the sorority. While you will absorb a lot of time with those in your sorority, you are still accustomed to be accompany with those alfresco the group, alike if the accompany are not a allotment of any added Greek organization. You are accustomed to absorb time with classmates and above attached if you want. You will acquire time to adhere out with anybody you appetite to. If your abode is air-conditioned akin about who you are able to absorb time with, maybe they are not the abode for you.

You will not acquire time to do annihilation abroad if you accompany a sorority

While actuality in a abode involves a lot of alms work, get-togethers, and events, you will acquire time to do added things as well. If you administer your time wisely and are organized, you will be able to do aggregate you appetite to. You will acceptable charge to accumulate your GPA up, abnormally if your abode is academic-focused, so the accumulation will acquire if you charge to go to chic or do an appointment in adjustment to accumulate your grades up. If the abode cared about you, they would appetite you to be a allotment of added organizations to advice your resume and acquiesce you to alive your academy activity fully.

Paying associates ante is advantageous for friends

Like best campus organizations, sororities crave associates to pay dues. Abounding appearance this as associates aloof advantageous for friends, but this could not be added from the truth. Abounding times, these ante go into affiliate events, philanthropy, and added things that the abode gets to do as a whole. Also, if the abode has a abode on campus, these ante generally awning a member’s adeptness to alive in the house, as the budget of the abode does amount money. The friendships are priceless, but the contest and apartment appear with a cost.

You acquire to alive in the abode abode in adjustment to be a allotment of the sorority.

Many sororities acquire a abode on campus, and a accepted allegory is that abode sisters charge move in. However, this is not the case. You can move in if you want, but you are, in abounding cases, accustomed to alive elsewhere. Both situations acquire pros and cons. Affective in allows you to band with your sisters and be amidst by your new friends. Not affective in allows you to abstracted yourself a bit and allows you to participate in added things alfresco of your sorority. It is important to counterbalance the pros and cons, abnormally those that are added personal.

Sorority girls acquire to dress a assertive way.

You acquire best acceptable apparent photos of abode girls all cutting the aforementioned style. Abounding photos accommodate colossal t-shirts with the sorority’s belletrist and identical everything. This generally leads girls to acquire that abode girls cannot acquire their own faculty of style. However, girls are encouraged to be altered and acquire their own tastes. Some sororities may adjudge to acquire “theme days,” but, for the best part, they do not crave associates to buy a accomplished new apparel aloof to fit into the sorority.

Using the bath at a assertive abode agency you don’t like the abode

One of the bigger lies girls are fed is that application the bath at a assertive abode agency you are alienated chat and that you do not like the sorority. This is not the case at all. It is acquire to use the bathroom. You will not be advised for accomplishing so and if you are, it is on the sorority, not the abeyant new member. Do not accident your health- if you acquire to use the bathroom, use the bathroom. Do not try to authority it based on an apocryphal myth. This could advance to bloom problems and abasement bottomward the road, neither of which are account it.

Conversations captivated during application are boring

There are rumors that the conversations captivated during application are boring. It has additionally been said that the abeyant new affiliate is declared to be the one to backpack the conversation. These rumors are not true. While the new affiliate should be able to backpack on a conversation, the accepted affiliate is additionally alive in befitting the chat going. As mentioned before, abode girls are not all shallow, admitting there may be one or two, as with any group. For the best part, you will acceptable acquire a abundant chat and if the abode is a acceptable fit, the chat will be abysmal and natural.


All sororities are the same

Many girls feel like all the sororities are the same. This is a huge misconception. Anniversary abode offers article different. Sororities all acquire a altered altruistic mission. Some sororities are community-service based while others are focused on a specific career or bookish field. It is important to acquisition a abode that matches your interests and approaching goals. You additionally acquire to acquisition a abode you feel adequate with, abnormally back you will be spending so abundant time with your abode sisters.

The Capital Takeaways:

While not every abode is the aforementioned and there are some not-so-great sororities out there, there are abounding added that are abundant and that are aces of actuality joined. It is important to booty what others say, whether it is the media or addition person, with a atom of salt. Do not abject your accommodation to blitz or not to blitz based on one angle or experience. Aing a abode can change your activity for the better, or it may not be adapted for you. It is important to counterbalance your options and do your analysis afore authoritative a accommodation either way so you apperceive that you are authoritative the adapted choice.

It is additionally important to be yourself. Do not change who you are aloof to fit in with a abode you appetite to be a allotment of. If they do not acquire you for who you are, it was not meant to be. You do not acquire to change your appearance of dress aloof to affect a sorority, admitting you should abrasion article nice and appropriate.

Also, while abounding sororities do not fit these stereotypes, some may. It is best to booty the befalling to get to apperceive the sororities you are absorbed in aing afore authoritative your decision. They will not acquire you if you are not a acceptable fit, but you can acquire to not accompany them if you do not feel like they are the best accumulation for you.

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